Hitting Third …

All systems go: Chase Utley will be in the Phillies’ lineup Monday night and he will be hitting third.


The Phillies and Scott Podsednik agreed to terms on a Minor League deal. It is pending a physical.


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God I want to say, “What a silly amount of hype. An addition of .350 OPS will be nice, but doesn’t change a whole lineup”. I want to, but I just can’t help but already feel like we’re a different team. Damn your confident face, Utley!

Utley, (and victorino too for that matter) will make an impact coming back….How big it will be, we will have to wait and see…..to be honest i’m keeping my expectations low, but like you i like the feeling of just having him around and am excited about it! ….Wait till you hear the crowd when he steps up to the plate tomorrow evening!

You know that guy at work that has the energy and drive to be excellent at everything he does? That’s Chase, that’s why this team will get even better. Because Chase demands it.

It feels like forever since Chase has been on the field @ Citizens Bank Park. Hopefully we will get some offense going against a very good Reds team.

I’ve read your blog for a while, but never commented.

Utley has a history of returning too soon from injuries, and his numbers have declined every time. I know he wishes he were on the field, and sure, I wish he were coming back as 2007 Utley, but I expect his numbers to be lower than last year, when many of us suspected he was hurting somewhere. Is he a great player? Yes. But, what he probably needed was a full rehab, not an ‘Are you ok to play, yet?’ rehab just because we feel we need him. (Much like Jimmy last year coming back before the ASB.) That said – I hope he has a great start! Go Phils!

I don’t expect eye-popping OPS from Chase right away because, as usual, he is probably coming back before he has his timing down. But he will have a postive effect on the team, IMO. He always does. It’s a long season and it’s good to see that they can still stay afloat with all the problems. The starters and Madson are as advertised.
But until they get Vic back, this lineup will still struggle. Mayberry is a nice OFer, much better than Francisco, but he stopped hitting as soon as he got the chance to start. That’s a bit disappointing. I was hoping that he would take this opportunity to step up, but I guess he is what he is.

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Add Brown to this lineup (along with Utley) and this team already has a bit of a different look to it. Then hopefully in approx 1-2 weeks get Victorino back.

Even an .832 OPS would still peg him as the second-highest on the team behind Shane (Howard next-closest at .800). Given those numbers, I’d be more than happy to add an .830-ish guy to the squad. Especially subbing him for a .570 guy.

Batting Second. Time to change the title, Todd!

Just saw that. Strange lineup in general. Brown and Mayberry at 7-8.

This lineup is sweeeet. Couldn’t have wished for anything better. Phils win tonight: 3-1.

I bet the Reds would’ve been happy with your prediction!

Here’s a better question: Of the 45,000 fans at the game tonight, how many of them know what OPS is or how it’s calculated?
Immediately throw out the thousands of idiots who were doing the wave in the first inning and you’ll have a nice sample size.

Considering the fact that SABR has indicated OPS is misleading and not a useful statistic, why should we care who can calculate or describe what it is?

Because it was the poll question, dumbbell. Thanks for missing the point.

And what does the poll question have to do with folks at the game? Are you trying to say that only those who are baseball statisticians should be allowed to attend a baseball game? Or were you merely hoping that what you said indicates that people don’t always make their decisions about that sort of thing based exclusively on the numbers?

Incidentally, nice that you immediately resort to ad hominem attacks. Shows you’ve got some serious class.

I was at the game and I did not see a wave in the first inning. At least, one that was successful.
I am astounded by the people who decide that it is an appropriate time to go to the concessions to feed their face or get another round of $7.00 beers when there are runners on first and third with one out. Why are they even there?

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