Hamels Seems OK

Quick update from Citizens Bank Park:

Asked about the tightness in the middle of his back that forced him from Tuesday’s game, Cole Hamels said today, “Come on, guys. It hasn’t been 12 hours.”

He added, “I’m not injured. I’ll talk to you in five days.”

He downplayed the back issue last night, and he downplayed it again today. So for the moment it looks like everything is fine. Good thing, too. Hamels is 9-2 with a 2.49 ERA. He is tied with Roy Halladay for the league lead in wins. He is third in innings pitched (97 2/3) and opponents average (.203) and fourth in strikeouts (97) and ERA.


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Cole, you keep telling it like it is. We don’t need you going all Utley or Lidge on us.

Lester also has 9 wins. Go Phils.

It’s the “league lead,” as in National League. Lester is in the American League.

I can get Jim in shape with in 12-24 hours. Contact me

I’ll bite, WTF is Jim?

Lester is in a different league

Lester is in the league which no longer plays baseball. What is it they play? Hmmmm…..Now I remember – Whack-A-Ball.

Lester’s in the AL, not the NL…

OK Maria, my name is Jim, what are you offering…LOL!

On a serious note, glad to see it is nothing major and he was smart enough to shut it down. Now if he could convince some of his other hard headed, macho bs, teamates to do the same when they feel an injury….

Bats are sizzling again today, although 5 walks help too. 8-1 already after three innings. Poor kid Villanueve is a sacrifical lamb.

5 straight wins with the starters getting all the wins, and Doc up tonight against a team in free fall. I’ll start feeling sorry for the Marlins after they leave town.

Nice outing by Kendrick. Glad to see him and the bats come through

That beard needs to go for hamels. Looks terrible. Your on a hot streak. Its annoying😦

How’s that ERA thingy looking?

Hamels does not have a beard. This is a file photo. A hint should be that he is wearing a road uniform.

What’s really annoying is when people don’t know the difference between your and you’re. How about saying “you are?”

2010 Phillies thru 66 games: 3rd place, 4.5 games behind 1st place Braves, 4 games over .500. Finished with best record in MLB.
2011 Phillies thru 66 games: 1st place, 5 games up on 2nd place Braves, 17 games over .500. Team in decline, eh Zidane?

Often times the starting pitchers switch btwn being clean shaven and with the “five o’clock” shadow.

Great sweep of the double header yesterday nice walk-off win for Chooch!

Chipper Jones – “I think the best thing that could have happened for us tonight is for that storm to sit right over Turner Field. That would have been the best-case scenario for us tonight.”

LOL!! So, the Braves best option these days is to pray for rain?

bye bye Romero and don’t let the door smack you on the way out. Great move letting him go to bring up Worley for his spot start. Once again Phillies shows they’re
not afraid to eat salary if needed.

fij why this animosity towards jc, dude?

We have alot of injuries. Hence you are pulling away.

And injuries to your pitching staff would be………?

Yeah dude, the Phillies haven’t had any injuries at all. Now, explain to us how the team with the best record in MLB is ‘in decline’.
The Phillies are pulling away because they are the best team. Not just in the division; In MLB.

Beachy, Moylan, Medlen. Not to mention: prado, mcclouth, heyward all out long term. Had other injuries to our infielders.

Zidane, you better hope the Braves can hang on for the wildcard. As far as injuries and what not, it sucks to be a Brave. Cry me a river.

Funny how the Braves fans have gone from “look out, we’re coming” to whining about injuries. The last resort of a desparate man. Everybody has injuries. The Phillies, for instance. It’s not an excuse, it’s part of the game.

and lets see, Polanco, Utley, Rollins, Ruiz, Victorino, and Brown have all missed a fair amount of games this season. Thats 6 of our 8 starting position players. Oswalt has been on the DL, Blanton is there there now. Lidge is out, Contreras has been out. Don’t cry about the Braves injuries.

There seem to be more and more injuries when the advancement of physical training should have the opposite effect. It also seems like players lasted longer (were more durable before the advent of weight lifting and muscle building. I’m not advocating getting weaker and fatter/skinnier. but something needs to be done to find the cause of all these injuries.

Erich, I think that in a lot of cases, players played through their injuries because they had to stay employed. Today, with all the money and guaranteed contracts, players won’t play with injuries as much. Everybody is dinged up to some degree during the season.

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