Kendrick to Start Saturday in Pittsburgh

The Phillies said earlier today Kyle Kendrick will start Saturday in Pittsburgh.

They had a spot available after optioning Vance Worley to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Because of a day off Thursday, the Phillies could have pushed their starters up a day and still had them pitch on normal rest, but in a long season Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee wants to give his starters an extra day to rest whenever possible.

Roy Halladay (91 1/3 innings), Cole Hamels (74 2/3 innings) and Cliff Lee (74 2/3 innings) entered tonight’s game against the Nationals ranked in the top 10 in the league in innings pitched.

Kendrick said he thinks he can throw at least 65 pitches Saturday. He is 1-1 with a 5.63 ERA in two starts this season. He threw five scoreless innings May 7 against Atlanta and allowed five runs in three innings May 19 against Colorado, when Joe Blanton learned he could not pitch because of an injured elbow roughly 20 minutes before the game.


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I don’t understand why they would start someone who says he can only throw 65 pitches. If not Worley, there must be somebody in AAA who is stretched out and could go longer. 65 pitches for Hamels or Halladay might be 5-6 innings. For Kendrick, it could be 3.

I think the League is finally onto Worley. He had a great little run there, but Kendrick is a better option at this point. And if Kendrick is pitching well, he can pitch 5-6 innings with 65 pitches. If he is pitching poorly, he won’t need 65 pitches before he gets yanked.

And if it is 3 innings for Kendrick, so what? The Phillies do not have enough pitching to take up the slack? Assuming it is 3 innings, the Phillies should make a roster move for 2 or 3 innings of work? Oh, I forgot, the Phillies are only in first place without any inkling that either the Marlins or Braves can mount a serious charge. My bad.

pherris, calm down. Although the Phils are 0-2 in the second third of this season, there is no reason to panic or worry. The Braves have too many problems to give the Phils a serious run for their money and the Fish always go through a long period where they fall apart unexplainably. I don’t see either of those teams even getting the wild card. That’ll go to a team in the NL Central, IMHO.

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