Surprise, surprise: Brown Called Up

Asked last night why the Phillies would not promote Domonic Brown from Triple-A Lehigh Valley, Ruben Amaro Jr. said, “We don’t think he’s ready to do it.”

His opinion changed over night.

The Phillies recalled Brown to replace Shane Victorino, who went on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring. They also optioned Scott Mathieson and recalled David Herndon. I’m guessing the Phillies needed a fresh arm following a bullpen game last night against the Rockies, which is why Mathieson is out and Herndon is in. When the Phillies place Joe Blanton on the DL next week, I think Herndon goes back down and Vance Worley comes back up.


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Guess Hendron is on mop up duty. I like a OF of Mayberry, Victorino and Brown in the future once Shane is back. In meantime, we have Ibanex, Maberry and Brown

What can BROWN do for you?!

Hopefully he’ll inject some life into the bottom 2/3 of the lineup.

His opinion probably changed when he looked at the farm system and he realized he had no other options!

Herndon is garbage, but at least they finally saw the light and called up Brown.

Maybe they’re just fondly recalling him.

Todd, very diplomatic Junior “changed his opinion” rather than Junior “changed his mind”. We all know that everyone has one of the former to change. Insofar as Junior changing the latter, it is a bit more problematic.

I wonder if a guy in an 0-23 slump has ever been walked intentionally before?
And is Madson money, or what?

Watch these and tell me this guy won’t be exciting when given a chance to play every game RF. Be honest, can Ben F or Ross G do any of these things? (this ball was leveling off when it landed) (even Werth wouldn’t have gotten to that one) (speaks for itself)

Glad to see Halladay living up to all the hype.

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