Lee’s Dominant Month

Cliff Lee has been unhittable this month.

How unhittable?

Glad you asked. Lee went 5-0 with a 0.21 ERA in June. According to Elias Sports Bureau, since earned runs were first recorded on official scores – 1912 in the NL and 1913 in the AL – only six other starting pitchers went 5-0 or better with an ERA that low in a calendar month:

  • Guy Bush in August 1926 (6-0, 0.19 ERA)
  • Fernando Valenzuela in April 1981 (5-0, 0.20)
  • Nolan Ryan in May 1984 (5-0, 0.20)
  • Mike Witt in August 1986 (5-0, 0.21)
  • Orel Hershiser in September 1988 (5-0, 0.00)
  • Cory Lidle in August 2002 (5-0, 0.20).

Lee has thrown a shutout while allowing six or fewer hits in each of his last three starts.  The last pitcher to have a three-start streak like that was Toronto’s Roger Clemens in August 1998.


More from Elias: The matchup between Josh Beckett and Lee was the first since 1985 matching one pitcher leading his league in ERA against another who threw a shutout in each of his two previous starts.  That last happened on Sept. 11, 1985, when Dwight Gooden faced John Tudor at Shea Stadium.


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Un be LEE vable! His curve ball was something I’ve never seen..the way it moved was incredible. Nice to see Dom Brown bounce back after his faux pas on Saturday. Also a couple of great defensive plays by Rollins and Polly.

lee has had the sickest month i have ever seen. quite the gangster

Meme-orializing Lee’s performance, imagining him in the age of Hershiser on his quest to break the scoreless innings streak! CHECK THE LINK (is lee immortal, was he pitching in ’86 too as evident by this surely real Topps baseball card?):

Now even Worley is going seven innings, and the new back-of-the-bullpen tandem of Stutes and Bastardo puts away the mighty Red Sox.
I guess when you are 44-1 with the lead going into the ninth inning, you must have a pretty good bullpen.

Right after the game I heard this muted popping sound. When I went outside to investigate, I beheld intermittent flashes of light to the south. It took me moment to realize that it was merely the sight and sound of the heads of Braves’ fans exploding.

pherrisphain: LOL🙂

Who would’ve thought in April that THREE ROOKIES would beat the Bosox!? I hope that RAUUL is coming out of his slump.

Todd, get us a scoop. What is up with J-roll and his contract?

todd – are you still alive? ‘still covering the Phiiles? just askin’. hope all’s well. don’t be such a stranger.

From Jim Salisbury on Twitter: Hamels’ hand has some swelling. He sounds like he can make next start but will leave decision to team. Will throw in bullpen tomorrow.

In other news, from Jim Salisbury at philly.com:

Jimmy Rollins was the Phillies’ designated hitter for Friday’s game against Toronto. Wilson Valdez started at shortstop.

Rollins has been experiencing some soreness in his throwing shoulder recently, but manager Charlie Manuel said that was not the reason for his decision to play Valdez at short.

“I’m just getting Jimmy off his feet,” Manuel said. “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. He’s got a little soreness from throwing, but that’s not why I’m doing this. At the same time, we have to watch him.”

Rollins did not take ground balls before the game.

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