Utley Is Back

Chase Utley is back.

He arrived at Citizens Bank Park this morning. He is not in the lineup for this afternoon’s series finale against the Texas Rangers, but expect him to be in the lineup for tomorrow night’s series opener against the Cincinnati Reds. Utley, who has been recovering from patellar tendinitis in his right knee, played in four consecutive rehab games with Class A Clearwater.

Team physician Michael Ciccotti and head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan will examine Utley today, which is why he has not been activated. But unless something completely unexpected happens, I would bet he is in the lineup hitting third and playing second base tomorrow.


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Thank God!!!
And thanks for the update, Todd. You rock!

Yes! I’ll be there Tueday night to see him in person!!!!!

Chase only hit .284 in A-ball in only a handful of games. Forgive me if I don’t feel like the Phils are going to score 6 runs a game this week. I sincerely hope Chase is fit and healthy, but something tells me otherwise. Can only wait and see, can’t wait to hear Kashmir on Monday!!!!!

Chase clearly isn’t going to play everyday, he’s going to one on one off or two on one off for the next few weeks. They clearly will not run him out there every single night. Wilson Valdez is TERRIBLE the Phillies have the worst OPS of any second baseman in the entire national league. A 1/8 Utley is better than valdez/orr

Who gets sent down? Orr since they wont lose him? Martinez whom they may lose back to the Nationals? Herndon or Baez and go with 11 pitchers? Hmmmm

I’m thinking Orr will go, even though I thought his speed would be useful on the bases. Martinez is the only CF cover at the moment behind JMJ so I don’t think he’ll be sent back until Vic returns.

Where do you think Chase will hit during his first few weeks back? 5th? 2nd?

Chase bats 3rd, like always. THey should send down Martinez now that they have Mayberry to play CF if victorino is out. If the Nats want him back, so be it.

I agree about sending martinez down. Orr and Mayberry have contributed a lot more than martinez. But I think that amaro might have to make a move to get another bat in the lineup, give the team that spark that it needs right now and for the postseason. Who that is or will be…. and who goes…Dont know.

Well, Orr goes down, so deal with it. Orr is a second baseman and Martinez can fill-in at multiple positions.
I’m not sure what Utley will bring to this lineup other than his presence. Based on the past couple of weeks of their performance, maybe that’s all we can expect?
In Charlie’s post-game presser, somebody asked if the hitter were pressing because of the slump. I’d say that the pitchers must be pressing too, because they all know that 1 or 2 runs could mean a loss at this point. Given that, these pitchers have truly been the Aces we expected them to be.

muleman, I am curious to know what exactly you mean when you indicate you do not know what a returning Utley will bring to the lineup. If I had to choose between short term or his ability to come back from this last injury, if in fact he has an injury rather than a chronic condition, or long term, his age related declining skill set compounded by chronic physical problems, I would have to say you are referring to the latter or long term.

Didn’t Ruben think that he should’ve atleast put chutley against some double/triple-A pitching? All he saw were newbies…

the reason to see pitching in rehab is to get your timing down. With the way we’re hitting, he can do that just as well in the Majors. It’s not as if the guys playing 2B at the momment have any timing down anyway

If I am not mistaken, I thought one of the commentators during yesterday’s game stated that Valdez has the highest team batting average with RISP. Why not more love for Wilson?

Because he also has GiDPed once every 20-or-so ABs this year, and that’s including the ABs where there’s nobody on first, or 2 outs. Last year it was 1 in 16, so he is improving, but he’s still pretty terrible as far as rally-killing goes, and he was 1 per 16 at the end of April as well.

He also strikes out once per 6 ABs, has about 20% as many walks as Howard with 62% as many ABs (not counting IBBs), and a .551 OPS, which is lower than Orr, despite having a higher BA. Plus, Orr is significantly faster than Valdez, and younger to boot (Valdez is 33, Orr is 31).

Phew – so glad he’s back. Already put him in my hall of fame at myhofs.com! So great to have him back,

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