Fewer Homers, More Wins

The Phillies crushed the Marlins last night, 14-2, and Raul Ibanez capped the scoring with his 10th homer of the season.

The Phillies have two players — Ryan Howard (18) and Ibanez — with 10 or more homers entering the All-Star break. If Shane Victorino, who has nine homers, does not play before the break, or if he plays and does not hit a home run, the Phillies will have only two players with 10 or more homers at the break for the first time since 2002:

  • 2010: Ryan Howard (17), Shane Victorino (14), Jayson Werth (13) and Chase Utley (11).
  • 2009: Howard (22), Raul Ibanez (22), Utley (20) and Werth (20).
  • 2008: Howard (28), Utley (25), Pat Burrell (23), Pedro Feliz (12) and Werth (12)
  • 2007: Howard (21), Jimmy Rollins (16), Utley (15), Burrell (11), Aaron Rowand (11) and Victorino (11).
  • 2006: Howard (28), Burrell (19) and Utley (16).
  • 2005: Bobby Abreu (18), Burrell (17) and Utley (11).
  • 2004: Jim Thome (28), Abreu (18), Burrell (15), David Bell (12) and Mike Lieberthal (11).
  • 2003: Thome (23), Abreu (14) and Burrell (12).
  • 2002: Burrell (22) and Scott Rolen (13).

Of course, on the flip side, the Phillies have two pitchers with 10 or more wins at the break — Roy Halladay (11) and Cole Hamels (10) — for the first time since 2003, when Kevin Millwood and Randy Wolf each had 10 wins. Now, if Cliff Lee can pick up his 10th win of the season Saturday, the Phillies will have three 10-game winners at the break for the first time since … ever. Well, I can only go as far back as 1950 with Stats Pass, but the Phillies were pretty awful from the first All-Star Game in 1933 through 1949. In fact, the Phillies only had six pitchers make the All-Star Game in that span.

What does this all mean? Not sure. I just know it took me a long time to look up.


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What does it all mean? It may mean that home runs are overrated. Just score runs and keep the other team from scoring them. Offensively, RBI is the important stat. It dosen’t matter how you drive them in. Home runs are for Sports Center. They’re just fly balls that go over the fence.

talk about a decline in power numbers for utley and howard since 08.. holy shit!

words you will not hear spoken on SportsCenter or Baseball Tonight, but often should….”What does this all mean? Not sure. I just know it took me a long time to look up.” Love it- truer words were never spoken.

I think history proves that having most of your offense coming from Home Runs is a dangerous proposition, because they often falter in the postseason. Scratching out hits and creating runs wins pennants and world series.

It’s not a big deal. Utley will provide some power in the second half, Howard always gets hotter in the second half anyway and Brown will hit for more power when he gets more settled in. Ibanez can still have another one of those crazy hot streaks he is know for, but anything they are getting from him is a bonus, IMO.

Well sort of a power outage but not really entirely.

Utley has only played 37 games and has hit 4 HR. Should he have been healthy all season his current total would put him on pace for 10 on the dot at the break. So he is still supplying the same power, just he missed nearly 2 months.

Also there is Domonic Brown whose in the same situation. His 5 HR in 39 games would put him on pace for 11 at the break should he have been with the Phils the full season.

Plus had Victorino not spent time on the DL this year he’d already have 10 HR.

So yes there has been less power this season… but since Utley and Brown have rejoined the team the HR seem to be coming at a good rate. Expect an improved offense for the 2nd Half of the season.

so, a 1-6 night gets Martinez another start, this time at 3B, a position he hasn’t played in his professional career.
I have to think Charlie is making a point to Ruben about the slop on his bench. It must be that.

Home runs are fun to watch particularly when there are runners on base. But, as evident by the solos home runs given up by Phillies pitchers, there impact can be minimal. In this regard Ryan Howard is unique and he has had a unique career for which he does not receive near the credit he deserves. He has this uncanny ability to drive in runs. In times past this was due in large part to hitting home runs but not anymore. Fielder has more home runs and is hitting about 50 points higher than Ryan. Fielder hits on a team which is hitting 10 points higher than the Phillies so one would expect that he would have more opportunities. Yet here is Ryan tied with Fielder for driving in runs. And then there is the sacred cow of baseball, Albert Pujols. It took Ryan getting hurt last year for Pujols to top him in RBIs for the first time since Ryan’s first full season in 2006. But even this was only 118 to 108.

I guess he’s saving Valdez in case he needs a pitcher in the 16th inning again lol.
As for hommers, they’re great to watch, as are 14-2 wins, but in the end it doesn’t matte how the runs score or by how many runs you win. An R is an R and a W is a W. Guess we’re playing more small ball this year.
I’d be interested in seeing the same information regarding SBs and guys who scored from 2nd on singles

How is that bullpen doing pherris?

3rd blown save, lowest in MLB. If the Braves didn’t have 14 blown saves they’d be in first place.

Place your bets on how many Brave trolls come on here tonight and act like they just won the division…

Charlie has to eat this one. Why the hell did he pull Kendrick? He reminds me of Bobby Cox in the way he handles pitching in a lot of respects. And look what that got the Braves – oodles of division banners but only one WS banner.

Have to agree on Charlie. The bullpen is depleted and they are just not set up right now to get 12 outs, especially if they don’t have to. Last night, they didn’t have to. Charlie should have let Kendrick go out for the 6th and just keep an eye on him.
They need Madson back. Not because Bastardo can’t handle the job, but for depth. Even Lidge will be useful when he gets back so they they can banish Herndon forever.

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