The Best Ballpark Is …

Nate Silver‘s FiveThirtyEight blog at The New York Times ranked every ballpark in baseball the way you might choose a restaurant this weekend: Yelp.

Here is Yelp’s top 5:

  1. PNC Park, Pittsburgh
  2. Fenway Park, Boston
  3. Target Field, Minnesota
  4. AT&T Park, San Francisco
  5. Camden Yards, Baltimore

Here are three ballparks in the top 15 I think should be ranked lower than they are: Busch Stadium in St. Louis (It’s a good ballpark, but I don’t think it’s No. 7); Miller Park in Milwaukee (It’s my hometown ballpark, but there are so many better ballparks in baseball); and Rangers Ballpark in Texas (Some people like the look, but it does nothing for me).

Here are three ballparks in the bottom 15 I think should be ranked higher than they are: PETCO Park in San Diego (Great ballpark in a great location — and fish tacos); Minute Maid Park in Houston (I just like the look and feel of this place); and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles (I can’t believe Dodger Stadium ranks 25th. Love this place. It looks like it was built in the ’60s, but I like it).

Here is my top 5, not that you asked:

  1. PNC Park, Pittsburgh
  2. Fenway Park, Boston
  3. Wrigley Field, Chicago
  4. AT&T Park, San Francisco
  5. PETCO Park, San Diego

Yelp ranked Citizens Bank Park sixth. I’d rank the Bank somewhere in my top 10. I’ve been everywhere except Target Field and Rogers Centre, and I can say Philly has one of the best ballparks around.

Agree? Disagree? What’s your top five? And they have to be ballparks you’ve been to.


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I just visited Target Field this weekend, and it is AMAZING! I was trying to find ways that it was better than CBP, but they may’ve gotten that one right!

I’ve been to Miller Park, Wrigley Field, PNC Park, Comerica Park, Old Yankee Stadium, Turner Field, and Citizens Bank Park.
I liked Wrigley even though it was cramped, and the Cubs played an awful game vs. Pittsburgh of all teams. The fans were really cool and really nice. Food was just your normal ballpark food.
Comerica was a nice environment. Fans were really nice and knowledgable. Food was so-so. Tigers were a fun team to watch even though they had to sit Miggy the night I went.

Fenway is waaaay overrated…. it’s actually a dump even though they renovated the concourse yet again this season. Petco is too big… reminds me of a giant football stadium

I’ve been to PNC Park , Comerica Park , Citizens Bank Park, Miller Park, and Wrigley Field. I’ve gone to games at the Vet. I went to a game when I was little at Turner Field. And I went to a game at Old Yankees Stadium.

My favorite is Citizens Bank Park only cause it is my hometown ballpark. I know it better than all the others.

I enjoyed Miller Park the most out of all the ones I was at. For the most part people were friendly. Food was good. (I recommend a Brat with either Stadium Sauce or Spicy Brown Mustard, Cheese Fries helmet, or Nachos.) The only negative thing that happened was I was wearing my Phillies gear while the Brewers were playing the Mariners. So a few fans started yelling at me about 2008.

Wrigley was cool. People were nice. Food was alright. Ballpark felt cramped. I liked the experience more than the stadium.

PNC was fun. Food was good. Fans were the worst part. Fortunately I was surrounded by Phillies fans. It felt a little sad just because none of the Pittsburgh fans cared about their Pirates they wore Pens and Steelers gear and were not in tune to the game at all. They were harassing Shane Victorino too which angered me.

Comerica the food was so-so. Fans were great. All were nice and very in tune to the game. I was disappointed Miguel Cabrera sat the game I went to.

Old Yankees stadium the fans were outrageous. I liked the food. I mean cant go wrong with a Nathan’s HotDog. Fans there were harassing the BlueJays fans nearby about how Canada sucks. It was a show. The bleacher creatures are crazy bunch. It made me not like the Yankees a little more.

I’ve been to the Vet, Citizens Bank, Old Yankee, Fenway, Rogers Centre, Camden Yards, Tropicana Field, U.S Cellular Field, Progressive Field, Safeco Field, Angels Stadium, PNC Park, Wrigley and AT&T Park.

Favorites are (in order) PNC, Camden Yards, CBP, Progressive, Safeco. AT&T Park is immensely overrated (maybe I’m just biased because I dislike the Giants so immensely). Angels Stadium is very very cool. I thought U.S. Cellular was going to be really boring, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best ballpark in the Majors, but it’s a great place to take in a game. Tropicana gets a lot of slack, I really enjoyed the stadium when I was there.

Todd, you aren’t missing anything at Rogers Centre. It is literally the worst ballpark I have ever been to before (yes, even worse than the Vet in my opinion). The stadium is HUGE, sight lines are horrible, and the concourses/food are terrible. Horrible horrible stadium. I can’t believe the Blue Jays actually thought other teams would model new ballparks off of that dump when it first opened in the late 80s. Thank god for Camden Yards

for me the best park is the fenway, second maybe the wrighly field ,third dodger stadium, number four rogers centre, number five the forbes field( its an old stadium but I like it) ,number six the tiger stadium, number seven the old yankee stadium, number eight the cleveland stadium and number nine the shea stadium and number ten the citizens bank park

Fenway Park is a dump and is an insult to the game of baseball, with that stupid wall. Kudos to their marketing people for selling it so well to the gullible masses.

Dodger Stadium looks like it was built in the 60’s because it was built in the 60’s!! Not a very smart line!

I’ve been to 14 current and 6 old ballparks (see It’s extremely difficult to rank them – each truly has its own flavor with some good and some bad.

For overall experience, it’s gotta be Citizens Bank Park. I know I’m biased as a Phils fan, but it’s a gorgeous place with sight lines from just about any place you choose to stand, the Philly skyline view is sweet, the food is awesome, the capacity crowd is always into it, etc. etc. etc. AT&T in San Fran is a very close second.

The view from PNC is absolutely stunning. The skyscrapers are RIGHT there beyond the outfield, the bright yellow Clemente bridge looms large, the area around the ballpark is inviting, etc. But it just doesn’t compare when it comes to the other categories (mostly thanks to the owners/team!). Nonetheless, this is the first active ballpark (other than CBP) that I’ll be visiting for a 2nd time (can’t wait for Saturday!).

The history at Fenway and Wrigley just can’t be compared to any other active ballpark, even if some do consider them cramped and run down (same could be said for Old Yankee while it was around). It’s amazing that Dodger Stadium – from the ’60s – is the 3rd-oldest ballpark behind those two.

Bottom line, they’re all great in their own unique way. Can’t wait to check the rest of ‘em off my list!

I’ve been to quite a few, several of which have been torn down. I was MOST disappointed by old Yankee Stadium! For all the history that place has with it, it was a bit of a dump, at least in the section I was sitting in. Probably because it was the last season for it and they didn’t feel they needed to paint the metal seats and class up the place a bit.

I LOVE CBP! They did a FABULOUS job preserving the history of the Phillies teams of the past and present! And the food is wonderful!

That said, I’m from Kansas City. We may have a horrible team (at least my Phillies are doing AWESOME!) but the renovations that were made to Kauffman Stadium a few years ago are incredible! There was some talk about building a new stadium downtown, but I’m glad they didn’t.


I’ve had it with people mentioning PNC as a top park. Its a rinky-dink minor league park with a nice view. You can’t even walk all the way around it, it doesn’t have concourse connecting the corners to the OF. The food stinks and gheir are two beer stations in the OF corner, everything else is Bud/Bud Light. Underwhelming.

I’ve been to Candlestick Park, Dodger Stadium, Angels Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, Sun Life Stadium, The Vet, and Citizens Bank Park.
1) Citizens Bank Park, close quarters and walk-around mezzanine amongst other things rank it first.
2) Angels Stadium, since renovation to a baseball only facility has close quarters and a general all-around good feeling.
3 Dodger Stadium, a classic but comparatively it is waaaay to spacious between stands and field. Most fans are complete morons taking away from the experience.
4) Candlestick, had a fairly good set-up for a multi-purpose stadium.
5) Qualcomm, nothing special, average for a multi-purpose stadium.
6A) Sun Life, behind home plate was okay but the rest of the place looked miles away.
6B) The Vet, we all know is was a dump. THANK GOD FOR CITIZENS BANK PARK!

1)CBP because its new 2) Connie Mack because it was old 3) The Vet because it ain’t no more.

1. CBP, Philly
2. New Yankee Stadium, NY
3. AT&T Park, San Francisco
4. Camden Yards, Baltimore
5. PNC Park, Pittsburgh

And I am going to the Rogers Centre this summer…will let U know what I think :O)


Here’s how I rate the 15 active parks that I’ve been to, using ambiance/looks/feel, amenities/food and surrounding area as a basis for rankings:
1)Camden Yds (still my fav. best day trip)
2)PNC (best view, underrated town)
3)Wrigley (classic, would be #1 with updated cooncourse)
4)Citizens Bank (buzz in that place is really amazing)
5)Fenway (loses points for many seats that face center field)
6)AT&T (overrated in my opinion)
7)Miller (best tailgating, great people, underrated ballpark)
8)New Yankee (state of the art!!!)
9)US Cell (nice, avgerage)
10)CitiField (ehh)
11)Nationals (nothing special, ok)
12)Chase Field (pool’s cool)
13)Rodgers Ctr (I like more than most)
14)Tropicana (at least it gets you out of the FL heat)
15)Dolphin (not a ballpark)

All 30 parks.George, you are my hero !

I’ve been to all 30. I’m not a traditionalist. I find Fenway and Wrigley to be uncomfortable, aging dumps. I’ve long said they should keep the fields and blow up the concourses and seating areas and start over.

So those of you who loooove Fenway and Wrigley because of the history will not care about my ratings. So what, they’re mine:

(1) Pittsburgh
(2) Seattle
(3) Houston
(4) Kansas City
(5) Minnesota
(6) Detroit
(7) Philadelphia
(8) NY Mets
(9) Milwaukee
(10) San Diego
(11) Arizona
(12) Colorado
(13) Baltimore
(14) San Francisco
(15) NY Yankees
(16) LA Dodgers
(17) Texas
(18) St. Louis
(19) Washington
(20) Chicago White Sox
(21) Anaheim
(22) Cleveland
(23) Cincinnati
(24) Atlanta
(25) Toronto
(26) Boston
(27) Chicago Cubs
(28) Oakland
(29) Florida
(30) Tampa Bay

I have traveled to some of these ballparks, Boston has nostalgia on it’s side , but it is a dump. In Pitt I have been to family reunions with
More people. If Citizens bank park had anything outside the stadium it could be ths best park

No post about the hideous lineup Cholly rolled out yesterday?

Face it JB, when Chase and Ruiz sit, the lineup is going to be hideous. Who else would you put in there? Brown is overmatched against lefties, so he isn’t going to play either.
Without Shane, the club is thin. It’s not Charlie’s fault. Guys have to get rest on this aging, injured team.


I have not been to the newer parks in Houston, St.Louis, or Minnesota but i have been to 35 parks. My top ten favorite are:

Toronto Skydome

I blogged about my favorite parks last year.
I’d love to add to this list but money is really tight.

No Turner Field? Is their ballpark the reason there are more Phillies phans on the road in Washington than there are Braves fans at a home game?

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Prolem at Pittsburgh stadium is that you have to watch the Pirates

The thing I like about PNC in Pittsburgh is that you can walk up the day of the game and get great seats at a reasonable price. It’s too bad the franchise is a bottom feeder.

Camden Yards is over-rated. I think because it was one of the first of the new style 90’s ballparks. IMO it looks and feels like a shopping mall. The Downtown location is nice, but it also attracts the businessmen who rather have meetings there and yappity yap then watch the games.

Love to see PNC someday.

Sherry W, think about it. Does it really matter what the businessman is doing as long as he pays his admission, thus, supporting the club?

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