This Man Is Starting the All-Star Game

Roy Halladay is the National League’s starting pitcher in tomorrow night’s All-Star Game.

Shocker, right?


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I’m reading that he called Dubee and asked permission. Also, that he’ll start either Monday or Tuesday in Chicago. Does that mean Hamels (on regular rest) on Friday night?

Worley is starting on Friday and Hamels is going Saturday. That tells me that Kendrick will pitch Sunday, followed by Halladay and Lee. That is how the rotation was set up recently until they set up the big three for Atlanta.

I wouldn’t throw KK out there unless I absolutely had to use a 5th starter (i.e. the other starters were not rested). Lee just said he will be good to go on Sunday, even if he only throws 1 inning on Tuesday night. I guess we’ll have to see what Dubee decides.

I didn’t know Moyer made the All-Star team. Doh!

I hope you were genuflecting when you were typing “Moyer”.

Why all this incessant hate for KK? I seem to remember a franchise which trotted out Pedro Martinez in a WS when JA Happ was sitting on the bench. We will never know what Happ would have done. But we certainly know what Martinez didn’t do. KK is no worse than Blanton at one-fifth the price. Throw Worley and KK out there every 4th and 5th day until Oswalt gets back. When Oswalt walks after this year, there may not be any holes in the rotation to be filled.

KK is what he is. He is a serviceable 5th starter at this point, since players are hurt. I wouldn’t want him in my rotation for the entire year until he can come up with another pitch, and whether he can do that at this stage of his career is debatable. Oswalt will probably retire (unless his back settles down), so I expect Blanton and Worley to fill out the rotation in 2012. There are going to be some salary dumps and they’re not going to give Kendrick another round at arbitration. I believe he will be gone.

Why can’t KK come up with another pitch? If I remember correctly, the Phillies yanked KK from AA. At the time, lack of another pitch did not appear to be a problem. As a matter of fact none of the knuckleheads running the Phillies even thought that Hamels need for one more pitch would be a problem. Along with Junior, Charlie and Dubee are the guys charged with running a billion dollar operation? It is a wonder the Phillies continue to do as well as the Phillies have done. This is not to say that I am not loving it as long as it lasts but visions of the last 50 years continue to dance in my head.

I think KK is a serviceable #5, but why would you play KK when Lee is available? It doesn’t make sense. You use your best available pitcher. Plus, with KK in the rotation, who’s the long man in the BP?

Halladay, Hamels and Lee lead the NL in innings pitched. This time off will let them recharge their engines for the stretch. It’s July. A slight break in the rotation will make very little difference in the overall scheme of things. As far as a long man is concerned, until Blanton or Oswalt gets back it is probably Carpenter.

There’s a tierrifc amount of knowledge in this article!

I thought this was the last year of Blanton’s contract? Maybe I’m wrong. Don’t forget that Ibanez and Lidge will probably be gone. Also they MUST sign Hamels very soon. Wouldn’t want to see him hit the free agency market. I hope Worley continues to be as reliable a 4th/5th starter. I think in the 2nd half of the season we’ll see how other teams respond to him a 2nd time.

Blanton has 2012 at $8,500,000. That will be interesting.

Another one of Juniors boneheaded decisions. Something along the lines of ” We don’t know what we will have to pay Big Joe in arbitration and no one seems to want to trade for him, so let’s just dump a ton of money on him and screw the Phillies”.

Hamels can’t be a FA until after next season. He still has one year of Arbi left.The question is can we lock him up for 3-5 years or only 1 year

phan52, noting that Halladay, Lee and Hamels lead the league in innings pitched is not really saying anything without noting how hard they have had to pitch, in other words, how many pitches have they thrown? I remember at least one Halladay complete game where he still threw less than 100 pitches. By comparison, it is hard to find a Braves starter who can get through even 6 innings without throwing 100 pitches or more. The Phillies still rank last in the total number of pitches thrown and next to last in the total number of batters faced. The staff which has faced the least batters is the Pirates and they will be playing the Braves shortly. Oh, happy days!.

pherris, I don’t think the number of innings are a problem. It’s just that they need to take the opportunity to let them recharge for the stretch. Worley and Kendrick will be in the rotation for the foreseeable future, so they will use them this weekend against the Mets to give the horses a break. JMO, but I also heard Dubee say as much yesterday. He prefers that Halladay and Lee start against the Cubs.

Baez is starting?????

Ibanez, NL player of the week. The break came at a bad time for him. I hope he doesn’t lose his streaky mojo.

It’s interesting how Bochy used all the Braves and Phillies pitchers in the All-Star game, yet kept his owns starters out of it and used his closer to pitch to two batters. I notice that Lincecum is already set to pitch on Friday.

When pitching 2 innings or less in an All-Star game ruins a starting pitcher for the remainder of the year, I’ll have to give up baseball for something more manly. F**k pitch counts. Lee and Halladay probably threw more pitches in their bullpen warm-up’s than they did during the game.

muleman, what is your problem? Who said they were “ruined”? I am simply talking about the rotation setup for each team as they start the second half. Bochy made sure that his is intact, and I am pretty sure it was by design. He even told Lincecum before the game that he wasn’t using him.
Stop being an idiot. I know it;’s hard but I believe that you can do it.

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