This Man Can Pitch

Let’s take a look at a few Cole Hamels facts/impressions this morning:

  • He is 8-1 with a 2.05 ERA since his first start of the season April 5. In 88 innings, he has allowed 61 hits, 20 earned runs, 16 walks and has struck out 88. Opponents have hit .197 against him (.228 against lefthanders and .187 against right-handers.)
  • “I felt lefties might have had a better chance against him than righties tonight,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. “With that changeup and now the cutter — he didn’t use that cutter before. That changes it. I’ll play more lefties against him next time.”
  • From April 10 through last night, Hamels and Jon Lester are tied for the most wins in baseball. Hamels is fourth in ERA in that span behind Ryan Vogelsong (1.68 ERA), Jair Jurrjens (1.75 ERA) and Josh Beckett (1.77 ERA). Hamels’ 7.98 baserunners per nine innings easily is first. (Shaun Marcum is second at 8.51.)
  • Hamels has a 2.65 ERA since May 1, 2010, which ranks fifth in baseball. Josh Johnson (1.99 ERA), Adam Wainwright (2.48 ERA), Roy Halladay (2.56 ERA) and Felix Hernandez (2.60 ERA) are ahead of him.
  • “He’s definitely different,” Dodgers catcher Rod Barajas said. “The best I’ve seen him. He was primarily fastball-changeup and the curveball could be out of the strike zone and you didn’t have to swing at it. Now he mixes in the cutter and throws the curveball for strikes. You can’t lay off it anymore or assume it’s a ball. It makes you more aggressive.”
  • Hamels is 4-0 with a 1.70 ERA in his last five starts.
  • “He’s grown up a lot,” Charlie Manuel said. “He’s way more mature. He’s been around guys like Jamie Moyer and Halladay and (Cliff) Lee and Roy Oswalt and guys like that. He has a better work ethic now. He’s getting stronger. He’s bigger than he used to be. If you see him with his shirt and stuff off, he’s developing into a man.” As an aside, Manuel realized once he said it that it sounded a little funny for him to be talking about Hamels with his shirt off. He laughed.


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You’re the man with the numbers Todd! Keep up the good work. Let’s hope Oswalt’s numbers follow suit. Go Phillies!

Cole Hamels is THE MAN!!! The #Phils have better have their piggy bank full next time Mr. Hamel’s contract if up.

Is anyone really concerned that Uncle Charlie is sounding “a little funny”? When has he not? Who wouldn’t be admiring Cole at this point!

Hamels pitched amazingly last night. Glad they were able to eck out a “W” for him.

He made a typo in this blog post. This man can pitch…but not as well as the braves rotation. Is what I think Todd meant to write. Your in decline guys😦

Pnly a fool would think Hamels can’t go toe to toe with any member of the Braves rotation. He’s hands down better than all of them, with Jurjens being the closest in talent. And everybody knows the Phils are in decline, but that decline has kept them in first all season while the Braves flounder in third with prized second baseman Dan Uggla.

Knucklehead, that would be “you’re” in decline. I guess English is your second language.

Speaking of typo, it’s you’re, not your.

Another W with less than 3 runs scored, provided to you by our pitching staff!!!!
Great job by Cole, i hope he continues this way this season, he deserves recognition as a very good pitcher….Madson and Hamels are sure going to be tough to resign, they will get quite a raise to say the least…..Still really hope we keep em both though!

The ERA isn’t valuable anymore. Look at Hamels’ SIERA on

Here’s the top 10 Pitchers in MLB in SIERA (40 IP min):

1 Zack Greinke 41 2.24 4.83 0.349 1.20
2 Roy Halladay 98.3 2.68 2.56 0.308 1.08
3 Cliff Lee 87 2.71 3.62 0.345 1.28
4 Cole Hamels 90.7 2.72 2.58 0.268 0.97
5 Clayton Kershaw 85.7 2.87 3.05 0.287 1.11
6 Matt Garza 59.7 3.01 4.07 0.364 1.44
7 Tim Lincecum 88.3 3.06 2.85 0.284 1.15
8 David Price 91.3 3.09 3.35 0.278 1.05
9 Brandon Beachy 44.3 3.11 3.45 0.267 1.13
10 Brandon Morrow 50 3.11 4.5 0.338 1.40

Hamels is looking VERY good at #4, and if you eliminate pitchers with less than 50 IP, Hamels is #4, obviously.

Yes and if you string a monkey up by his Frillies, he will produce a stat to confirm your argument. Too Funny.

Zidane: The correct grammar is: “You’re in decline, guys”. At least that’s the New World grammar. Not sure what you guys over in Europe use.

By the way, why are you still here? Tired of BillyBobReefer showing you up over on Bowman’s Blog? Tired of complaining about your own offense (which has fewer runs scored than the Phils)? Why don’t you talk about that? Or tell us why the Phils are in decline and the Braves are on the rise, as you mentioned in the other blog?

O well, I am amazed that you chaps think so highly of your over hyped rotation. The stats dont back you guys up. Check out who has the best era in the majors : Braves. Easily. Sure our offense is awful, but its a joek how overhyped your rotation is. Thats why I am here, to try and make you all see sense. O and its not europe here mate.

Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels are so far ahead of anybody in the Braves rotation that it isn’t debatable. Look up a stat called WAR and see who the first two players in the NL are. Not just pitchers mind you; players. Every single MLB GM would trade their starting rotation for the Phillies rotation in a NY minute, and that’s even with throwing Kyle Kendrick in there.

Quick quiz: Which pitcher leads MLB in blown saves and which team is second in MLB in blown saves? Zidane should know the answer without Google.

As I mentioned before, best ERA is irrelevant when it comes to making the playoffs. Only win/loss matters and right now the Phils have a better record than the Braves. Again, you failed to mention why the Phils are in decline and the Braves are on the rise. At least BillyBob doesn’t start trash talking until the Braves are in the lead. Man, you Europeans just don’t get it.

I honestly think we should try and trade oswalt seeing that hamels has come on so great, and we are in desperate need for some hitting..I hope there’s some other way but if it comes to it, why not?

You guys dont get it do you? The braves staff has a better era than the phillies staff. That is a fact. You guys arent using facts, you are just saying its “obvious” the philies have the best rotation. But the facts are on my side. Unlucky!

Phillies: 37-25; 1st Place, NL East; Best record in baseball
Braves: 34-28; 2nd Place, NL East; 2nd Place, NL Wildcard

Pretty sure those are the only facts that matter at the end of the day.

The braves rotation has an era of 3.26. The phillies is 3.31. That’s a difference of two citizens bank park homeruns. Nothing to get excited about. Plus, if anyone can hold up this pace, it’s the phillies staff of aces, not the braves with the over-performing Jair Jurrjens and rookies.

@ZidaneBraves, you’re out dated. Look at SIERA. See my post earlier.

So its “outdated” to think that a pitchers job is to limit the runs he gives up? Interesting! It takes into account a pitchers skill and a pitchers ability to pitch out of jams and raise their game when they need to.

The difference in ERA is only 0.18, by the way. The Phillies also have twenty fewer walks than the Braves with seven more strikeouts.

I don’t comment a lot, Zidane. But I don’t like you. If you want to play the stat game you’ll lose.

@ZidaneBraves. Do some research into fielding independent pitching which will eventually lead you to SIERA as well.

You dont like me or you dont like the facts I bring to the table Jeff? Look, there is nothing personal here, I just can’t believe the hype surrounded a phillies pitching staff which isnt even up to the level of the current braves staff, let alone the great staffs of the braves in the 90’s. Couple your overhyped rotation with your declining line up and you are in serious trouble this season in my opinion. The braves have a far better ball club.

The Braves have a “far better ball club”? And you say you like to deal in facts? Now I know you are just a troll, pushing buttons here to get a rise. You can’t be that stupid.
Oh, wait. He’s a Braves fan….nevermind.

Hamels: 13 GS, 8-2, 2.58 ERA, 1CG, 0SHO, 90.2 IP, 18BB, 91SO, 0.949 WHIP
Derek Lowe: 14 GS, 3-4, 3.73 ERA, 0CG, 0SHO, 79.2 IP, 30BB, 64SO, 1.293 WHIP
Tim Hudson: 12 GS, 4-5, 4.14 ERA, 1CG, 1SHO, 76IP, 19BB, 46SO, 1.145 WHIP
Tommy Hanson: 13 GS, 7-4, 2.59ERA, 0CG, 0SHO, 76.1 IP, 28BB, 75SO, 1.061 ERA
Jair Jurrjens: 10GS, 7-2, 1.75 ERA, 1CG, 0SHO, 72 IP, 11BB, 44SO, 1.014 WHIP

Hamels: 2.58 ERA, 0.949 WHIP
Braves: 3.08 ERA, 1.132 WHIP

Listen up, Mate. You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid too long over on Bowman’s Blog. You can argue this stat or that stat all you want but you truly reveal yourself as a smacked ass when claiming the Braves have a “far better club”. Now run along and go commiserate with the Loser Crew.

@ZidaneBraves you don’t understand the hype? Halladay has won two Cy Youngs and currently has the lowest BB/9 in MLB, the highest SO/9 in MLB, and the most CG in MLB, Lee has won 1 Cy Young and currently leads the NL in SO, Hamels was the 2008 World Series MVP and currently has the lowest WHIP in MLB, Oswalt has been an all-star 6 times.

As far as the Braves – Hanson has the lowest H/IP in MLB, none of the top 4 Starters have won any awards, but several have been on the All-Star team.

Do you honestly not understand where there is hype?

The Braves top 4 starters, on the other hand, have a “Lucky” BABIP. Only Hamels has a lucky BABIP. In my view, the jury is still out on what BABIP really tells us. I think there is some luck involved but also pitch movement and deception of delivery, ability to hide the ball well..etc, comes into play.

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Well guys, I am done on this blog. I tried to make you see the facts, but you all appeared too blinkered. I might pop in to say hi when the braves are ahead of the phillies. And I think I will make a little “I told you so” post in october when you guys are watching the braves on espn, whilst the phillies have already started their vacation. Good luck this season guys, you will need it.

162 games, dude. You really should check with your hillbilly cohort BillyBobReef how checking in when the Braves were ahead last season came back to bite him in his fat ass.

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.

“And I think I will make a little “I told you so” post in october when you guys are watching the braves on espn, whilst the phillies have already started their vacation.”

Playoff games aren’t on ESPN.
Also, I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve made note (esp if a Phillie hits a HR) what a joke Citizens Bank Park is. Switch ballparks and the Phillies staff would have a far better ERA than the Braves.

@ZidaneBraves – what facts? You came on here to say that you don’t understand the hype, yet you don’t want to believe the reasons why the media is hyping the Phillies rotation.

Braves ERA is better than the phillies ERA by quite a decent margin. That is the king of stats and undermines all the hype. You spin all the secondary stats you want to try and make hamels look world class, but we all can see the facts. Oswalt is in serious decline too, and kendrick is only good vs the braves. Cliff lee is a show pitcher. Sure he looks good striking people out but he still gives up runs, which makes him easily beatable. Even Halladay is looking like he is in decline. And Hamels is unproven and just in a purple patch, I have never rated him. Anyway, I dont want to argue, I just wanted to make you realise that the facts show you are wrong.

“Quite a decent margin”? What a clown.
Halladay in decline? Really? That statement alone points out your lack of understanding of baseball. You don’t even get it on a rudimentary level.

Its about 7% lower. Thats pretty significant.

1 last point before I go – this blog is proof of the overhyped phillies rotation. You have a picture of hamels with this man can pitch. D Lowe just pitched a no hitter into the 7th for the braves last night, and was brilliatn along with the ever brilliant venters, and yet you dont see all this crazy hype about the braves pitchers, even though they are putting up better numbers.

He can pitch. Better than Lowe in fact. Despite those 6 no hit innings, hamels still outputched Lowe last night.
Before you go, I apologize for our attack on you, but you should have seen it coming. Here’s one compliment: You’re right about venters; He is damn good. Have a nice baseball season.

LOL I see you left out the part where Kimbrel blew the save

Now you are really being ridiculous. Derek Lowe? 3-4? Hasn’t won in almost a month? When was the last time he pitched past the 7th inning? He’s actually only pitched INTO the 7th twice this year. He’s one of the reasons your bullpen is going to meltdown by September, with Venters,O’Flaherty and Kimbrel all in the top 5 in appearances.
And BTW, Hamels outpitched Lowe last night and got the win because he went deep and got to the closer. Oh, wait a minute. What happened with the Braves closer last night? Can somebody look that up?

And people say Phillies fans blindly love their team…

@ZidaneBraves I explained to you why the Phillies pitchers are hyped. The media will ALWAYS hype pitchers with previous Cy Young awards and World Series MVP’s over pitchers who do not.

Yes, they will always hype pitchers like this. I am not saying you dont have a great rotation, you clearly do. But its not that good, its not even as good as the braves (which I can prove with ERA). It just irritates me that people say your rotation is so great (its decent but like I said in a post earlier Lee is easy to score off, oswalt is past it, kendrick is bad etc.), and completely refuse to give credit to the awesome braves staff. We havent even got Moylan back. Wait till we have Moylan, O fla, Venters and Kimbrel alongside out rotation. Wow now that is a staff that deserves the sort of hype the phillies are currently getting

Kimbrel? You mean the guy who leads MLB in blown saves? And the staff that is second in MLB in blown saves? Awesome, indeed.
Stick to football, dude. And I don’t mean American football.

You seriously trying to rag on the braves bullpen? Venters is the best reliever in baseball. Bar None!


I am surprised that you can’t believe the hype. Seems very believable to me. This article will offer you many facts about why they are so hyped.

Regards from Philadelphia,

I can’t believe Zizou still hangs around the Phils blog bragging about how they are all “in decline”. There’s no hype over the Braves’ rotation because they suck. No one is complementing the Braves’ rotation because they suck. The Braves will not win the NL east because they suck. Need any more facts in Europe? Or how about the number of wins the Phils have over the Braves right now. See you in October.

Well different opinions are what makes baseball so interesting I suppose. At the end of the day I predict both the braves and the phillies will be in the post season. I think you will be the wild card this year because you are alot worse, and we should get better. Its hard to debate baseball with you guys because of your refusal to recognise the facts/statistics. Never mind, you have all fallen for the media hype of your rotation. Fair enough. Time will tell who is really better. Braves have a killer rotation 1-7. We could lose 2 guys and still not lose much performance. Add to that a killer bullpen and this braves staff is the pitching staff that deserves the media hype and articles where you have a photo of the guy witht he title “this guy can pitch”

Damn, Mate, both the Phillies and Braves will be in the post-season? You do really know how to go out on a limb.

Man, Looks like you guys let little Zippy get you all riled up. But the fact is we won tonite you lost and your tenuous lead is down to 2. We also buried the Fish which the Frillies couldn’t do. It’s gonna be really interesting when we get everyone of the gurney table and start hitting. Our pitching is getting ready to get a lot deeper again with Beachy and Medlen ready to come back. I mean we played tonite without Heyward, Prado and Uggla. When they get back and get going we are gonna sail. I love the clown above, with the Siera stat. He thinks that because some little dweeb in his mom’s basement somewhere made up a new stat, that it matters somehow. I will wager a cool grand that 75% of the Cy Young voters have never even heard of Siera.

Mom. basement?. Billybobreefer, is that you. I told you I am not your daddy since on that cold, dark, dank evening when I met your mother in that alley she didn’t have change for a fin.

Heyward, the wittle baby who can’t play with a boo-boo? And Uggla, who should be playing slow pitch softball? LOL!! Good luck with that.

Bet a cool grand? BillyBobReefer, what are you doing to get such large sums of money? Supplementing your tobacco picking with cotton or peach picking? The good news is that the clouds have lifted and we will be able to airdrop shortly the teeth and shoes you folks orders from the Sears catalog.

Good post Bill!

Cole and Doc will have to be battling it out for NLCS MVP and WS MVP for the Phils to have a prayer of winning it all with this offense ;o(

Cliff Lee has joined the Cy Young Race!

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