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I haven’t written about the Phillies’ at-bat and warm-up music since April 4, so it’s time for an update. And now is the perfect time to write it during a rain delay. I’m only listing the players that have made changes since the season opener. If you don’t see a player here, click the link above to find out their music.


  • Domonic Brown: Wake Up by Wiz Khalifa
  • Ryan Howard: Everybody Jones by Jim Jones; I’m On One by DJ Khaled
  • Raul Ibanez: Times Like These by Foo Fighters
  • Jimmy Rollins: Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee Lo Green; Forget You by Cee Lo Green; The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco
  • Carlos Ruiz: In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
  • Dane Sardinha: Warriors by Ky-Mani
  • Shane Victorino: Man Down by Rihanna
  • Vance Worley: It’s Goin’ Down Tonight by Celly Cell


  • Kyle Kendrick: Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction
  • Roy Oswalt: Backwoods by Justin Moore
  • J.C. Romero: Ringtone by Canton Jones
  • Vance Worley: Alors on Danse by Stromae

Thanks to Mark Wyatt for passing these along!


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Kyle also uses broken beat & scarred by metallica at the plate

Those facts are among the most worthless I have ever read.

JC Romero should warmup to Hit the Road Jack

then why did you waste more time posting about their worthlessness?

Paul apparently has never had any hypothetical at bat music conversations with his friends. I like the occasional post like this — it’s fun, and it gives insight into the players’ personalities. Definitely a good distraction during a rain delay.

This kind of stuff points out how much the game has changed. What was Mike Schmidt’s play-in music? I’m with Halladay in that, “Who gives a f^^k?” If a player needs 5 seconds of some random song to get fired up to pitch or hit, then what’s the point?
It’s all part of our penchant for being constantly entertained or barraged with sight and sound, lest we be (God forbid) bored at a sporting event.
Since Halladay didn’t want any music and yet the team insisted, I’d guess that it’s some sort of mandate from (who?) It’s sad that the drama of the game isn’t enough for some people.

muleman, take it easy…. It’s just music. The singers and musicians and song writers can make a little extra money on royalties, which helps since everyone seems to be stealing their songs anyway.

JC Romero’s intro music should be taps. Thatd be perfect

I miss Buffalo Soldiers when Shane comes up.

I miss peace and quiet and the drama of the game.

I miss Holy Diver from Burrell’s at-bats.

Here’s an idea. Buy the CD, go down to your local batting cage and swing and miss a bunch of times. That’ll bring Burrell back for you.

Has Ibanez ever led a championship parade with a horsedrawn carriage and a bulldog?

Alors on Danse by Stromae?? what the hell, Van Swirly???


Come on, Todd. Why encourage this shit?

Todd, how about something substantive rather than this tripe. For starters what is this talk about doing away with divisions in each league and having the top five teams make the playoffs? Any truth to this or what?

Doing away with divisions and having the top teams make the playoffs would be a dream come true. Although I’d rather have four than five, it’s a step in the right direction.
Who needs divisions in any sport? What’s the point?

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mule: I logically understand what you are saying. TOp teams go onwards regardless of anything, however, division play adds excitement down teh stretch. THink of last year when it was guess work for a while whether Phillies or Braves would win division. I actually like the set up the way it is now. 4 teams per league, one wild card and 3 division winners. Only thing I don’t like is how late in the year the WS is and how the weather has become such a major force in these games (baseball is not a snow sport). would love or them to get rid of some off days during playoffs, and have next serries start as soon as possible, and not wait until predetermined date even if both teams swept.

You’ll get the same excitement with one league as you’d get with divisions. It’s either the top 5 teams of some division winners. It won’t make any difference.

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