Rookie Makes His Case

Call me crazy, but Vance Worley is making a late run at National League Rookie of the Year.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” he said.

Worley threw his first complete game last night in a 7-2 victory over the Giants. He has allowed two or fewer earned runs in 11 of 13 starts this season to improve to 7-1 with a 2.02 ERA.

He has the best ERA among NL rookie pitchers. His seven wins trail only Mets pitcher Dillon Gee, who has nine. Worley is 5-0 with a 1.14 ERA in his last seven starts. To put that into perspective, Worley has the best ERA on the Phillies since June 18, besting Roy Halladay (2.51), Cole Hamels (2.89) and Cliff Lee (2.91).

“He’s our fifth ace,” Shane Victorino said.

Worley has two more months to make his case, although it will be tough. I believe Washington’s Danny Espinosa and Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman are the front runners at this point. But if Worley can keep doing what he’s doing he has to enter the conversation.


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And since it looks like Big Joe won’t be back, this year, at least we can hold onto him. No trade talks, please!!!

You say Freeman and Espinosa are frontrunners, and they are having nice seasons, but how does Craig Kimbrel not have this all but locked up? 31 saves, 2.16 ERA…

It would be a tough choice to make Worley for Pence. Love Vanimal. Chase’s inside the park HR was one of season highlights. The Braves got handed their “W” last night. Blown call at the plate in the 19th inning.

Frank, how many blown saves does he have?

Braves fans have nothing to complain about today. They were awarded a game by umpire Jerry Meals when the baserunner was clearly… and I mean, clearly… tagged out. After 19 innings. That’s the only way the Braves can get a “W” these days. Worst call ever.

Frank, Kimbrel doesn’t have it locked up because voters for ROTY always seem to perfer everyday players, hence Freeman’s front runner status. And I saw his numbers last night and they are rather good for a rookie. Still, I do think Vance deserves to be in consideration before Kimbrel, since he is a starter and therefore has to pitch more.

Please do not trade Vance Worley! I think he’s fabulous.

Freeman does have solid numbers, especially for a rookie. However, Kimbrel’s numbers are just flatout great, regardless of rookie status. He is tied for the lead in saves, and will undoubtedly destroy the rookie record in saves (which Neftali Perez got last year, and was thus rewarded with rookie of the year, despite not being an everyday player).

For the record I’m a Phillies fan, and I’d love Worley to win. I think it’s possible that Worley could steal it, but he’d need to keep up something akin to his current pace so he cud have a sub 2.5o era with 12 or more wins. i’m not sure he’ll be able to do that.

You don’t have to state “for the record” that you’re a Phillies fan. It’s possible to express an honest opinion without being a homer. Not around here, but some places.

Difference in the ROY field Frank. Last year Feliz really didn’t have much competition. No other rookie pitcher who finished in the voting had an ERA under 4.00. The highest OPS for any position player to play in more than 100 games was .745 by Austin Jackson.

This year Kimbrel while having stellar numbers has stiff competition. Worley and his 2.02 ERA (thus far). Freeman and his .827 OPS. Espinosa and his .761 OPS from Second Base.

All three of those candidates are stronger than anyone Feliz had to go up against last year. I would say right now Freeman is the front runner. Should Worley finish the season with close to 150 IP and an ERA under 3.00 then he very well might be the front runner.

JA Happ had a great rookie season and ended up finishing second if memory serves in his rookie season (BTW, Happ was the last rookie for the Phils to have a CG)

Worley’s been great, sure, but like Chewy59 mentioned, JA Happ was once similarly great in his rookie season. Ditto Kyle Kendrick. What do those names have in common? They both came back to earth in a big way, Happ to a much greater extent that Kendrick. I still would hold on to Worley at the deadline, no doubt about it.

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