It’s Photo Day

And Ryan Madson wants to make sure he’s easily identifiable.


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Wow. Statement game.
Phillies starters against the Braves, 23 innings, 12 hits, 22 K’s, 4 BB’s, 4 runs. That’s how it gets done.

Please update these figures in light of today’s game.

That is updated, pherris. It is the totals for the three starters.

I don’t think we’ll hear much from billreef and his cronies after this weekend.

Wrong muleman. Every time the Braves pick up a game in the standings they will come around acting like they won the WS. It’s what clueless casual fans do, and ‘clueless casual fans’ is the definition of these Braves clowns. They don’t know anytihing about MLB.

Muleman…wishful thinking. Nothing will stop to local blog bully from mouthing off.

Polanco says that he is not going to play in the All-Star game but that he is going to attend. That’s a mistake, IMO. The two cross-country flights can’t be good for his balky back.

One of my favorite things that happened at today’s game……the mock tomahawk chop that fans started in the 8th inning rout. Priceless.

Nice to see the “rookies” having a good day/series: Mayberry, Martinez and of course the kids in the pen (despite Stutes losing Sat.’s game).

Anyone notice that Raul is getting hot. I hope that the break doesn’t ruin what seems to be the start of one of his classic tears. They usually last about a month, or 30 games.

Nothing like an old fashioned blow out every so often to soothe the soul .Was told by a fellow phan returning home from game on Night of Valdez’s Last Stand that the over/under for the 4 Aces was 591/2 wins. I thought at the time that the over was turning into a suckers bet. Oh, me of such little faith. And, finally, what a phantastic job Michael Martinez has been doing at third and with the stick to boot.

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