Just Another Day for Martinez

From Elias Sports Bureau: Michael Martinez broke a 2-2 tie with a two-run, ninth-inning double last night. Martinez has hits in each of his last four at-bats in Late Inning Pressure Situations (all this month) and his 11 RBIs in July ties him with Wilson Ramos for second-most among rookies. Only Freddie Freeman (16) has more.

Some other notes:

  • Martinez has hit .298 (11-for-37) with one double, one triple, one home run and 11 RBIs in 10 games this month, earning more playing time with third baseman Placido Polanco on the disabled list with lower back inflammation.
  • Only Raul Ibanez (14) and John Mayberry Jr. (12) have more RBIs for the Phillies this month than Martinez.
  • Jason Grilli has signed with the Pirates, announcing the move on Twitter. He had an out-clause in his contract, allowing him to sign with another team if another team offered him a big-league deal. The Phillies believed they had better options than him, so released him.


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Zolecki, do us phans a favor and please pick Juan Samuel’s brain. I really want to understand all this base running that ends up with guys getting thrown out. Two really unnecessary ones last night, and I’m betting if someone (like yourself) went back and checked, the numbers for the season would be staggering in comparison to previous years. I think we’re all for aggressiveness on the base pads, but there needs to be some discipline as well, especially with runs coming at a premium.

I hope you are not referring to Utley being out at the plate. That was a play where the runner was to go on contact and it had nothing to do with Samuel. That’s what you do when, as you say, runs are at a premium. As far as Martinez getting thrown out at third, that was just him being aggressive when the throw went home and, again, had nothing to do with Samuel.

They were very aggressive with two stolen bases last night against a catcher (Soto) they knew had a rag arm. I don’t see the problem.

OK I can buy those explanations for last night, but my point is that over the course of the season there have been way too many outs on the base pads where staying put was clearly the better option.

There are a lot of reasons why third base coaches send runners. Having them thrown out is an occupational hazard, but sometimes the situation calls for it. It’s not as cut and dried as just having guys thrown out. You need to consider the situation.

And, it’s base PATHS, not base pads. Base pads doesn’t mean anything.

Phillies gotta stay agressive on the basepaths. Moving the runners in Howard’s first at-bat got them their first run today, as Howard hit it right where the SS was before he went to cover the bag.

The Phillies will need to start getting more production from the likes of Howard and Utley. They can’t expect this type of production from Mayberry and Martinez for the long haul. JRoll appears to be heating up a little, so there’s that.
Dom Brown is getting some good at-bats. Kid’s got a good eye and is taking walks instead of chasing stuff off the plate, and I like that hit he had to the opposite field last night.

Alexander: Don’t forget that Martinez getting thrown out at third was more of an attempt to draw the throw and make sure that the second runner got thrown out.

Sure thing, but can’t you draw a throw without being tagged out? Go halfway? Deke? Not saying those outs were a mistake last night, but in general don’t have a lot of faith in Phils baserunning this season.

The only guy I don’t trust a lot is Victorino. He does some bonehead things sometimes and that’ll never change. But I have to let it pass because of the positive things he brings.

Sorry – that should read “second runner got home”.

True, not entirely base coaches’ fault; plenty of Phils are making their own calls, and some of them are questionable to say the least.

7-0 in the middle of the fourth and the Cubs have nary a hit. Worley is dealing.

More good news… Braves lose. Their “immaculate” bullpen blew it in the ninth inning for a sweet Rockies walkoff win! Not surprisingly, the trolls have remained quiet the past few days. Chop on that.

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