Four Phillies All-Stars?

We got the latest National League All-Star voting update yesterday, and it looks like Placido Polanco is on his way to being the starting third baseman.

He’ll probably be the only Phillies everyday player to get an All-Star nod. Ryan Howard is third among NL first basemen in home runs (13) and second in RBIs (53), but ranks 10th in batting (.247), ninth in on-base percentage (.336), sixth in slugging (.474) and seventh in OPS (.809). Albert Pujols leads the vote among first basemen. Assuming he wins the vote, there is no way Prince Fielder does not make the team. Joey Votto and Todd Helton also are having outstanding seasons.

But I think the Phillies can take four players to the All-Star Game in Phoenix with Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Ryan Madson joining Polanco. Halladay leads the league in wins (9), innings (105 1/3) and complete games (4). He is second in ERA (2.39) and strikeouts (106). Hamels is tied for second in wins (8). He is fourth in ERA (2.48), fifth in strikeouts (91) and tied for eighth in innings (90 2/3). Madson has a 2.17 ERA, which is 21st in the league. He is tied for 10th in saves (15). He has the league’s fourth-best save percentage (93.8). There are other closers that have pitched well, but Madson is getting plenty of attention closing for the team with the best record in baseball. That will count as the roster is filled out.

Did I miss anybody? Is four too many?


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I like those picks

Love to see Ryan Madson make it. If he does his price tag will go up! Same with Cole but at this point hes a lock

Honestly, who gives a shite.

Those picks are a lock, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cliff Lee join them. He leads the NL in K’s, and would be right around Doc and Cole’s win % if we hit for him. I think J-Roll was actually in the top 2 or 3 of the SS voting as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it purely on his D.

Wilson Valdez has an 0.00 ERA. Maybe he should go join his comrades and pitch. :-}

I think it will come down to Hamels or Madson. Pitching is on the up swing and enough of it is on teams that otherwise wouldn’t have a players representative. Also a possibility….Victorino in the goofy last man in showdown and Ruiz as an alternate catcher with Posey out and at a position that lends itself to wanting 3 days off in July….

I wish that none of the Phillies make it and they all can get the rest rather than participating in the “Bud Selig Dog and Pony Show”.

Considering the game has been going on since the 30’s, I don’t think Bud Selig is to blame….as much as I would like to blame him for everything. If you close your eyes and pretend the outcome doesn’t determine World Series homefield advantage, then its a pretty solid series of events.

how are pitchers selected for the all star game?

Pitchers are picked by league officials and by the coaching staff, which I asume will be picked by Bruce Bochy. Halladay and Hamels are a lock. I don’t know about Madson. He deserves it but he got a late start as the closer. He didn’t start closing until May.

They should take Ba$tardo. He’s been money all year and the only lefty that’s been able to hit him all year was Jay Bruce. If they need a LOOGY in the All-Star game you can’t name a better lefty in the National League so far this year than Ba$tardo. He leads all lefties in K/9 so far this season.

If they pick a lefty for the bullpen it will be Venters.

Sadly, I think Madson will get overlooked, although he deserves the nod. I agree with all four picks :O)
BTW, did anyone else noticed all the Phillies dressed in plaid at the Phestival last night? Check it out…it was bizarre:

I am not posting this because it says maybe 4 phillies for all star game, but do you guys think the all star selection has now been made a bit of a joke with fan voting. Now it doesnt matter if you have a good year because jeter will be the AL ss every year. That doesnt mean he is the best though. There are a ton of guys who arent all stars just because they dont play for big market teams. Its a bit of a joke to be honest.

The fans only pick the *starters*. And I agree, it can be a popularity contest. Most of the starters only get 2 or 3 at-bats. Not that that couldn’t determine the outcome of the game. But I don’t think there’s any rules that say a coach has to leave the starter in a certain amount of time. He could always replace him with a better alternative.

Actually your most astute observation yet.

we can finally agree on something Zidane. THe all star game is anything but a game of all stars. I’d love to see Todd’s picks based on who deserves to go and not the popularity contest

Maybe next year a concerted online campaign for show up how stupid the voting system is needs to be implemented. Maybe a campaign where everyone was asked to vote for the houston astros to be the NL all star team. Then they would have to change the voting system

Don’t be surprised if Lee goes on a huge run and also ends up making the team. He’s 6-5 now, but I could see him at 9-5 or 8-5 at the AS break and his strikeouts and reputation should help him.

Though Madson may be deserving too many other closers are also having excellent years, i.e. Hanrahan from the Pirates. If they still have the minimum one from each team rule then San Diego’s closer also has to be considered and Wilson from SF has name recognition value. You are right on with the other three.

Phillies are banging it out of the park, and Cole is mowin’ ’em down. Life is good in Phan-land.

Amen, Brother.

Cole left the game with a twinge in his back in the eighth, Hope he’s OK. Probably just precautionary, with a 9-1 lead.

And he had the good sense to let someone know about it. I remember when he sounded like a cry baby to many when he had the dust up with the Phillies over the use of a chiropractor. My, Oh my, how times have a’changed.

Cole has had a different mind set since Lee came in mid 2009 and last year with Doc. Also Moyer was a steadying influence along with both of them. So the club treats him like an ace since he’s pitched that way for the last two years.

It is interesting that baseball wants to put on this big gala once a year, But during the rest of the year it seems it only want to serve the owners wallets and the AL Least.

Still a few weeks before these selections, but Madson may lose his spot due to not enough saves yet. Roy and Cole along with Polanco are a safe bet at this time. Cliff Lee would need to rattle off a win in nearly each start and drastically lower his ERA then he may be selected. Each starter should get 4-5 more starts

I think the bigger problem for Madson is the edict that every team must be represented at the All-Star game. The Pirates closer is probably the best bet to represent them, and he is very deserving. Since Bochy is the manager, he’ll probably pick Brian Wilson and I think Venters should also go, unless he drops off some between now and then. Madson is a bubble guy at this point.
Halladay and Hamels are a lock. They are the two best starting pitchers in the NL right now.

I would be surprised if Madson made it. He has been very good but there are many others who have more saves, lower ERA, etc. The other three are locks. Don’t expect Howard to be there. Votto, Pujols, Fielder are enough first basemen. Just shows how the team is changing from hitting to pitching although it was fun to see the bell ring so much last night.

I’d play Utley, given his performance in recent weeks…he’s back

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