Next 24 to 48 Hours Big for Rollins

Jimmy Rollins could be headed to the disabled list after all.

Rollins received a MRI exam on his right knee yesterday. Results showed he had a “pretty significant bone bruise,” according to Ruben Amaro Jr. He said bruising on soft tissue has caused some inflammation. The Phillies will know if Rollins is a DL candidate in the next 24 to 48 hours.

“He got himself pretty good,” Amaro said.

Rollins fouled a ball off his knee Saturday in Pittsburgh. He played two more innings before leaving the game. He has not appeared in three games since with Wilson Valdez playing shortstop.

“He improved a lot from Sunday to Monday,” Amaro said.

The question is how much he will improve from Tuesday to Wednesday or Thursday?


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How do you think this will affect his contract negotiations? A .265 average, with minimal power, fair to below average OBP, still speedy, great defensive skills but getting older and apparently susceptible to injuries.

I don’t know.

I don’t think this injury counts as “susceptible to injuries”. He fouled a ball off his knee. that’s going to hurt ANYONE.

Agree with Bob that this injury shouldn’t affect contract negotiations. But his declining numbers absolutely will and I hope it means the Phils can afford to re-sign him. SS is a tough position to fill and Rollins defense is among the best in the league.

You’re right, this injury could have happened to anyone, its not like his condition might have caused any additional suffering but, this makes 3 out of the last 4 seasons where he has missed time due to an injury – the season where he did play in over 150 games (09) was one of his worst offensively in the last 6 prior. You cannot hold something like this against the guy but if it happens regularly, you have to deal with it.

What we have seen from Jimmy this year is a shell of what we need. If he does not come back in a big way, like he wants to continue to play here, I say look for another SS (as much as I do love Jroll). Jimmy was one of my keys to this season, I feel if he hit over .285 with 20 or close to it hrs and 30 to 40 sb, this would make the Phils near unstoppable in the NL East.

If he goes on the DL, I hope that Freddy Galvis gets called up; might as well keep the defense humming along.

FreddyGalvis? Seriously?

Hey Todd,
Why does it seem that the Phils always either misdiagnose or misread the severity of injuries? We could’ve put J-Roll on the DL days ago and not waste the roster spot waiting for him to get better. This seems to happen all the time with this team.

I question the logic of using Jimmy as a pinch hitter in the 9th inning of a 6-2 game with nobody on base. If he has to heal, then let him sit. Putting a guy at the plate who has a knee bruise in a situation like that is strange.

I think using JRoll as a pinch hitter may have been a message from Charlie that he is not happy with being saddled all season with a bench player like Martinez. If this team is going to continue to get guys hurt, they have to have competent backup, and Martinez has been a waste of a roster spot all season long.

So, you’d put the health of one of your star players at risk to send a message? Sorry, but I’m not buying that. Chatlie has a history of giving guys a day off, only to use them as pinch hitters late in the game. Either sit a guy or don’t. Using Rollins in that situation was ridiculous.
The stuff you don’t see is that the hitter has to go down to the cage and hit for a while to warm up. It’s not a rest day if he has to participate.

Philies are in decline😦

So the Braves eke out a victory over the Marlins, and you want to troll it up? Let me ask you: if the Phillies are in decline, then what are the Braves, who are still 3 games back (the biggest division lead in the Majors)?

The Braves might have the slightest of edges in pitching stats, but after 61 games, the Phillies lead the Braves in almost every offensive category except slugging-related numbers.

Team Avg.: Phillies .249 / Braves .241

Team OBP: Phillies .318 / Braves .309

Team Runs: Phillies 244 / Braves 231

Team RBI: Phillies 238 / Braves 221

Team Hits: Phillies 518 / Braves 498

Team Stolen Bases: Phillies 43 / Braves 13

Team Caught Stealing: Phillies 8 / Braves 16

Team Strikeouts: Phillies 384 / Braves 440

These aren’t stellar numbers, granted, but the Phillies are clearly besting the Braves on offense. So again I ask: if the Phillies are in decline, then what are the Braves?

Rabbit, you are expending far too many “intertubes” responding to this idiot. This is a guy who comes from a place where they construct monuments to home grown American terrorists.

Don’t waste your time Rabbit. Braves fans are casual at best and have no idea what you are talking about. They pick up one game in the standings in a 162 game season and they think it’s all over. At least their lead clown, Billreef, waited until the Braves had a 7 game lead last season to declare victory. Clueless.

I can’t imagine the Phils not signing Jimmy to an extention. I think he can only make it cheaper for the Phils to resign him if he doesn’t improve his hitting. I think the “intangibles” he brings to the team in his demeanor, character, and personality are irreplaceable. Plus, he has had some of the greatest clutch postseason hits in Phillie history. No matter how bad the regular season ends for Jimmy, I feel confident that he’ll be a spark plug/catalyst to help the Phils win the WS

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