Polanco Leads NL All-Star Voting at Third Base

MLB released its first National League All-Star voting update and Placido Polanco leads among third basemen:

  1. Polanco 724,724
  2. Chipper Jones 540,168
  3. Pablo Sandoval 522,037
  4. David Wright 500,200
  5. Scott Rolen 370,271

Chase Utley, who has been elected a starter the previous five seasons, is third. No surprise there. He hasn’t played. Brandon Phillips (837,778) is first. Rickie Weeks (562,071) is second. Utley (561,585) is third. Jimmy Rollins (454,782) is second among shortstops, but it’s a distant second behind Troy Tulowitzki (975,777). Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are a distant fourth among first basemen and catchers, respectively. Shane Victorino (seventh) and Raul Ibanez (13th) are way behind among outfielders.

Honestly, when I think about Phillies’ All-Stars I think there are a few legitimate candidates: Polanco, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Ryan Madson and Ryan Howard.

It will be tough for Howard, even though he’s tied for second in the league in homers (12) and RBIs (42). Albert Pujols is leading the voting and Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are having good seasons.


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I have decided I am going to cast one All-Star ballot this year as the deadline draws near so as to pick a deserving player. This entire process is such a joke.

Correct. It’s a huge joke. You can vote 25 times online. 25 times? And radio stations partner-up with ballclubs to stuff ballot boxes. They just blindly vote for their home team guys whether they’re deserving or not. Meanwhile, our stupid Commissioner smiles and tells us that the game “means something” now. Really? How do those two ideas mesh? Only in Bud Selig’s warped mind.
And we also need to do away with the Little League mentality that every team is represented. That was nice when there were 10 teams in each league, but now there are too many teams, and picking an Oriole or some other loser because you have to fill out a roster is another black mark on this joke of a game.

Wow old big-head Polanco way out in the lead! I created a lil’ pic of him when he was coming up in the minors (tongue plated firmly in cheek):


(thanks the the awesome blog http://phillysportshistory.com….)

Chase Utley is third. “No surprise there.” Really, Todd? No surprise? He hasn’t played. Why should he be third? Get a clue.

muleman, it’s ‘no surprise’ for the reasons you stated in your previous post. Get a clue.

Should we help vote the Kung Fu Panda onto the AllStar team? lol

Almost every team sport All Star Game is a farse anyway. Football is the worst because the way the game is played requires playing in a system; and they all differ depending on the coaches. Basketball has NO D. Ice Hockey is hypocracy. The NHL has a bunch of guys who normally beat the sh*t out of each other pretending to get along. At least MLB AllStar Games can be played at a high skill level, maintaining the integrety of the game. The MLB AllStar Game is the only one I watch.

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