Rough Road Trip

The Phillies started a 16-game stretch against teams with losing records May 27.

So far they’re 4-5 after a road trip through New York, Washington and Pittsburgh.

The Phillies averaged 3.89 runs per game on the trip, which ranked 11th in the National League in that stretch. Their .360 slugging percentage ranked 14th. (I know it’s not just me, but it seems like the Phillies go days between extra-base hits.) They also had a 4.18 ERA, which ranked ninth. So for once this season it wasn’t entirely the offense’s fault. They had a couple rough pitching performances, too. But it’s still mostly the offense. The Phillies have had their everyday lineup together for three games and they’re 1-2, but the way the Phillies historically play in PNC Park maybe that 1-2 should come with an asterisk.

(* – Disregard these offensive performances because they never hit or win here.)

The Phillies open a nine-game homestand tonight against the Dodgers. Maybe they’ll rekindle some of that NLCS mojo from a 2008-09 and hit a few balls in the gap.


From Elias Sports Bureau: The Phillies snapped a four-game losing streak behind Roy Halladay yesterday. Since joining the Phillies, Halladay has won the only two starts he has made with the Phillies on a losing streak of four or more games. He pitched in that situation 17 times with the Toronto Blue Jays. He went 6-7.


Kind of Phillies related: The Brewers won three games over Florida this weekend by scores of 6-5 (Friday), 3-2 (Saturday) and 6-5 (in 11 innings on Sunday). The Brewers hadn’t won three straight games by a one-run margin against the same opponent since they swept a three-game series against the Phillies, May 16-18, 2006. They won that series by scores of 3-2, 8-7 and 5-4. I remember Ryan Franklin made an awful throwing error in the ninth inning to cost them the first game in that series. I had to look up the other details: the Phillies scored three runs to tie the game in the ninth inning Saturday only to have Arthur Rhodes allow a run in the ninth to lose it. Ryan Madson took the loss Sunday.

The Phillies’ starters that weekend: Cory Lidle, Gavin Floyd and Cole Hamels.


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Todd, I don’t know exactly what view you have from your perch in the home office but down here on the field things are fairly upbeat. Yes, the Phillies were 4-5 on their just completed road trip but they still managed to increase their division lead from 1 game to 3 games over the 2nd place Marlins who lead the 3rd place Braves by one-half game. The Braves are getting into their mid-season treading water form despite having what Braves’ fans believe, the greatest pitching staff in the universe. It should be noted that the Braves must be getting thin in the Phenom De Jour department as they are beginning to recycle Phenoms from seasons past. As far as the Mets and Nationals are concerned at last check they are still the Mets and the Nationals. The Nationals, however, are slowly making strides toward respectability. The operative word here is slowly. With his recent grumbling, it seems that Jayson Werth either didn’t read the memo wherein “slowly” was italicized or his hair got in the way when he was reading the memo. There is also the possibility that the fog Jayson appeared to exist in while here in Philly, a general fog, in a manner of speaking, has been replaced with the “fog of money”. This PherrisPhain reporting from down here on the field. Back to you, Todd, perched high atop the Altoona Motor Inn.

They are leaving far too many runners on base, 16 yesterday alone. That’s unacceptable.

In decline boys, in decline.

Here come the Dodgers, the answered prayer to any team fighting a slump and looking for a patsy…thanks to our beloved owner Frank McCourt.

It didn’t help the slumping Reds to have the Dodgers come to town. Although I’m glad to be missing Kershaw and Billingsley.

Don’t pitch to Kemp or Ethier.

It’s burned him a little this season, but Cliff Lee doesn’t pitch around anybody.

“Our team sucks so bad that even Phan doesn’t want to be seen here anymore.”
–Taken from the Dodger blog at 6:30 pm PDT…

I must say that my participation in the Dodgers blog was misinterpreted and misrepresented to the point that it eventually got confrontational with a couple clowns over there. I was just looking for some fun back-and-forth during the NLCS and certain Dodgers fans got a little cranky about it. I guess they knew they were overmatched and didn’t want to deal with it.

pherris, I think Todd knows that the Phils have always been a much better road team than they have shown so far this season. Usually their first half road record is better than that of their home record.

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