Just Another Comeback in Queens

Since the Phillies began their historic comeback against the Mets to win the National League East on Sept. 13, 2007, the Phillies have the best record in baseball at 328-227 (.591), while the Mets rank 20th at 266-288 (.480). The Phillies are 37-28 (.569) against the Mets in that span, including last night’s 5-2 comeback victory at Citi Field.

The Phillies beat the Mets on Friday and Saturday, despite trailing in the eighth inning. They have won back-to-back games when trailing in the eighth inning or later for the first time since Aug. 5-6.

The Phillies’ five victories this season when trailing in the eighth or later tie for third in baseball.


Coincidence? The Phillies are 5-1, hitting .280 and averaging 6.5 runs per game since Chase Utley rejoined the team.


The Phillies have the edge over the Mets in every category imaginable, although I think I found something Mets fans can cheer about. Ballpark food. Now, in my opinion, Citizens Bank Park has some of the best ballpark food in the country with Tony Luke’s, Campo’s, Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries, Bull’s BBQ, etc., but the food at Citi Field is ridiculous. You’ve got Shake Shack, Mama’s of Corona, El Verano Taqueria and Blue Smoke to name the highlights. Fantastic. Not proud of it (i.e. I’m ashamed of myself), but I went double cheeseburger, fries and a black and white shake from Shake Shack on Friday. Had the taco sampler from El Verano on Saturday. Today Mama’s.

Another ballpark with good food: AT&T Park in San Francisco. Try to the Cha Cha Bowl or Gilroy garlic fries.


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The Big Man is back!

I had the Garlic Fries in SF and I think they are just okay. Nothing special.

Out of the 37 wins against the Mets, how many are come from behind with the Mets bullpen blowing a lead. I bet it has got to be around 15.

Not s coincidence, at all, that the teams resurgence coincided with Chase’s return. Even when he’s not hitting, he’s presence in the clubhouse is invaluable. He’s the team captain. Whether he wants to be, or not.

I’m thinking a trip to Citi Field will be worth it, just to try the food! Fox showed the burgers and shakes, at the Shake Shack, and I literally started drooling, and my stomach growled. LOL!

What is watching a great baseball game without good food and refreshing beverages? Absolutely nothing! Loving how much energy the team has has since Chase rejoined the lineup!

I guess some people need food and beverages to enjoy a sporting event. I’ve never figured out why people can’t sit for 3 hours without gorging themselves with food.
But what really gets to me is the way they just leave their trash under the seat and leave. Is it too much of a chore to pick up after yourself?

So, muleman, do you go to the game to watch the game or to watch other fans gorging themselves? What exactly does “gorging themselves” entail? When I see see fans “gorging themselves” I see revenue for the Phillies. As far as them not cleaning up after themselves, I bet the cost of cleanup is included in the exorbitant prices in the first place. My experience has been that the vast majority, and I do mean vast, clean up after themselves. When I see a family of four or five at a game, my thoughts are “How the hell can these folks afford this?” not “Did they clean up after themselves?”

I am watching the phillies game on the internet with vance worley. the way the mets are hitting worley and with the score 8-0 at the end of the second, I think the phillies manager is an idiot for not pulling worley

please accept my apologies, the previous comment I made was not called for and good luck to the phillies players and manager

was at game today (first game in 25 years or so). had a great time. food was great. seats were amazing (11 rows behind plate) but I was amazed that park was half empty!! As for Worly, 8-0 after 2 kind of took the game out of the game, but we still had a great time.

The Phils hadn’t played a game with Chase Utley in it since last postseason. Maybe his prence on the field made the games feel more urgent and got their adrenaline rushing. It can’t just be a coincidence.

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