Game 1 of the World Series Preview

Hey, y’all.

I’ve been incommunicado for the past week, but I’m back in town and have been checking my Blackberry, scrolling through Twitter and reading plenty about this week’s series between the Phillies and Red Sox at Citizens Bank Park.

It appears tonight’s game is Game 1 of the Preview of the 2011 World Series.

It’s easy to think that way. The Phillies have the best record in baseball (49-30). The Red Sox have the second best record in the American League (45-32). We’ll find out if good pitching can beat good hitting. The Red Sox lead baseball in runs per game (5.31) and OPS (.799), while the Phillies rank 18th in runs per game (4.05) and 21st in OPS (.693).

The Phillies lead baseball with a 3.05 ERA, while the Red Sox are 17th with a 3.97 ERA.

Pitching vs. hitting. Should be fun.



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Todd, where you been, Brother? At least we can call off the search parties now.

Todd: Glad you’re back! We were about to put your picture on a milk carton?!

This will be such a fun series. I hope the Fightins can take 2 of 3. GO PHILS!

I can’t imagine this being a high scoring series outside of the second game. Hopefully the Phils can light up John Lackey, the worst starter in the 2011 season. But Lee/Beckett tonight and Hamels/Lester on Thursday will be duels. At least we’re unlikely to see Big Papi more than once per ame without the DH.

Last Papi siting – GNC.

“Hey, y’all.”? I’m guessing Todd was hanging in Atlanta, checking out our competition. 😉

I don’t have a good feeling about this. Don’t know why….

Tod, since when do you get a week’s vacation in the middle of ball season?

Boston 1, Philadelphia 0.

Unless the offense shows up tonight then it will be Boston 1, Philadelphia 4,5,6,7…?

we never seem to play well against the Red Sox, and their hitting has been really scary. If we win 1 against them I will consider it a success….

I like the Phillies chances tonight against Beckett and tomorrow is a crapshoot. Thursday is the big game, two of the best lefties in MLB going at it.

I knew they’d get to Beckett. 5-0 lead for Cliff Lee should be pretty secure the way he is pitching tonight.
Tonight? Hell, the whole month.

Yes, it’s been said before. But bears repeating…….

Hey, I heard Cliff’s shoulder was sore, you guys know anything about it?

What DID happen to Todd??? Unfortunately, I don’t come here as often as I used to. Usually, he’ll post something….

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