Lee Dominates Again

Remember a couple weeks ago when people asked, “What’s going on with Cliff Lee?”

Yeah, good times.

Lee was 4-5 with a 3.94 ERA after his first 12 starts, but I said then those numbers were misleading. Lee had a poor record because of poor run support, and his ERA proved deceptive because he had two awful starts among 10 good ones. Remove those two bad starts and he had a 2.90 ERA. But what a difference a few weeks makes. Lee is 8-5 with a 2.87 ERA following last night’s shutout victory over St. Louis. Lee has thrown two consecutive shutouts and has allowed just one run over 33 innings in his last four starts.

Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Lee have been nearly unhittable this season. Eighteen pitchers in baseball have eight or more wins and they are three of them. They also rank among the top eight in strikeouts,  top 14 in ERA and top 15 in innings pitched. If Roy Oswalt can get going — he hasn’t looked the same since coming back from the DL — things could get really interesting.


From Elias Sports Bureau: Lee threw his second straight shutout last night and has s allowed one run in 33 innings in his last four starts. The last pitcher to throw 33 or more innings while allowing no more than one run over a four-start span was Oswalt in 2008. The only Phillies pitcher to do that in the last 20 years was Randy Wolf in 2002.


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If the Phillies just play .500 ball from now on, they will win 91 games. And with those pitchers, does anybody really think they’re gonna just play.500 ball?

Our pitching has been as advertised. Also the youngsters and Madson in the bullpen have been a pleasant surprise.

Love to see Lee getting going. This rotation is getting closer and closer to living up to the hype. Starting pitchers is 1st in MLB in ERA, SOs, WHIP, CGs and last in BBs. Thanks to Ruben for putting this staff together and to all the phans for packing CBP every night and generating the revenue to make it possible.

Boy, I guess Oswalt needed an excuse to go out after he got shelled. Couldn’t take his medicine and go for a few more innings. OH, OH, my back hurts. Good thing he plays in the modern era, the fans would have booed out of the stadium for being such a wuss.

Oh maybe no Frilly fans they only boo Santa Claus and little girls(or do they throw up on little girls?) I get confused. Maybe the Frilly fans could pee off the upper deck on someones Grandma, huh?

LOL!! Yeah, Roy Oswalt is a puss.
Why do you continually insist on exposing yourself as a know-nothing about MLB?

He went to da wocker woom cause his back hurt, maybe the ego is now located near the back. SHELLED!!!!!!

Oswalt with back spasms again. I wonder if he came back too soon. He’s had no velocity since he came off the DL. I say, sit him until after the All-Star break and let him heal up for the second half, where historically he has always been lights out in August and September. Kendrick and Worley will have to step up and help carry the load for now.

OMG, the world’s greatest rotation ever in history is crumbling(shocker). Bunch of old guys who always get creaky in the 2nd half. Yeah, Bring on Kendrick, he’s my favorite Frilly pitcher.

Halladay, Lee and Hamels are crumbling? LOL!! How many days have Braves starting pitchers spent on the DL this season? Crumbling, indeed.
And BTW, Kendrick owns the Braves. Be proud.

And before you start talking about any of them getting ‘creaky’ in the second half, I suggest you educate yourself and look up all four of their splits in August and September.
Hint: it won’t be something to warm a Braves fan’s heart.

Have you watched Lee, Hamels & Halladay pitch? Three of the best in MLB. Looks like Kendrick earned another shot in the rotation.

Forget him, Karen. He’s a childish troll. “Frillies” should be your first hint. It’s a Braves fan thing. Very mature..

Childish troll, what would you know about that little Frilly.

All of them trail the top two Braves starters, whoops, there are those pesky stats again.

What a clown.. Get back to me when you figure out how to read MLB splits.

Karen are you one of the chubby Filly girls I always here about? I have some plus size friends who are pretty desperate, they might even date a Frilly fan.

Boy, that 6 spot in the eighth isn’t gonna help that ERA stat much? HA!!!!! you guys are getting shelled. Remember when I came and visited you a little too soon last year, boy you guys PenisPain and Fran52 are our new good luck charm. Please come troll whenever you like. Damn 12-1. Man that stings, huh?

How many games does that count in the standings? What, you get extra credit for scoring 6 runs off Danys Baez in a blowout?
Enjoy second place. The view never changes when you’re staring at the butt of the lead dog.

Fran, I was really happy to see you guys close there in the top of the ninth. Was that a mercy rule win, or did the game end because you guys got tired of chasing all those hits. Maybe everyone, could say their back got sore and the Umps would call it.

It’s pretty funny when somebody trolls the team with the largest division lead and the best record in MLB. Keep up the good work.

I’m sure you think it’s funny Fran. Especially on the heels of getting your teeth handed to you. Oh by BTW, nice bullpen work tonight. What happened to that vaunted Bullpen that was so well rested. Funny, funny…..

Look again you asshole, it was Oswalt.
By Pherrisphain on June 24, 2011 1:34 am –
Weinus, youre right it was Oswalt, all two innings of him.

How can the best rotation in history not even be the best rotation of this year? Remarkable. We have a ton of pitching injuries and our 8th starters are still helping us to put up better numbers than the frillies staff. Good luck this weekend frillies.

It’s really great to be able to come here and get the latest information on Phillies’ injuries and the game story. Sleeping in today, Todd? This writing gig has to be wearing you out.

Phan52-trust me I know billreef is not worth worrying about. Reminds me somewhat of “Truth” from back in the day. But at least “Truth” had a bit of baseball knowledge.
It will be interesting to see the A’s this weekend since they’re a team we hardly ever see. How come Hamels isn’t pitching the opener? Isn’t he the 4th starter? Guess they wanted to give him an extra day of rest.

No, Hamels is not getting an extra day of rest. Everybody gets an extra day now because of the off day they had on Monday. They ended up moving starters around a little after all those games they had to play last week and Worley took Oswalt’s old slot. This is the rotation going forward, with Kendrick most probably taking Oswalt’s current spot. Worley, Hamels, Halladay, Lee and Kendrick. I don’t like the fact that Kendrick and Worley will be pitching back-to-back but, then again, it’s hard to complain about Hamels, Halladay and Lee going back-to-back-to-back.

Sports Center indicated this morning that there may be more to the Oswalt story insofar as his injury is concerned. Be this as it may, the winning formula is at least three good pitchers without even getting into those three pitchers being Halladay, Lee and Hamels.I have no problem with the 4 and 5 spot being Kendrick and Worley. The last thing the Phillies need to do is bring in another has been like Pedro Martinez to have Charlie fawning all other him as he is inclined to do, to the detriment of the team. I am not convinced that moving Kendrick or Worley out of a rotation with the return of Joe Blanton would be a smart move either if thing are going well.

You guys must really be licking your wounds, not a hint about last nights game. I guess I wouldn’t say much, if we got shellacked like that. And poor Roy sounds like he is ready to quit. Must be that thrill of playing in front of the frilly fans every night.

At least Philadelphia has fans to play in front of.

The Phillies may be on the verge of losing Roy Oswalt, but their other three aces are heading for historic territory. They have one starter (Cliff Lee) leading the league in shutouts, another (Cole Hamels) leading the league in WHIP and a third (Roy Halladay) leading the league in Wins Above Replacement. If we use baseball-reference.com’s calculations of WAR leaders through the years, there hasn’t been any other team in the live-ball era that had three starters lead the league in those three categories.

God, you are really desperate to find a stat to support your argument. That last post is hysterical.
How about this.

Hudson vs Phils 1-0 2.45
Lowe vs Phils 1-1 1.38
Jurrjens vs Phils NS
Hanson vs Phils NS

Lee vs Braves 0-2 7.84
Hamels vs Braves 1-1 3.15
Halladay vs Braves 0-1 3.38

Better hope you don’t get us in the playoffs.

Oswalt to DL. Sardinha to AAA. Schneider and Mathieson up. Romero released.

Figured I’d post that, since I get more from Twitter than this site.

Nice late inning win tonight, and welcome back Schneider. Enough Sardinha. They have to have something better somewhere in the system.

Another Frillies offensive clinic. Got lucky!!!!!

Have they yet calculated all the earned runs that the Braves gave up tonight? Of course, they aren’t all earned because the Braves like to kick the ball as much as they swing and miss.
Uggly or what?

What a great all around job by Phillies pitching last night. You never know what you have until you give it a chance. Kudos to Charlie for allowing Worley to go out there in the 6th inning. Reminds me of an incident back when the Padres were new and a Padre’s pitcher had a no-hitter after 8 innings, I believe, and the manager, Preston Gomez I believe, pinch hit for him in the 9th. The Padres bullpen did give up a hit. What would Charlie have done if Worley had not given up a hit in the top of the 6th? It does not even seem to have entered Wheeler’s or McCarty’s consciousness.

The Phils have found a burgeoning star in left-handed reliever Antonio Bastardo, who ranks first in the National League in opponents average (.120) and second in ERA (0.96). He has made 12 straight scoreless appearances (10 innings) and has allowed one hit in 30 at-bats (.033 average) in that span. His last run allowed came May 25 vs. Cincinnati. Bastardo has posted a 0.56 ERA (one earned run in 16 innings) over his last 19 appearances and has allowed runs in only three of his 31 appearances this season.
– Doug Miller MLB.com

Boy, Nothing new from The Frilly Phaithphul? Heck, even you guys might be able to win a series from Oakland.

Man, I leave for a few days and all of a sudden BillyBob and some former French soccer player are all over this site. BillyBob, at least last year you waited until the Braves had a lead before talking trash. You must be getting desperate. Oh, and how many runs did the Braves lose last night to the PADRES? The worst offensive team in the league. Good job, clown.

Hey, BillReef……Thanks for all the laughs!!! Nothing intelligent to write about, on the Braves blog, I guess. Oh, wait. BillReef? Intelligent? Must be an oxyMORON.

OH, what are you guys whining about PenisPain trolls on our blog all the time. Oh, and losing to Oakland? I think if the Frillies could make breath on a mirror, they could beat Oakland.

Challenging the factually disabled on Bowman’s Blog is not trolling. It is more akin to a public service, a mitzvah, trying to bring all the children left behind up to snuff . Name calling in which you incessantly and randomly engage in here is trolling. Continue to engage in this at your own peril.

Hey Frillies, how ya like dem apples.

Notice how every time the Phillies leave a load on the field, BillyBobReefer crawls out of it, licking his chops.

To aid the visual, I should have indicated a “hot, steaming load” out of which petulant Little Lord Phountleroy, excuse me, I mean BillyBobReefer, will emerge licking his chops.

Paging Todd Zolecki. I guess there isn’t anything important going on around the Phillies these days, so he has decided to take a few days off.

Oh wait, I get it. Zolecki has hand numbness like Madson, and can’t feel the keyboard. That must be it.

Another complete game from the best pitcher in MLB.

Just announced: Hamels pitching Thursday, Kendrick on Friday and Halladay on Saturday. With one more start before the All-Star break (likely to come on Sunday) Hamels will not be eligable to pitch in the All-Star Game.
– Courtesy of Matt Gelb on Twitter – the place to go for Phillies information.

Not really caring if Hamels pitches in the All Star Game. As long as he gets a win against Boston. Anyway……Doc and Lee will be there.

Well, the problem with the “Sunday elimination rule” is that the All-Star game is supposed to count for something, yet MLB made a rule to keep some players out. It’s a joke at this point and I for one can’t wait for Selig to announce his retirement. Almost nothing he has done as Commissioner has been good for the game.

Hmmmm. A certain Braves fan is unusually quiet.

You mean Little Lord Phountleroy formally known as BillyBobReefer?

Yep. That would be the one, Pherrisphain. 😉

Good news. Braves lose. Chop on that, trolls.

The Braves are now closer to 3rd place than they are to the Phillies. Oh, happy days! When Jesus drove, when Jesus drove the trolls away. Oh, happy days!

Who are you kidding, pherris? Those clowns live day-to-day. The next time they pick up a game in the standings they will be acting like they won the pennant.
Meanwhile, the Braves “ights out” bullpen had another blown save (13 and counting). Not only are they not as good as the clueless fans think, they are getting ridiculously overworked. The clueless ones have no idea how valuable it is to have starters who go deep.

What Braves fans should be commenting on is how lame this blog has become.

Well, muleman……If you don’t like it here, there ARE other Phillies blogs. In fact, the Braves blogs might enjoy your expertise.

Is Todd on the DL? Or is he sitting out due to not hustling?

Yes there are, Norma. But none are authored by the Phillies’ beat writer. That’s why I come here, and probably why you come here too.

That’s DEFINITELY why I come here, muleman! The only blog I frequent.
Wondering if Todd is feeling ok. He also hasn’t written anything for mlb.com. (his main job), or posted anything on Facebook..

All kidding and jokes aside, it now has been 5 days since I can find anything Todd has posted. This is assuming he even posted the last entry here. This seems like an eternity for a beat writer in the middle of baseball season. I hope all is well with Todd.

Third consecutive complete game shutout. I earned run in June.
Player of the Month, maybe?

hmmm stange 1986 cliff lee Topps baseball card commemorating his chase for Orel Hershisers record… is it real or a fake…you decide:)

hmmm stange 1986 cliff lee Topps baseball card commemorating his chase for Orel Hershisers record… is it real or a fake…you decide:)

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