Victorino Wins Final Vote

Shane Victorino won’s Final Vote to earn the final roster spot on the National League All-Star team.

He got 9.2 million votes.

Victorino, who is a two-time Final Vote winner, beat Andre Ethier, Todd Helton, Michael Morse and Ian Kennedy.

But will Victorino play?

That remains to be seen. He he has a Grade 1 sprain of his right thumb, which he suffered Sunday in Toronto. Charlie Manuel said yesterday Victorino wouldn’t be able to play for a few days. I imagine if Victorino doesn’t play before the end of the weekend, the Phillies will place him on the DL so he rests up and is ready for the second half.


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Who cares?

Ethier was better in just about every category, so the NL team might care…. Ballot stuphphers, be proud.

Again, who cares?

So, to be clear – if a starting pitcher pitches on Sunday he can’t pitch in the All-Star Game. But if an everyday player doesn’t play on Sunday due to an injury, he can still play in the All-Star Game.
Is that correct? Probably, because it would make as much sense as the rest of this stupid exhibition game.

Hey, would guys mind not throwing hammers, agent orange or fish guts on our players? We would really appreciate it.

Where in the world do you find your commenters, Zo? Anyway, congrats to Victorino on his 2nd All-Star appearance from a true Phillies fan!

Reef, we only do that to players who actually are threats to our team. You guys have nothing to worry about–lmfao

As for Victorino-I’m glad he was honored by the fans, he deserved it. However, this means we’ll have our injured 3b, our injured CF, and our overworked #1 Ace playing in a game and loosing 3 days rest for no good reason. WOuld rather they either A) made the game one of true All Stars and gave the game meaning, or b) did it after the season like football does.

F-I-J, it doesn’t matter if Halladay is in the All-Star game or not. He is going to go through his routine anyway and not take any time off. It is why he is able to lead the league in innngs pitched every year and still be effective deep into games. He is the definition of a workhorse.

Congrats to the Flyin’ Hawaiian ! I enjoyed seeing him in the NL dugout chattin’ it up with Brandon Phillips, among others. To bad the O-Dawg and Tori Hunter couldn’t join them. lol

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