Victorino Activated, Mayberry Optioned

Earlier this week I thought the Phillies might place Michael Martinez on waivers to make room for Shane Victorino, but it became more obvious they would option John Mayberry Jr. instead.

It became official today.

I’m not in Pittsburgh this weekend, but I’m guessing the reasoning is close to what I wrote yesterday: Mayberry will get very little playing time with Raul Ibanez in left field, Victorino in center field and Domonic Brown and Ben Francisco in right field. Mayberry might be the team’ second-best defensive outfielder (and one of the team’s better runners, too), but he has hit just .187 with three doubles, two homers and nine RBIs since April. He also has hit just .172 against left-handers in that stretch, which hurts his case to platoon in left or right field. Yes, Francisco has struggled. He has hit just .192 against left-handers this season. But here is the reality of the situation: Francisco is making $1.175 million. If Mayberry were hitting .300 against left-handers, I think it would have been a much more difficult decision. But unfortunately for Mayberry, his lack of production at the plate over the last month hurt him.


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If they made this decision because Ben Francisco makes more money, that’s ridiculous. It’s obvious that clown isn’t a ML player. At least Mayberry can play the outfield. Does this mean that Martinez is the backup defensive OFer? He’s as bad as Francisco. Martinez misreads everything and Francisco has a candy arm. Mayberry got screwed.

I totally agree with the last post!!! Mayberry got SCREWED!! Ben Francisco or more so MARTINEZ should have been optioned!!! They should have optioned Martinez which would have ergo sent him back to Washington! I totally disagree with this decision!

Yeah, he may have had every opportunity at the plate, but so did Martinez and Francisco…none of them got it done at the plate, and Mayberry is the only at least decent fielder out of those three. No reason why Martinez should be a MLer at all, and no reason why Fransisco should be a starter.

He did not get screwed! He had every opportunity to prove his worth at the plate. He failed to distinguish himself.

I agree. I would’ve rather seen Martinez on waivers over Mayberry. Plus, he has a much brighter future than Fransico. Mayberry is a quality investment to give up.

Martinez does nothing above or even at league average and we can only guess that Gload could hobble to first base should he hit the ball into play. Brown/Mayberry/Francisco fates aside, the former two roster spots deserve some serious scrutiny from the media. I won’t even mention Zagurski. (oops)

His dad wouldn’t have been optioned.

Booooooooooooooooooooooo >:[

I think we’re missing the point here. It’s not just who is the better player (Mayberry, Martinez or Francisco). What good is it if Mayberry is better but won’t get any playing time. The lack of at bats will only make things worse for him at this point. He’s better off (in the long run)going back to AAA and working on some things. He could still be a big help later in the year. Francisco is a veteran (a starter in Cleveland) and will need to hit his way out of his slump…or move over for Mayberry later. The Rule 5 thing is obviously huge and keeps Martinez around but the Phillies must see something in him (he can play several positions/run) and are hoping he can develop a bat.

Martinez can’t field (he’s displayed as much in the outfield) and can’t hit. He is 28 years old. I would expect a rule 5 guy to be a kid with a future. Martinez is just a minor league lifer, IMO. I just don’t get it.

The LA Times is reporting that 9 teams are in violation of the MLB debt ratio guidelines, including the Phillies. Guess we won’t see RJA adding any additi0nal salary at the trade deadline. Probably won’t reinvest Lidge’s and Rollin’s salaries in free agency this winter, either.

I”m not as in love with Mayberry the younger as most, but I’m becoming convinced that (1) Martinez has embarrassing pictures of RAJ, and (2) Offering Martinez back to the Nats might be a good trojan horse, making their organization worse. I’m not sure he dramatically improves Harrisburg or Reading, much less Syracuse or LV.

Other possibility – Martinez (.212 OBP??) is being kept around to pinch run for Gload, since that’s the only way he would seen enough base running opportunities for his speed to matter.

Nothing like using Fransisco as chum to get the sharks out. Eh, Todd? Why not use Fransisco’s stats for the entire year rather than one month or half of this year so far. I guess it has to do with Fransisco’s productive April. Can’t let a few facts get in the way of a little spin. The long and short of it is that the job was there for the taking and Mayberry didn’t take. Cry me a river.

Of the three bench players Maberry is my favorite. Even if he’s not getting it done at the plate, he is certainly capable of getting hits. He is also the best out fielder of the three and just has a certain “instinct” for the game. He always seems to be doing the right thing on the base paths and in the outfield. I hope he comes back soon, I really enjoyed watching him.

Wow, that sure is a lot of noise for the 25th man on the roster. I guess that’s why dollar dog night is so popular. People get worked-up over the strangest things.
Keep this lineup healthy and together and it won’t matter who the spare outfielders are.

O dear Phillies, you are in decline. Watch out behind you, the braves are coming!

It is really amazing how Braves fans don’t understand the vagaries of the MLB 162 game season.
Well, not really amazing, as there aren’t really very many of them, and they are just casual fans anyway.

Its amazing how the phillies and the media have convinced everyone they have an amazing rotation. It isnt as good as the braves rotation. End of. You big up cole hamels and cliff lee when in reality they arent fit to lace tim hudson’s boots. Your in decline. Get used to the fact, soon you will be back where you belong – behind the braves. Good luck today.

That is the funniest post I have ever read on this blog. Seriously dude, get a clue. Tim Hudson? Maybe Cole Hamels will invite Hudson as one of his guests to this year’s All-Star game, where he can show him his WS ring and his NLCS and WS MVP awards.

Keep up the good work, dude. We all need some comic relief once in a while.

Tim Hudson career numbers = 169/91 3.43 era. Hamels = 67/47 3.48 era. So better win %, better era and done it for alot longer than hamels who seems to win less game every year. I rest my case.

You really don’t know much about MLB, do you? I think even most Braves fans would laugh at you for making that comparison at this point.
Like I said, maybe Cole will invite Tim to this year’s All-Star game, because the only way Tim’ll get to another one is with a ticket.

HAHA, so you cant argue with the stats? Ok! Thought so. Maybe you can finally beat the pirates today?

Argue with the stats all you want. Argue with the results? Phillies in first place.

Yeah, Doc Halladay handled the Bucs with ease, and now I’m sitting here watching Tim Hudson, who hasn’t won a game in over a month, get tuned up by the NY Mess.

Form is tempory. Class is permenant. Hudson is class. Get used to it.

Hudson is done and the Georgia education system is a mess. Learn to spell, dude.

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