Ten Runs in Utley’s Return. Coincidence?

“I don’t know if it was his presence or not, but somebody did something right. So we’ll give him credit, all right?”Charlie Manuel.

The Phillies had not scored more than three runs in a game since May 13, but Chase Utley rejoined the Phillies’ lineup tonight and they scored 10 against the Reds. Crazy, huh? Of course, Utley went 0-for-5. He was the only starter in the lineup not to get a hit, and that included Cole Hamels. But there certainly was an energy at the ballpark. Offense always creates energy. Whenever the Phillies are in a slump people always ask Manuel about the team looking flat. He said it’s tough not to look flat when you’re not scoring runs. Agreed.

Utley should help them do that. He seemed to help last night, even if he didn’t get a hit.

Manuel said Utley is scheduled to play tomorrow. Two in a row of four runs or more? We’ll see.


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OF COURSE IT WAS CHASE…. I had an erection the whole game with him and Dom in there


Who cares if he didn’t get a hit! He’s the team captain. And having him back was a huge boost to the morale of the team. Even Cole gave him credit, in his post-game interview.

That’s right, if the Phillies have a captain right now, be sure it is Chase…am so glad he is back…he can go 0 for whatever for a few games, i don’t care…him being here is good news……

To answer the question, yes, coincidence.

I think his presence had a bit of an affect on the team. Whatever it was it sure was fun to watch!

I think it was more Bronson Arroyo and his junkball approach than Chase. Bring him back with Lincecum on the mound and see what happens.
Either way, it’s nice to see so many people overreacting. It’s probably the same bunch that kept saying “it’s only May” when we were talking about their offensive woes. If they get shut out tonight by Cueto, then what?

Then we acknowledge that, hey, that really was just one game. But then again, such is the case with a shutout loss, isn’t it?

I agree, Arroyo was as much to blame for the offense as anyone last night (notice we got all of 2 hits after the 4th inning), but that doesn’t mean our offense is junk – nor that it ever was. We had some tough games, no doubt, but we’re 11th (out of 16) in runs scored in the NL, and less than 10 runs away from 6th.

Oh, yeah, and we’ve got a better record than all of the teams above us on that list.

Bronson Arroyo was certainly a factor, but I think Charlie also put a pretty creative lineup out there. Ruiz at 6 was different and he went 3-3.
But I think Chase’s presence energized the whole place, including the players.

I think lineup issues are overrated.

Guess we’ll see how they do over the next couple of games. At least for a night it was fun to see.

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