From the folks at Elias Sports Bureau:

After being held scoreless through six innings last night at Busch Stadium, the Phillies scored one run in the seventh and nine runs in the eighth in a 10-2 victory over the Cardinals. It is only the fourth time the Cardinals have allowed a double-digit run total in a game in which their opponent was shutout through six innings.

Two of the previous three instances came against the Phillies: August 3, 1918 (12 runs) and April 30, 1961 (11 runs). The other came against the Padres on May 7, 1987 (10 runs).


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I’ve never seen anything like it. Hopefully Polanco will be okay in a few days. Think Francisco had the biggest hit of the inning.

Did J-Roll’s performance last night just scream for a new contract? Two years for $20 million or 3 years for $25 million sounds fair to me.

I wouldn’t base anything on one game.

Too bad Doc didn’t get the win, but they had to pinch hit for him when they did. It worked and got them the tying run, although Chooch tried to run them out of it. Lucky there.
I hope Polanco is OK, although he has been sub-par lately. His BA is plummeting and his defense has been a little shaky. Should have turned that double play last night and it cost them a run.

And to think situations such as this is just one of many that those following the Whack-A-Ball league never get to see or appreciate.

Your “Whack-A-Ball” League may be coming to a league near you very soon.

Polly does better hitting 2nd than 5th. Halladay’s last game pitched was the 10th inning walk-off by Chooch. He’s certainly pitched in a couple of memorable games.

Can’t figure out what Polanco’s problem is karen, because he doesn’t appear to be a guy who would sulk over his position in the lineup. But the numbers show that he does much better at #2. I think he should definitely be the #2 hitter when Victorino is hitting from the left side. Vic’s approach is completely different from the left side and he tries to be a power hitter, which he’s not. He becomes a popup machine. Look what he did last night when he finally hit from the right side to lead off the 8th inning. He stayed on the ball and hit it where it was pitched.

Typical luck for the frillies. They get to play the cards just as Pujols goes down with an injury. Makes me sick. Anyway, just popped in to say the braves have won 4 in a row. Have a good day chaps.

frillies? Very mature. What are you, twelve? Must be a kiddie board for you somewhere on the MLB blogs.

Cliff Lee with a second consecutive CG shutout. 1 earned run in 34 innings in June.
!0 shutouts for the Phillies so far this season. This rotation is ridiculous right now.

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