Halladay “Absolutely” Will Make Next Start

Roy Halladay once compared himself to a robot on the mound, so I never expected to see him leave a game because of the heat.

But it was brutally hot tonight at Wrigley Field.

Halladay was unavailable to comment after the game, but he told a team spokesman he “absolutely” plans to make his next start Sunday against the Padres at Citizens Bank Park. Here is some of what Rich Dubee said:

  • “You could tell the heat was getting to him a little bit. I talked to him after the fourth and he said he was somewhat lightheaded, but he wanted to go back out there. Of course, he went out there in the fifth and just had a tough time staying focused and seeing the signs. He was dehydrated and he’s doing much better now.”
  • “When he stepped off a couple times I knew something was up because he usually works at such a great tempo.”
  • “He’s doing much, much better.”
  • “I asked him (after the fourth). I said, ‘Can you go on? Do you want to go on?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I want to go back out there.'”
  • “He’s probably the last guy you’d expect something like this, but that’s what Mother Nature can do to you. It was awful hot. I’m not making excuses, but …  guys that go to the All-Star Game – you’ve got have the All-Star Game, I understand that – but guys that go to the All-Star Game, they come back a little drawn. It’s a busy three days. For that first week back, guys generally don’t respond too well. It’s just a hectic schedule. They fly out there, different time zones. You’ve got banquets. You’ve got whatever. And there’s a lot to it. This guy takes tremendous care of himself. He’s doing better now and that’s what we’re hoping for.”


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Awww, poor Roy. Wussy can’t even pitch when it’s a little hot. What does he think those guys in ATL do all summer? Well I hope he gets a Slurpee or something. It kind of looks like the Frilly pitching staff is falling apart. PenisPain has been coming to our Braves site and heckling us over early exits for our starters. Well Lowe went deep and we crushed the Rockies in heat a lot worse than you wimps are dealing with in Chicago. Come one Roy, Man up.

So the Braves clownshow arrives right on schedule. Halladay has the most consecutive road games pitched with a minimum of 6 innings since Walter Johnson (I’m sure you don’t know who he is; casual fans wouldn’t), and you decide it’s time to question his toughness. And Derek Lowe goes deep? LOL. He’s pitched 7 innings twice this year (which, BTW, he didn’t do last night). He’s a perfect example of a bullpen killer. Our own bullpen killer, Kyle Kendrick, went farther than Lowe did in his last start.

Keep up the good work, clown. The collective Braves fans should share a copy of “Baseball for Idiots”. Of course, I am going out on a limb by assuming they can read.

Since you come from a place which believes Moses rode around on dinosaurs and climate change and other science is a socialist conspiracy, I can understand why you can’t grasp the seriousness of heat related issues.

Yeah and the All star game must have been really tough. Was the a/c not on cool enough in his private jet? Maybe he got some bad shrimp. What a weenie.

I’d like to see you go out and try what he’s doing. The keyword there is try, because you wouldn’t be able to do it. He’s human. Grow up.

There goes Dubee, off on another of his rants about the Evil All-Star Game.

If this were Cole Hamels……….Well, you can just imagine the derision! BTW, the soft and gutless Cole pitched a great game last year in St. Louis in 100 degree heat. Just sayin’

Good Lord folks! Give the man a break. Halladay is a human being and for whatever reason the heat last night happen to overwhelm him. He didn’t look right from the start.

It wasn’t the heat as much as it was the humidity. McCarthy said after the game that the realfeal temp at 11 or so when the game ended was 99. So I’d imagine it was a little warmer at 8 when the game started.

I could tell when he was at-bat in the 5th inning that something was wrong. How can players and coaches sitting with him in the dugout not see that? I can’t believe they sent him back out there.
BTW people, get a clue. I was listening to the radio on the way into work and, sadly, there were callers trashing Halladay. It’s embarrassing. They sound like Braves fans.

Our pitchers pitch in heat like that all summer and none of them keel over. I mean he was pitching in Chicago for christsakes.

Yeah, your pitchers do show up, about 5 or 6 of them every game. Game after game after game. Is it just me or do the pitchers used by the Braves in any one game out number the fans?

Generally, Chicago isn’t that hot. but it was hot last night, abnormally so. And your pitchers don’t go as deep into the game or work out as hard as Halladay does. Nobody does.
Learn to read, it was in the 100s, not 60 like you’re thinking about Chicago.

Let’s just hope that the good Doctor is okay and will bounce back in his next start.

Venters already has more appearances by himself than Braves have fans.

Are you familiar with Johnny Carson’s skit “The Great Carnac”?

Tonight doesn’t figure to be too much better. Then, Wednesday’s game is 1:20 Central time, when the heat index will be around 110. (Worley pitching, I think) Atlanta or Chicago – it doesn’t matter. It’s tough.

And Friday’s game, in Philly, will be 102! Not at first pitch, but still…..

As much as you Braves fans may think, Atlanta doesn’t have a monopoly on heat… just sayin.

Big comeback win tonight. Michael Martinez is becoming a MLB player before our eyes and Bastardo is establishing himself as a lefthanded beast. Too bad for Lee that the Phillies couldn’t get it going until late. He deserved a win.
I think Howard needs to sit for a few games and get his head straight. He clearly is struggling.

On the post game show last night, Vance Worley’s name was mentioned as part of a package in a trade, specifically for Carlos Beltran. Did I hear correctly or was I still caught up in the post game euphoria?

I really don’t know what they would do with Carlos Beltran. He’s not a platoon player and would need to play every day and I doubt they are going to sit Ibanez or Brown for extended time. I think they would be more interested in a straight platoon player like Francoeur, plus he won’t cost as much in trade.

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