Phillies Select Greene with First Pick

Larry Greene is a big kid with a chance to hit a lot of home runs someday at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies selected him Monday with the 39th overall pick in the First-Year Player Draft. Greene is a left-handed-hitting corner outfielder that shares some similarities to Class A Clearwater first baseman Jonathan Singleton, who is one of the top prospects in baseball.

“He’s a man amongst young men,” Phillies director of scouting Marti Wolever said of Greene. “He is really strong and powerful. He’s just a really good athlete. He might have a little bit more power (than Singleton). He’s built like him. His stroke is comparable. The bat speed is comparable.”

Greene, 18, hit .562 with 11 doubles, one triple, 19 home runs, 52 RBIs, 58 runs scored and 13 stolen bases this season for Berrien County High School in Nashville, Ga. Greene, who is 6-foot-1, 225 pounds, earned a football scholarship to Alabama, but will play baseball. He has committed to Chipola Junior College in Marianna, Fla. Greene said he isn’t sure if he would bypass pro ball for college, but he sounded like he wants to sign.

Baseball America ranked Greene its 75th overall prospect. The magazine compared Greene to Russell Branyan, but Wolever does not think that comparison fits because he believes Greene will make better contact.

Greene projects as an average outfielder.

“We thought he was the best option for us,” Wolever said. “We did a lot of work and spent a lot of time this year watching him play.”

The draft continues at noon Tuesday with rounds 2 through 30. It concludes Wednesday with rounds 31 through 50.

The Phillies’ next selection will be in the second round (66th overall).


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He was on the MLB Network’s draft coverage – had his picture taken with Phillies’ cap and jersey so it seems pretty certain that he’ll sign. However, the draft is a crap shoot – a handful become stars and a few dozen others contribute on the MLB level, so who really thinks he’ll ever see the light of day at CBP?

Yeah, I saw that he was at the draft, so the chance of him playing football instead of baseball is pretty small.
Another toolsy, left-handed power bat who needs some seasoning. Where have I seen this before?

Not sure where you have seen this before Phan52… because Greene really isn’t a classic toolsy pick from the Phils.

Greene basically has 1 tool… but that one tool is elite and its power. He won’t be a speedster, probably won’t hit for elite average with an uppercut swing like that, won’t be a strong defender as people speculate the need to move him to 1B down the line, and has a subpar arm.

1 out of 5 tools does not equal toolsy.

Also he will not play football. He quit football after his JR year of high school after getting an injury. He said despite the scholarship offer to play LB at Alabama he wanted baseball to be his future. My guess is Greene is signed and playing in either Clearwater by the end of the month

They are comparing his swing to Singleton’s, who hardly has an uppercut swing. He’s a big kid with excellent speed for a person his size and is projected as a leftfielder. Greene is the typical raw, athletic left-handed hitter that the Phillies love. They are stockpiling them at this point.
He won’t play in Clearwater, where he would be totally overmatched. He’d be lucky to even play in Williamsport, probably start in the Gulf Coast League.

Your absolutely right, he will almost certainly end up in the GCL, thats what I meant to say but had a brain fart and wrote Clearwater instead. By the time I noticed I had already posted.

I haven’t seen many Singleton comparisons. They mostly seem to be a post fact comparison to somone already in the system. Most the comparisons I have read from teh pre-draft thus far are to either Ryan Howard or Russell Branyan.

Greene is a 6 ft 130 pound kid. The typical toosly stockpiling the Phils do are tall, lanky speedsters who can’t hit but have the potential to develop power. In the case of Domonic Brown they may have hit the lottery, but many others have missed.

While Greene’s speed for his size is good… he by no means has a speed tool. Also, at 18, his speed is likely the best it will ever be as he will probably have natural weight gain over the next 5 years or so. For example, Adam Dunn is one of the most slow footed players in the big leagues. But he had speed when he was drafted and stole 18 bases in A ball. Much like Greene though Dunn was already a big boy coming out of high school.

Phils do project him in LF but alot of scouts say he is a substandard defender and likely will move to 1B in a few years much in the same manor that Dunn had to move to 1B

So yes, he is a bit raw as a hitter and left handed. Other than that he is nothing like Domonic Brown, Greg Golson, Anthony Gose, Anthony Hewitt, Lou Collier, Domingo Santana, etc. Unlike most of the players the Phils stockpile, he will never be an elite defender and he already hits for serious power. That doesn’t have to develop down the road.

So you want to call him a raw hitter, I am on board with you… but toosly no. He only has one tool.

“The magazine (Baseball America) compared Greene to Russell Branyan”….golly, gee, wow…THE Russel Branyan?
Sounds like a future ‘whatever happened to’ article in the making.

Speaking of which, what ever did happen to Russell Branyan?

There is a nice article on Cosart in the latest Baseball America.

Second pick Roman Quinn.
Roman Quinn is a 2011 OF/SS with a 5-9 165 lb. frame from Port St Joe, FL who attends Port St Joe HS. Smaller compact build. Very good runner, 6.57 60, right handed hitter, 4.20 home to first, fast twitch hands, busy load, nice quick swing, line drive contact, ball jumps off hard, all fields, has some lift and power, good bat speed. Very good outfield tools, very quick to the ball, quick release, very good arm strength. Infielder’s build, infield tools/actions playable, gets set and balanced, arm strength plays, could develop as infielder with more repetitions. Nice tool set.

So how much of a signing bonus can the 39th pick expect? The picks I like are when the Phillies take a high school kid in the later rounds and entice him to sign for more money than his draft slot would warrant but less than what he would get if he were a first rounder. The Phillies have done this over the last several years but I do not know how it has worked out.

Slot money for the 39th pick is somewhere north of $800,000

$800,000 sounds like a good reason to sign. It doesn’t mean he’ll amount to anything, but he’d be a fool to at least not give it a try. Maybe it was destiny that the kid hurt himself playing football and put his heart into playing baseball. If he ever becomes a superstar he can thank that injury. GOOD LUCK LARRY GREENE!

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