Polanco, Blanton and Heilman Updates

The Phillies resume play tomorrow night against the Padres, but a few things happened today:

  • They said Placido Polanco received injections in his back. They will see how he responds over the next couple days. He has been on the DL since July 4.
  • Joe Blanton is headed to Philadelphia to have his right elbow evaluated by team physician Michael Ciccotti.
  • The Phillies agreed to terms on a Minor League deal with right-hander Aaron Heilman. He will report to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.


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Heilman, really?

Todd, what is up on the trading front? Are the Phillies going to package Worley to get a RH bat like Pence? What is up with Joe Blanton’s setback? Is he done for this year? Assuming he is done, is there an exemption on the luxury tax for injured players who need to be replaced?

Trade Worley???? Give me a break. That would leave us with three quality pitchers, plus Kyle Kendrick. You don’t trade ballplayers like Worley or Domonic Brown. This Phillies team has got to get younger and you don’t achieve that by getting rid of good young ballplayers.

Replace “Worley” with “J.A. Happ” and we had this same discussion last season. That’s when Happ was a future Hall-of-Famer.

Worley and Happ are not the same pitcher. This is really a discussion on mortgaging the future to win now. Phils are going to have some payroll issues next year (Madson, Jimmy, Hamels, (even after taking Ibanez off the books)), so being able to keep a quality 4th or 5th starter at a low cost is important. Not to mention who is the 5th starter for the rest of this year if the Vanimal is gone. FO needs to do a lot of number crunching. No way you do it for Beltran, as he’s only a 3 month rental, though.

I had no problem trading Happ for 1.5+ years of Oswalt. And I would have no problem trading Worley for Pence, but it probably would take far more than that.

I certainly wouldn’t trade Worley for a rental like Beltran though.

Really Bill, Worley and Happ aren’t the same pitcher? No kidding. What I’m seeing is the same kind of love affair for both of them based on limited exposure. If you’re dumping Worley for Pence, I’d do it in a heartbeat. As far as Oswalt, his true value has yet to be realized, regardless of his contribution last year.

Aaron Heilman? Really?

Yes, Aaron Heilman. He’s the difference maker. I wonder which agent the Phils were doing a favor for when they signed him? Somebody do some research.

Phillies activate Brad Lidge. Designated Danys Baez for assignment.

Baez DFA’d? I’ll drink to that, and I don’t even drink.

About time. Other than the 5 inning hold during the Cinci game, I can’t think on any meaningful contribution by him. Put him on the heap with Adam Eaton.

Baez’s only big contribution came in the 19 inning game against the Reds. I think Lidge will take over long relief. Maybe an occassional set up when Bastardo and/or Madson are not available.

I guess now we won’t see Jose back, nobody to translate for him. Maybe we can recruit Joey Vento to do it.

A stellar 8-inning performance from Cole Hamels and a clean save from our new (old) closer Madson. Sometimes it just isn’t fair.

Yet another stellar 8-inning performance by yet another Ace. Without the sloppy defense in the fourth, Roy probably would have had another CG.
And the hits just keep on comin’.

Roy would have had a complete game if we didn’t have the pitch count. They took out a $20 million dollar pitcher and turned it over to a guy making the league minimum.
In other areas they have issues with having guys start because they’re paying them big money. Only with pitchers do they abandon that thinking and replace it with the magical 100-pitch threshhold, as though the body counts in round numbers. Phooey.

love the face that Charlie can pick his closer. I’m very happy with our Pen and wouldn’t make a move unless they are looking towards next year and not bringing back Madson. AS for a RHB, it would be nice, but perhaps we don’t even need that the way things are going. Love waking up in the morning (Israel time) to smell another victory…

Where’s the Braves clown car these days? I haven’t heard anything about the ‘best pitching staff in MLB’ lately. Nice work by their bullpen yesterday to drop yet another late game decision. I guess they are badgering the fans of the teams sneaking up on them for the Wild Card.
It looks like Polanco and Oswalt are both set to be back shortly. Oswalt in particular is feeling really good. It’ll be like getting two solid pieces at the trade deadline.

does Oswalt have a no trade clause? would you deal him as part of a package for a RHB?

Who would take a guy making $16 million and a buyout clause with a bad back? Put yourself in the place of the other team. You can’t unload your trash and expect teams to take it.

muleman, are you going to call Oswalt trash when he gets back and does his usual thing down the stretch?
Now Blanton and Lidge, that’s trash. And you are right about that; you can’t unload trash.

Maybe Utley and Howard should take a swing now and then. You never know what might happen.

Mule, bet the Yankees would be interested if they feel he can help them in the playoffs given their pitching issues. Same for Sox. How many of their starters on on the DL at the momment. In general, I believe you never know what someone may say until you ask.

Why would you want to trade Oswalt? From all indications he is doing very well and will be back in the rotation by next week. Worley has looked great but he’s an untested rookie. In the crucible of October, who do you want in line to start an important game that may mean the difference between going home or moving on?
I’ll worry about Oswalt’s contract in the offseason. Now? Just win, baby!

Zo–you don’t seem to post much on your blog anymore. As someone who doesn’t Tweet or use Facebook, I’m out in the cold as far as receiving your insights and the latest information. Please start to blog more frequently again! Thanks.

From Inquirer’s Matt Gelb via Twitter: Blanton has nerve issues. Unlikely to return this year. Polanco will begin rehab Thursday at Lehigh Valley.

Phan, as I said the 4th starter will start in one or at most 2 games in post season. I’ll trust Worley for those games. As for why, because I can get a good return for him and it’s in effect a 3 month rental. Not worrying about his contract, (there is an option) but on whether he’ll want to return. Worley may be untested, but so far he’s the real thing and I’d hate to give him up given the blanton situation. We still need 5 pitchers for next season.

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