Victorino to DL, Orr Recalled

Shane Victorino has been placed on the DL with a sprained ligament in his right thumb. The Phillies recalled Pete Orr from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take his place on the 25-man roster.

The move is retroactive to Monday, which means Victorino could be activated July 19 in Chicago.

The injury comes at a bad time (not there is a good time for an injury). The Phillies need him this weekend in a big series against the Braves. He is hitting .303 with 14 doubles, nine triples, nine home runs, 34 RBIs, 53 runs scored and 13 stolen bases. He ranks seventh in the league with a .524 slugging percentage. He also just won the Final Vote yesterday, which put him on the National League All-Star team. Victorino obviously won’t be playing in the All-Star Game.


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i guess they held off announcing this until after the all-star balloting was complete. kinda dumb to vote a player on the DL to the all-star game. oh well

Hey Todd…any word on Polanco and his doctor visit? BTW, what did you think of the Rogers Centre in Toronto? I thought it was nice; liked the dome and the city location. But the concourses seemed dark and stuffy and the seating layout was weird. No real ambiance, food was bad and overpriced, but the staff was very friendly. I guess I’ll give it a C+. Glad to be back at CBP :O)


Why is it dumb? The ASG is about his performance all year. It’s a honor he deserves even if he can’t play.

Injuries has made the Phillies bench and middle relievers so bad. Any word on Juan Rivera or someone kind of veteran presence? Is Podsednick still hurt?

How often is the Clown Bus going to have to appear for the Braves this weekeend? For those who don’t know, I am talking about Braves starting pitchers plus bullpen appearances. My money is in 17 all total.

Any ideas who might hit in the 5-hole? Wouldn’t mind seeing Mayberry, Think he has some pop in his bat at the moment.

Nevermind, just seen Todd’s twitter. Not a fan of the 3 lefties in a row, but there is some power hitting second tonight now.

Awwww, Shane had to go on the DL, did he stub his toe? Maybe some pitchers he doesn’t like coming up? What is PenisPain talking about? He is barely decipherable some times, but most of the time it is some kind of mindless drivel.

Little Lord PhauntLeroy, how is the center field position working out for the Braves? Always questioning the masculinity of others. So southern of you.

Venters, 26 pitches and baserunners all over the place. Bastardo, 8 pitches and yer out!
Venters at 50 appearances now. If he keeps getting games at this rate and has to throw that many pitches to get out of innings, he won’t be around in September.

Well, it’s a bullpen game so the Phillies have no chance agaisnt the Braves.
Oh, wait……..never mind! Raoooooool!!!

Oh yes, the bullpen battle takes an unexpected and delightful twist. Don’t you just love that McCann swing. SSSSSSWWWWWEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks. Weinus

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