Mayberry’s Big Night

From Elias Sports Bureau:

  • John Mayberry Jr. knocked in five runs last night at Citi Field on a two-run single in the second and a bases loaded double in the eighth. He is the first player this season to have at least five RBIs in a game without a home run.  He also is the first Phillies player to do it since Ricky Otero had five RBIs without a home run Sept. 29, 1996, at Shea Stadium.
  • The Phillies resumed play last night night with Vance Worley on the mound.  It was only the second time in the last 40 seasons a rookie pitcher started the first game after the All-Star break for a team that had the best record in the majors. Joe Torre’s 1983 Braves last did it. They were 49-31 (.613) at the break and rookie Craig McMurtry started their first game.


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Todd, Todd, Todd, you just seem to be so in love with these obscure statistics. How about some insight into the Phillies resigning of J-Roll. That would be a real scoop.

The national media will get the scoop on Jimmy’s signing. Guys like Todd will reference ESPN or some other national link on their report. That’s how it is now — as opposed to when wooden ships sailed the earth and TV was attained via the air.

Vanimal! Nice to see the bottom of the line-up have such a good night. Fantastic catch by RAUUL! Also his HR left the yard like a bullet.

pherrisphain: I don’t think they’ll be any news on Rollins resigning until the end of the season. I know folks are debating the pros & cons. I wouldn’t mind them resigning him for a couple of yrs at the right price since he’s been the face of the franchise for so long and it would be nice to see him finish his career as a Phillies.

the thing with Rollins is that we have no one ready in the minors, and getting anyone better as a FA would cost an arm and leg. Unless RAJ can pull off a trade and pick up someone better (and younger) then JRoll, the best option is probably to resign him for 2-3 years.

Well the good news about today’s ugly loss, the Nats beat the Bravos. The blown pop-up play in the 1st inning btwn Howard & Utley was almost as ugly as the loss

The strange thing about that is that it’s scored as a base hit. It should be scored E3.

why not e-4? It didn’t hit anyone’s glove, so I could have gone either way. I’d think

Because Howard called it and Hamels pointed at him. It’s the first baseman’s ball – or whoever calls for it. Learn the game.

Well how’s that rotation that always goes 9 innings? Boy that Frilly bullpen really shut em down today. Maybe you guys can squeak one out tomorrow to beat the mighty Muts. Yo, PenisPain, I would like my pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms and if you get it here in a half an hour I’ll give you an extra quarter for a tip.

really wishes there was an “Ignore” button on this blog-just for Reef and the rest of his kind.

Love your additions from Elias. The stuff they find can really blow your mind sometimes. Keep up the good work, Todd.

Anyway you could add my blog to your link list on here? That would be awesome!

Braves comeback from down to win in the bottom of the ninth. I know you guys love that. You just can’t shake us can you? Oh, Phanatic Addict is kind of redundant isn’t it. I thought all you Frillies Fans were on something.

meant “from 4 down”. Thanks for playing.

And where exactly did a win over the lowly Nats leave the Braves at the end of the day?

Little Lord Phount Leroy, Braves stick around like shit on the Phillies spikes, both are harmless, both stink up the place.

Brag when you’ve actually won something champ.

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