Madson’s Good Run Ends

A few thoughts/notes about tonight’s 6-3 loss to the Reds:

  • It snapped a nine-game winning streak against the Reds at Citizens Bank Park, including the postseason, and an eight-game winning streak overall against the Reds.
  • Ryan Madson snapped a 13-inning scoreless streak when he allowed three runs in the ninth. He had not allowed a run since April 18. “Once you get on a good wave you want to stay there as long as possible,” Madson said. “It’s time to catch another one.”
  • Madson said he should have let Placido Polanco field Drew Stubbs‘ bunt in the ninth, but he thought he could make the play.
  • Jimmy Rollins got a bad jump on Chase Utley‘s single in the third inning. Third base coach Juan Samuel sent him home anyway. He was out by a mile. Manuel was asked if Rollins should have tried to hit Reds catcher Ramon Hernandez to jar the ball loose. Not when a runner is out by as much as that. No way.
  • Vance Worley said he got tired by the third inning. Worley said a lack of work recently affected him. His last start for the Phillies came May 4 against Washington. The Phillies moved him into the bullpen and he pitched twice: three innings May 9 and one inning May 13. The Phillies optioned him to Triple-A Lehigh Valley on May 16, and he threw three innings in a start for the IronPigs May 17. Worley threw two bullpens before Tuesday’s start, but said he had tired by the third. “Just not having the innings under my belt,” he said. “When was my last start up here? It’s been a while. … I think another bullpen (before his next start) and the five innings today, I think I’ll be a little bit better for my next outing.”
  • Wondering why Ross Gload didn’t pinch-hit in the ninth inning? Because he has a hip/issue injury. We don’t know anything more than that, other than Charlie Manuel said it happened a couple days ago.
  • The Phillies have scored three or fewer runs in 10 of their last 11 games.


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Madson loses one. Is this the Phillies answer to the Rapture? Is the sky falling yet? Wait, wait it has to be either someone trying to start a wave without making the obligatory notation on his score card or some fan actually had the audacity to leave his seat to buy a beer.

Since he is offended by the point, pherris is obviously the typical casual fan who would leave his seat with the bases loaded and two outs so that he could stuff a double Schmitter into his fat face.

“And could I have a diet soda with that? Oh, what was that? Did something happen?”

well, your both douches actually utilzing the obligatory ‘ph’ instead of an ‘f’..

Pope phan52, your eminence, you talking to me?

Too bad, Al. Iph you are ophended, I pheel that you have the phreedom to move phorward to another phorum. Nobody is phorcing you to stay and philibuster philly phans.

Al, phuck you.

Watching this game in the 17th. I must say you guys have the butt-ugliest fans in baseball. Those guys sitting out there are truly swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. Yikes.

BillyBobReefer, your confused, the ugly one was the one beside you in bed. You know, your mother.

Sez the guy in the heartland of the mullet. You can’t make this stuff up.

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