One of the Best

Jon Rauch had one of the best ejections I’ve seen since I’ve been covering baseball. Absolutely got his money’s worth in the ninth inning in today’s 5-3 loss to the Phillies.

Dude lost his jersey!

“I voiced my opinion maybe a little bit too vocally, but it happens,” Rauch said. “The first thing I told the umpire is that it’s a shame that he can’t have an ERA because those runs are his. I think he directly affected the outcome of the game. He’s trying to do the job the best he can. Missing one I understand. The other one, who knows. He talked to me then. I wasn’t even really arguing balls and strikes at that point. It just got heated.

“I was kind of focused on what I had to say at that time. I got rung, I might as well get my money’s worth. It’s never a good thing and you don’t want to be that kind of role model to kids that are out there that are watching the game. You’re trying to set a good example for kids and obviously we don’t want to come out that way but at the same time we have to stick up for ourselves. They have to do their job and I think the umpires need to be accountable for their actions as well.”


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It was a great game to watch except for the fact that the umpiring was really frustrating.. It was good to see John Farrell’s cartoon-like blow-up in defence of his player because from the first inning on there were problems with the home plate umpire. Glad Roy got the reception he so definitely deserved because he was such a great franchise leader in his time with the Jays. It was also nice to see Bautista rock a 449 footer off of Halladay in front of a virtually sold-out crowd. I’m just a little upset the Jays didn’t get the win in the end. Also you think you could check out my blog cuz I wanna know what you think

That was the most entertaining game I have been to in a long time…between the Halladay hype, the dude running on the field and Rauch’s Incredible Hulk routine losing the shirt…wow. That was really something. Can’t wait until tomorrow!


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