I think these four pictures capture the night last night at Citizens Bank Park. Love the first one with Wilson Valdez (as a pitcher), Carlos Ruiz (as a third baseman) and Dane Sardinha conferencing on the mound. But not to be forgotten (and not pictured) is the incredible job Danys Baez did. Five scoreless innings. Five. Unbelievable.


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Had goosebumps the last few innings when the Phils were in the field. Baez (or maybe his identical twin?) gutted it out and somehow held that lineup without a run, Rollins made several great plays, and then Valdez, jesus, Valdez!?! gets the heart of their lineup out, pitching in the high 80’s. Unbelievable. A night that made me glad I’m a phan.

I’m glad I stuck it out to watch this one! Valdez was great! He cut through the heart of the order and nearly hit 90mph. Wilson Valdez for Phillies Closer, we need something new!

I agree….Romero is awful…..and who would have thought Valdez could win the game as a pitcher???? Awesome, awesome job!!!!

Romero is not the closer. Madson is the current closer, and Contreras will get the role back when he comes off the DL, to be succeeded by Lidge when he comes off the DL. Why do we need a new closer? Madson and Contreras have both had excellent seasons, and Lidge has a solid track record.

What a great game to watch. Valdez was great in extra innings. He was on base 3 times and then picked up the win.

I didn’t think that we would win that one, especially with only Romero, Herndon, and Baez left in the bullpen. I usually have no confidence in them. Romero didn’t do anything to change my opinion of him. But Herndon and Baez moved up a few points in my book, but they didn’t had anywhere to go but up.

There isnt enough words to describe the job the Phillies did to finish that game. They played out of position, overplayed their normal position and flat out did what they had to do to get the win.

I’m looking hard at the second pic – the one with Valdez in his windup – looks like he’s got a two-seamer grip.

Wilson Valdez>JC Romero

Should we expect Contreras back today since the pen is wiped out?

Last night’s game is what baseball is all about! 40 men used, over 500 pitches thrown, and no one gave up. Freakin Wilson Valdez!!! In the league since 97, he has finally become a star =) His name will now forever be in the books. Who’d of thought, our best ERA comes from our back up Second baseman! This was truly a team effort. I am also proud to be a Phan til the day I die : )

Not to kill your buzz but Wilson Valdez didn’t make his major league debut until September 7, 2004.

I’m STILL giddy!!! And speaking of *giddy*…..Charlie’s post-game interview was hysterical!

Wish I could’ve made it past the 11th inning. Romero was god-awful. Got really lucky with Phillips base running blunder.

This is definitely a game for the ages

Love that picture with Valdez the pitcher and Ruiz the third baseman. What a game!

Watched til the end…and laughed like hell when Valdez closed them out! That was unreal!!!

Nothing buys some Philly luv like that sort of effort. (Okay, doing that in the post-season would top it). Valdez can bat in the 100’s for the rest of the year. That was classic..shaking off Sardinha.

Why do the Phillies still have Romero on the roster…hes a waste of space..thats my opinion

Your entitled to your opinion but, come on, can’t it until tomorrow as least. This is a day of celebration.

make that “can’t it wait”

WILSON VALDEZ got some cartoon hearts from me last night!!

I have been so happy to see Valdez be part of the team this year after all the effort he put in last year when everyone was hurt. Great to see the lesser known contributor get the praise and attentionhe deserves – he has been grinding it out for the Phils for a while now. Do we now put Oswalt in Left and let Wilson pitch????

Valdez pitching is like Oswalt playing Leftfield

And like the box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you are going to get.

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