Kendrick, Halladay to Pitch Doubleheader

Rich Dubee confirmed Kyle Kendrick and Roy Halladay will pitch Wednesday’s doubleheader against the Florida Marlins.

Halladay will pitch the night game.

Here’s how the rotation lines up for the moment:

  • Tuesday vs. Florida: Cole Hamels
  • Wednesday vs. Florida (Game 1): Kyle Kendrick
  • Wednesday vs. Florida (Game 2): Roy Halladay
  • Thursday vs. Florida: Cliff Lee
  • Friday at Seattle: Roy Oswalt
  • Saturday at Seattle: TBA
  • Sunday at Seattle: Hamels

It sure looks like Vance Worley lines up to pitch Saturday, although Dubee would not confirm that. The Phillies will need to make a roster move, of course. David Herndon could be optioned to make room for Worley. Kendrick could then return to his bullpen role. But stayed tuned on that …


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Braves has won 5 in a row in case any of you missed it?

How could we have missed it with the Braves sniffing at the Phillies asses? Isn’t that type of conduct illegal in Georgia? Oh, that’s right, the liberal courts decided it isn’t.

Phils still in 1st in case you missed it.

Braves staff has best era in the majors in case you missed it.

Phils are still in 1st, in case you missed it.

Best ERA and they’re still in 2nd.

Phils better hit 2day already in a 3-0 hole. Roy O is horrible again.

Oswalt is not an ace. Just another over hyped phillies rag arm pitcher! braves 2-0 up already. Watch out phillies

Oops! Look what the rag arm did.

I see that, after a shaky first inning, ‘rag-arm’ Oswalt gave up one hit and had six K’s over the next six innings for the win.

Dear frillies, the Braves have now won 6 in a row. Worried yet? I thought so….good luck in the wild card race this year. Only 17 K’s for braves pitching today. Not bad. Your in trouble this year

Phils still in 1st in case you missed it. And it’s you’re, not your, go back to 2nd grade.

In case you missed it Tommy H struck out 14 today in 7 innings for the best staff in the NL. I will be sure to post regular updates on whats going on for the braves in case any of you chaps miss it. You need to keep up to date. I will try to avoid posting certain things (like Uggla heating up) because I dont want to give you chaps any nightmares. Best wishes to all the frillies, you are probably my 16th most favourite team in the NL

I notice the BillyBobReefer terminology creeping into your posts. Are you his clone or did he give you his mother for the weekend? Best staff in the NL and still in second place. You need to go light more candles at Stone Mountain.

Zidane, the first time you came here you had a legitimate argument. Now you’re just trolling. Give it a rest. We understand the braves are a good team. We don’t need morons like you reminding us.

Ok sorry jpm.

Looks like Chase is starting to find his stroke. It makes the top of the lineup that much harder to pitch to.
Kind of ridiculous that they have an off day on Monday in the middle of a homestand, have a doubleheader on Wednesday, and have to travel to Seattle without a day off.

Yes, Utley looked really good today for the second day in a row. The day off and then the doubleheader probably has to do with both a makeup game and the CBA. I say makeup game because I am not sure double-headers are even scheduled anymore.

Yeah, I know the doubleheader is a makeup game. But its kind of silly that they have an off day three days before they are going coast-to-coast.

phan: They had one on May 2 on a Monday in the middle of a homestand. There is another one on Thursday, Aug 25 in the middle of a homestand and, another off-day on Monday June 27 in the middle of a homestand. So, it’s not all that ridiculous or uncommon.
There is also a 3-game homestand in September between trips to Florida and Milwaukee, speaking of ridiculous.
This one is a good opportunity to work-in the ALS benefit. It’s much easier on them to have the day where they aren’t traveling.

My wife and I are flying up to Seattle from SF for the weekend and we were really looking forward to the Hamels/Hernandez matchup on Saturday. With the change, I guess we’ll have to settle for Hernandez vs. TBA instead. Bummer.

What has changed? Hamels is next (Tuesday) and there is no way he was pitching Saturday. Even without the doubleheader, he wouldn’t pitch until Sunday. Hamels/Hernandez would be great, but it was never happening.

Yeah, your’e right. I was counting off games trying to forecast the rotation when I should have been counting off days — I didn’t notice that there was a double-header in there.

Utley also made a game saving catch for the win. Howard had a heck of day too. Nice to Oswalt bounce back after a rough first inning.

know how yo8u feel rfletcher. Was a my first game in forever the other week. Hoped to see one of our top 4 instead watched Worley picth batting practise to the Mets. In any case, you’ll have a great time.

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