Despite Crazy Plays, A Familiar Theme in Loss

It’s not every day you see sideways rain at Citizens Bank Park.

The rain turned out to be one of the least interesting things that happened in last night’s 4-3 loss to the Cubs in 11 innings.

Ryan Madson blew his first save in 15 opportunities. Instant replay overturned one of Madson’s home runs, which kept the game tied. (If you’re a fan sitting in the front row don’t you have to say to yourself, “OK, I’m in the front row. If there’s a ball coming my way I should probably back out of the way because I don’t want to become Philly’s version of Steve Bartman?”) David Herndon hit with the bases loaded and two outs in the 10th. (He struck out.) Carlos Ruiz had a rare passed ball to allow the winning run to move to second base in the 11th. Herndon fired a ball into center field on a pickoff attempt, but Tyler Colvin did not advance to third on the play. Placido Polanco had a rare throwing error to allow the winning run to score with two outs.

All sorts of nutiness, but once again the offense came up short. The Phillies did not score after Jimmy Rollins hit a three-run homer in the second inning. They were hitless from the fifth through ninth innings.

Madson blew the save and Herndon took the loss, but the offense continued its struggles.


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why the bartman reference? that would be in-place had the phillies been up to bat. the dude actually saved the phils for the moment, only, it slid away again..

I expected a loss with Kendrick starting the game, but they let that one get away. It looked like they just fell asleep after the rain delay and sat on the lead. And a passed ball by Ruiz and a throwing error by Polanco is a surprising way for this team to lose a game. Easy to make Herndon a scapegoat, but he did nothing wrong.
Still, with Doc, Lee and Oswalt coming up, this should be a winning weekend.

The Phillies are going to lose one once in a while. It is better to get all of the uglies out at one time. But what about Utley? Second game within the last four or five games when he comes up and could have made a difference. Last night, when he would have helped if he remained patient, what does he do but foul off a first pitch and then he proceeds to look clueless for the rest of the at-bat. Sad to see his clueless days mounting.

Yeah, Utley could have broken the game open, but I am going to give him a pass for at least another week. This is still spring training for him.
I don’t know when Schneider is getting back, but they have to ditch Sardinha. He can’t hit so you’d think at least he could play defense, but no. That throw from Brown was right on the money and he just flat out misplayed it. They should give that kid Kratz in AAA a shot at being a backup. At least he has a little pop in his bat.

I dont want to make a habit of posting in your comments. But I had come on and say that its ironic you were all ragging on the braves in the comments on the blog the past few days. You were ragging on them for kimbrel blowing alot of saves. The irony that last night, venters nails down another scoreless innings and gets the save whilst you bullpen blew a save.

hmmmm….Phillies, 2 blown saves….Braves, 13 blown saves.
Irony, indeed.

Game was 100% on the offense BUT Cholly wasn’t exactly a genius last night. He lets Bastardo, arguably his best reliever right now, only throw 10 pitches because Cholly loves the old righty on righty– instead of sticking with the hot hand. Bastardo has shown he can get lefties and righties out – they are both hitting around .140 on him. So what happens? Contreras comes in and can’t get the righties out that he’s supposed to. Not only was it a bad move but it looks especially bad when you run out of pitchers and you have to have Herndon hit with the bases loaded later in the game.

Well it is ironic because you were all ragging on the braves for blowing saves, and then you blew a save that night. Meanwhile Venters just does his usual and shuts the opposition down in a 1 run game. Braves are winning without ANY offense. Scared yet boys?

13 blown saves…2 blown saves. Don’t they teach math in the crumbled, irrelevent Empire? It’s not like you have to convert it from pounds to dollars.
13…2. Really simple, Simple. Try to do the math instead of concentrating on one game in a long 162 game season.

We should have had Valdez pitching in the 11th. At least we would have had a phightin’ chance…

My only complaint might be that I thought Charlie should’ve had Kendrick come back after the rain delay. I know its not the usual baseball MO but I thought he was pitching well and the delay wasn’t really all that long. Tough loss.

Phan52, the level of baseball knowledge and just general intelligence is so much higher on the braves blog than the phillies one. Its a wierd fact. Phan52 obviously doesnt understand what irony means.

LOL! I guess 13-2 in blown saves is a “weird fact” that goes right over my head. Ironic, isn’t it?
Dude, you make me laugh every day. Keep up the good work.

Irony is getting comments from a fan in a city that barely supports it’s baseball team and can’t hold on to it’s hockey team. But, golly, it has a blog. One blown save and you show up..guess there isn’t much action on that Braves blog. How much intelligent discussion can you have about Chipper Jones, or is it still, we won a lot of divisions in a row, way back when, wasn’t that neat?

Even if the braves do pass the Phillies they aren’t going anywhere. Do you recall last years standing? Phillies were 5 games out. Who won the division? PHILLIES

Phan52, your team is in serious decline. What is it now, 4-6 last 10 games? The real phillies are beginning to show. You had a very lucky start to the season. That is starting to even out. The braves arent even in second gear yet and we are catching you up. Wait till we click into form and then the phillies will be in big trouble and you will all look stupid with your comments on here. Even more so than when you rag on the braves bullpen and then blow a save vs the lowly cubs

ZidiotBrane, irony need not apply only facts.
Fact 1- Phillies first, Atlanta not first.
Fact 2- 4 position players, 2 starters and 2 closers spent time on DL.
Fact 3- when all the players are back and healthy the Phillies are better than Atlanta .

You’re just like a little child, getting excited about 10 game windows in a 162 game season. You really ought to talk to your friend BillyBobReefer and see how that worked for him last year.
Dude, the Braves don’t have another gear. Their starting pitching is overachieving, their bullpen is being overworked, and their hitting isn’t going to get any better. In the bullpen Venters is a stud, but the rest of it is nothing other teams don’t have. Their lack of scoring is nothing new, especially down the stretch. You ought to look stuff like that up before you boast about mediocrity.

What”s up with this new posting format?

They say the phillies have 4 aces, well the braves have 5 aces right now, and 2 more who will be aces in a few years. You seriously have no idea what your talking about. O and if any of your phillies team reaches the legandary status that chipper has then I wil be very surprised. Good luck though, I wish you a good year, if your exceptionally lucky you could win the division again. Although the way you guys talk 14 in a row should be easy for you. After all you claim to have better pitching than the braves of the 90’s. Laughable.

Five Aces? Pray, tell?

Dude, why don”t you go back to head-butting Italian soccer players in the chest during the World Cup?

Why do I get the feeling that the Cubs were taking batting practice during the rain delay last night, while the Phils were just kickin” back and chillin”?

The Phils will need to pick up a productive hitter before the trade deadline. I don”t know who”s available but the current players aren”t even coming close to getting it done. Without the outstanding pitching they”ve been getting alll season long, the Phils would be the Angels, a sub-.500 team. They can still make the postseason with this lackluster offense, but does anyone out there really think they can win it all? I just hope that they are all saving their hitting for September and October……

The Phillies circa 2005 thru 2010 have always been a second half team. I don’t expect anything different. They’ll heat up in July and take it from there. If they are near first place at that time, it’s as good as over.

Must be a sick day from elementary school for ZidaneBraves. He has no homework for his 7th grade class, so he hangs out here. What’s next, claims that your dad can beat up my dad?

Lets try and take it back to basics shall we?

Question 1 : What is the braves pitching staff era in 2011?
Question 2 : What is the Phillies pitching staff era in 2011?

Please let me. Surely the phillies have a better era with their super hyped rotation? RIght?

The braves could have the lowest ERA all season, but if they dont win the division it ain’t worth anything.

I’m still hoping that the Phils can pick up a veteran right-handed power hitter before the trade deadlines. The lack of a DH in the WS will hurt them if the AL wins the AllStar Game this year.

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