Romero ‘Done’ In Philly

You knew this was coming. You just didn’t know when.

“It was a fun ride. It’s over. It’s done,” J.C. Romero said.

The Phillies designated Romero for assignment following yesterday’s 3-0 victory over Florida. Romero had a 3.86 ERA in 24 appearances this season, but the ERA was misleading. He allowed 16 hits and 12 walks in 16 1/3 innings. He struck out 10. In his last three seasons with the Phillies, Romero walked more batters (54) than he struck out (50). In the last three seasons he ranks 207th out of 213 relief pitchers in the big leagues in base runners allowed per nine innings (15.63) and last in strikeout-to-walk ratio (0.93).

Command kill Romero’s chances of remaining with the team. Well, that and the emergence of left-hander Antonio Bastardo. The Phillies weren’t sure what they had in Bastardo before the season started. They loved his stuff, but he had never pitched consistently or been able to stay healthy. Bastardo has been fantastic, which made Romero expendable.

Romero was a godsend to the Phillies’ bullpen in 2007 and 2008. The Phillies pitched Romero, Brett Myers and Tom Gordon in nearly every game down the stretch in ’07 as the Phillies won their first NL East championship in 14 years. Romero continued to pitch well in 2008, picking up wins in Games 3 and 5 of the World Series. But that was three years ago. Bastardo is the better pitcher today.

The Phillies have 10 days to dispose of Romero’s contract. They can trade him, release him or put him on waivers. If he clears waivers, the Phillies could try to send him to Triple-A, but Romero has enough service time to reject the assignment. It sounds like he will.


Where should I eat lunch Friday in Seattle? I’ve been eating like garbage lately, so send me someplace where I can get some sushi or seafood.


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Maybe this link will help you choose where to eat lunch…

Bon Apetit!

I get a lot of great info on out-of-town dining from Might be worth checking out.

Good luck JC and thanks for the memories. Hope a change of scenery is all that you need. And if it is, I hope it is in the AL. Here is a heads up, shoot an app off to Atlanta where you might fit into the Braves’ innovative six pitchers a game rotation.

Pyramid Brewery — try the apricot ale

My wife and I had GREAT sushi at this cool place called “Umi Sake House,” which is close to downtown. And it’s not that expensive, either.

Go Phils.

Thanks for 2 great years JC, especially 2008. Loved your swagger, when you could back it up with good pitching. Lately, not so much. Hope you can catch on with someone.

Pike Place Chowder had the best clam (and also other seafood) chowder I’ve ever eaten anywhere.

Manekire is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in America. Might be the oldest. Went there a few years back and it was excellent and very reasonable prices.

JC was good so long as he was on performance enhancing drugs. Once he was caught and had to stay clean, he was injury prone and … well, you see the statistics above.

JC Thanks for everything you did for the Fightins. Good luck!

Good riddance. He hasn’t been good in a long time and we should have never even brought him back this year. When the whole story about him taking a substance the they told was okay or whatever came out I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s gotten so bad so quickly since getting caught that it’s hard not to think that was the reason.

JC was awesome down the stretch in 2007 and in the postseason in 2008. Pitcher of record when the they became the WFC’s. He was what could be termed, ‘effectively wild’.
Thanks JC, but its Bastardo’s time now.

Todd, you gotta check out Mario Batali’s dad’s deli, Salumi:

It’s close to Safeco and the meats are out of this world. They have a lamb prosciutto! They’re only open for lunch M-F though, so I’d do lunch there today and save the seafood for another meal since it’s so easy to come by in Seattle. If you do a touristy day around Pike Place Market, the Steelhead Diner has killer seafood:

Finally, if you like fresh caught Pacific oysters, the Brooklyn is your place:

Uwajimaya in Seattle and all the surrounding restaurants have amazing sushi in Seattle. Located in Chinatown, its walking distance from Safeco.

Adios Romero!

Todd – check out Maneki in Seattle. Oldest Japanese place in America. Nothing super special in terms of atmosphere, but the food and sake are awesome.

Check out Matt’s in the Market in Pike Place Market! They always have great fresh fish from the market.

Todd- Hit up Red Mill Burger it’s on the Northern side of town.. Best burger I’ve ever had. Also there’s a bunch of great places to eat inside of Pike’s Place Market, (which is right by the stadium) or if your in the mood for a drink hit up Kel’s Irish Pub.

Todd-Hit up Mickey D’s,it tastes the same everywhere and pocket the difference in cost so you can drive a Porsche when you get home. I would rather be driving such wheels down the Schuylkill than eating raw fish in Seattle. But, hey, that is just me.

They serve a fish sandwich at Micky D’s, don’t they?


Even though you said you’ve been eating bad. I have never been to Seattle but I have friends who keep raving about a place called Dick’s Drive In. Its supposed to be a favorite Seattle burger place. Apparently Tim Lincecum is one of their biggest fans. Its one of those ’50s style Burger,Fries and Shakes kind of places. I’m sure though if you chose to not go there yo can find lots of different great sushi places. Seattle has lots and lots of Japanese people living there.

Ruben is on record saying that he wants the team to get younger. Obviously, that lies in the bench and bullpen at this point. Bringing up Zagursky is a step in that direction.
Romero was good, but something happened to him after his suspension. Maybe there was more to that than we were led to believe?

Or, maybe it was just age.

Age? After a 60-day suspension?

muleman, your so right about Romero. Of course it could not have been Romero’s age which coincidentally became a factor at the same time he was suspended. There has to be more to this than meets the eye. But on a lighter note, how was your hajj to Area 51?

in short, ROmero is gone, and the Pen keeps getting younger. Thanks for ’07 and ’08. good luck in future and Todd, eat better with the recomendations offered above. More improtently, WTF is with Oswalt? He”s no where near the ace we expected this year and had last year

I see that that Braves already have two errors and Conrad isn’t even playing.

Do you listen on radio? Best damn deal around for $19.99. I have heard too many horror stories about MLB.TV to even take my chances. Besides Wheeler and McCarthy are enough to drive anyone to radio, or should I say audio. I listen to the Braves as I now type.

No, i just check in occasionally to Gameday on to see what’s going on.

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