Victorino Leads Final Vote

Shane Victorino leads the Final Vote after 24 hours.


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I don’t care if Victorino makes the all-star game. I care that Victorino is not playing tonight. What is Martinez still doing on this team?

@phan52 – Martinez is what is known as a Rule 5 draft pick. He has to stay with the team all year or be offered back to the Nationals. Obvioiusly, the Phillies see something in him, or they wouldn’t be keeping him, just like with David Herndon last year. Ironically, Victorino came to the Phillies as a Rule 5 draft pick, too. In his case, they were able to work out something with his former team in order to both keep him and send him to the minors.

Past Rule 5 draftees with the Phillies have included Dave Hollins and Todd Pratt. Rule 5 draft picks that the Phillies have lost include George Bell and Derrick Turnbow. (Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, the Angels took Turnbow from the Phillies, and then several years later, the Phillies took Herndon from the Angels.)

I was going to vote for Victorino until I noticed that Michael Morse is also on the ballot. I’m not sure I’m going to vote, period, because they want so much personal stuff from you. ALSO, PLEASE ENSURE THAT EACH TIME YOU VOTE, YOU REMEMBER TO UNCHECK THE BOX SO THAT YOU WON’T GET SPAM FROM MLB.COM.

Dude, I know Martinez is a Rule 5 pick. I also know that he can’t hit and can’t play defense in the OF, which is why it is ridiculous that they keep him on the roster. If he was a kid I could understand, but he is 27 years old and is not going to get any better. Mayberry should be on the team and playing CF tonight. Every time Martinez plays CF he makes a bone head play that costs them runs.

Victorino was a lock for the bigs, I knew that when I saw him play at Jacksonville in the Dodgers farm system, but Martinez is another story. He has a decent glove but couldn’t hit a basketball with an ironing board. Herndon is no more than a so so reliever whose future is questionable.
Rule 5 is a crapshoot. Cut your losses and bring up someone else who has a shot at helping the bullpen.

Ironing boards are very hard to swing. If a guy could throw a good basketball slider, it’d be impossible to hit. But then, why would anyone try to do that?

Why would a you even be so sarcastic as to even point this out? Why would anyone try to do that?

Worley, Stutes and Bastardo did it again. Flat out shut ’em down.

Didn’t Worley complain as to how they were bouncing him from reliever to starter to back to reliever? I guess he got their attention.

The kids (Worley, Stutes & Bastardo) are alright!

The PlayPen.

more important is if Victorino has a sore hand, and Polly has a sore back, why are they even thinking of playing in the all star game instead of taking the extra days off to get better? ’bout time to put the good of the team before their own stature.

Vote Victor²ino!

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