It’s Been A While

A couple things happened last night at Citizens Bank Park:

  • Cliff Lee picked up his first win since April 14.
  • Ryan Howard snapped his 0-for-23 slump with a home run in the second inning.

I know a pitcher’s Win-Loss record is not truly indicative of his performance (Adam Eaton went 10-10 with a 6.29 ERA in 2007, while Cole Hamels went 12-11 with a 3.09 ERA in 2010), but try telling that to the pitcher. Sure, he understands there is only so much he can control. But it is frustrating not to get W’s when he pitches well consistently. Lee has received 3.11 runs of support per nine innings this season, which ranks 94th out of 115 qualifying pitchers in baseball. But from April 15 through last night, he has the worst run support in baseball (1.52 runs per nine innings). Lee has a 3.38 ERA this season, but remove his awful start in Atlanta on April 8 (six earned runs in 3 1/3 innings) and he has a 2.70 ERA. Lee improved to 3-4 last night. He easily could be 5-2 or certainly 4-3. He knows he has pitched well. You know he has pitched well. But he certainly wouldn’t mind his record reflecting that.

Howard went 2-for-4 last night. Chase Utley could be back in the lineup as early as Monday, so now would be a good time for Howard to get hot.


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Thanks for the update. Our PHL Ch7 affiliate here in NE Pa has played the Yanks v Mets instead of carrying the Phillies!!! I’m so frustrated!

Tell me about it! I hate the yankees and Mets, love watching the yankees lose, but hate to see the Mets get W’s. Hate to see the yankees win, but love the Mets falling even further behind. More Phillies game need to be televised on something other than Comcast.

I was at the Atlanta game when he struck out 16 batters and LOST. 5-0. That was frustrating for me as a fan. I can’t begin to imagine how frustrated he was…

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