Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Polanco Are All-Stars

The moment Cliff Lee returned to Philadelphia many believed the Phillies had assembled one of the greatest rotations in baseball history.

That rotation will be well represented at the All-Star Game.

Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Lee each earned a spot on the National League All-Star team, which was announced Sunday afternoon. Fans voted Placido Polanco as the starting third baseman.

Halladay is 11-3 with a 2.44 ERA, leading the league with six complete games. Lee is 9-5 with a 2.66 ERA, entering Sunday’s start against Toronto having thrown three consecutive shutouts and allowing one run in 42 innings in June. Cole Hamels is 9-4 with a 2.41 ERA, establishing himself as one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Together they have helped the Phillies earn the best record in baseball.

It is the first time in franchise history the Phillies have had three pitchers selected to the same All-Star team. It is the first time they have had two pitchers since Curt Schilling and Paul Byrd in 1999. Schilling started that game.

Halladay could be the starting pitcher, although that remains to be seen.


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Wahoo!!!! All well deserved!

Zo, who would be your biggest all star snub? I’d have to go with CC… The guy is a horse, and putting up awesome numbers.. How could he be overlooked

Having 34 guys on an All-Star roster and calling an omission a “snub” qualifies you, sir as a whiner. Get MLB to do away with the ridiculous, antiquated notion of having each team represented and those of you who whine about guys being left off will no longer have a forum. Guys like CC will probably be added when the equally stupid Sunday Starter Rule (or whatever Selig callis it) is enacted and the All Star who pitched on Sunday can’t possibly be expected to throw another inning on Tuesday.
The game is supposed to mean something, but it’s really just a marketing gimmick.

I’d be shocked if CC wasn’t added once all the “Sunday Starters” get dropped from the game. I think Verlander, Shields, and Hernandez are all scheduled to pitch, opening up three pitching spots for the AL. I’d say the most deserving that didn’t make it was Andrew McCutchen. He leads the Pirates in almost every offensive category and is pretty much a beast in the outfield. How Chipper Jones is on the roster but not McCutchen is beyond me.

Well, the Phillies lose in an uncharacteristic manner with Lee faltering, but the Braves can’t take advantage and characteristicly lose on another blown save, 14 and counting.

Don’t forget that the Braves also gave up a home run to an American League pitcher (Britton) who hadn’t swung a bat since high school. The only thing that made that loss better was listening to their homer announcers whining about how many Giants were on the All-Star team. As though having Chipper on the team was justified. What a bunch of hosers.

No Victorino? What’s up with that?

still thinks that Bastardo deserves a place on the All Star team. Lights out is an understatement for how he’s pitched so far this year. Don’t forget (CNOTE55) to vote Shane to get him on team as well

For God’s sake, there are 34 guys on the roster. How far are we going to bend to whine about guys like Victorino and Bastardo not making it? Draw a line. It’s an All-Star game. There are lots of guys like Bastardo in the league. You only know about him because he pitches for a team you follow. Get a grip.

There actually aren’t many guys like Bastardo out there. He’s a strikeout machine and has an ERA under 1.00. The reason he didn’t make the team is simple: There were more deserving guys from the Phillies and only so many roster spots. Bastardo only has 30 IP this season, not nearly enough for the ASG.

Why would the number of Phillies matter? And yeah, there aren’t many other relievers who come in and get 3 guys out. Nobody has one of those guys.

Bastardo and Al Albuquerque are on pace to break the Barton average against record for relievers set by Eric Gagne in In 2003. Since 1919 only 6 relief pitchers have Held opponents under a .140 batting average. You can read about it on baseball-reference.

So, no, there aren’t a whole lot of other pitchers like Bastardo this season.


Kinda weird loss for Lee today. He was pitching quite well (despite losing his not giving up a run in 42 innings) then WHAMMO giving up the long ball 3xs despite starting the 8th at only 89 pitches. Time to go fishing!

Happy 4th Everyone!

Oh, Ouch, PenisPain how’s that 8 inning stint for Lee working out for you? Biggest bust for ASG is including Lee and not including Tommy Hanson. Hanson has 4th best ERA in the league and he can’t make a 34 man roster? Joke. And no Kimbrel , give me a break, he will have the highest number of rookie saves b4 the break, EVER.

Tell Hanson to complain to Gimpy Larry. And Little Lord PhountLeroy, formerly known as BillyBobReefer, here you go again. When the Phillies leave a steaming pile on the field, we can count on you emerging from it licking your chops. You prove me right time after time. But not to worry, when they exclaim that Little Lord PhountLeroy eats shits sandwiches I do take the time to explain you only do so if the bread is gluten free.

Will Kimbrel also have the highest number of rookie blown saves before the all-star break? Ther is no way he deserves to be in the all-star game. Nada.

Without a doubt Kimbrel and his 5 blown saves belong on an all star team–in AA. You have a good rookie setting up for him (well, up until this month, anyway) he deserved a spot.
Cant wait to meet the Braves and watch them go down to Lee, Halladay and Hamels all in a row

fij: you are to harsh on Young Kimbrel. His blowing saves at a 25% rate is still lower than Braves team average of 33% of saves blown.

Yeah, how did that work out for you last time? HARHarHAR , Beachy outpitched Hamels, Jurrjens beat Blanton and Hudson outpitched Halladay. Looking forward to the upcoming series.

LittleLordPhountLeroy. who is on first?

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