Pence Deal Done

The Phillies have acquired Houston Astros outfielder Hunter Pence, two sources said tonight.

A deal is expected to be announced before the end of the night.

One source said the Phillies will send four players to the Astros. None of those players are outfielder Domonic Brown or right-hander Vance Worley, both of whom had been rumored at different times to be part of a deal. Class A first baseman Jonathan Singleton and Class A pitcher Jarred Cosart are part of the trade. ranks Cosart and Singleton the 37th and 38th best prospects in baseball, respectively. They are the organizations top two prospects.

Double-A Reading pitcher Josh Zeid also is in the deal. The fourth is a player to be named later.

The trade boosts a Phillies lineup looking up to keep up with its strong pitching staff. Pence, 28, is hitting .309 with 11 home runs and 62 RBIs. He has a .356 on-base percentage and a .472 slugging percentage. He should help a lineup that has struggled against left-handed pitching.


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Singleton and Pence have been removed from their respective games. Brown is hitting now, so he’s not involved.

Great deal, for both this year and next. We’ll still have Worley in the rotation and the OF will be Victorino, Brown and Pence. The Phillies will still easily be the best team in the division again next year. And they beat the Braves for Pence, which makes it sweeter, just like the Eagles beat the Cowboys for Asomughe.

Great night to be a Philly phan!!

Todd: So who’s the odd man out for the Phillies OF? I would guess that they release Francisco and platoon Ibanez and Brown in LF, Victorino stay (of course) in CF, and Pence plugs into RF, leaving Mayberry Jr. for bench. Or they could keep Francisco on the roster and send Brown or Mayberry Jr. back to Triple A?

Am I missing something obvious here, or is it a fairly complicated question when you have four outfielders all hitting around .250 and all of them streaky on offense for various reasons.

Defensively, I’d probably rank Mayberry Jr. #1, Francisco #2, Ibanez #3, and Brown #4 (albeit learning…s-l-o-w-l-y.).

There’s an odd man out in the outfield and another one when Polanco comes back. Francisco and Valdez? Then another roster move when Oswalt gets back from his rehab assignment. They’re setting up nicely for September.
And nice to see all that angst over Worley and Brown being traded was for nothing. More media-inspired frenzy.

Obviously Carpenter is gone when Oswalt gets back, and Kendrick goes to the bullpen. Valdez is definitely in jeopardy when Polanco comes back, but it stinks that he would lose his job to Martinez, who is a lousy defensive player. I hate that Martinez would be our backup infielder. It would be very hard to get Valdez through waivers. I don’t know, does he have any options left?
And I think it’s very possible that Brown goes to LV until September. He can’t sit like he did last year; it’s obvious that he needs playing time, especially on defense. The repetition is necessary and he won’t get that with Pence. Pence is not a platoon player. He hits righthanded pitching every bit as well as lefties.

RAJ strikes gold again! Made even sweeter by the fact that Worley, Brown stay and that the Phils out bid the Braves.

Almost had two players hit for the cycle. Would’ve been nice to have at least one. Nice to see some hitting after the last couple of days. Hope it continues.

You can’t bench Ibanez with his 14 home runs no matter how hot and cold he is, and you wouldn’t platoon Brown with him since they’re both lefties. I guess Brown has to go back to AAA. That might be the best thing for him.

Who said anything about benching Ibanez? Brown could be in LF next season, not this one.

Hunter Pence’s career splits vs LHP & RHP? .290/.340/.493 vs. left-handers. .290/.338/.476 vs right-handers. Not bad, eh? And all they had to give up were 4 players who probably won’t be successful in the Major Leagues. So much for all that “replenishing the farm system” junk that Ruben spewed out when they let Lee go. The farm system is for developing the Major League club by whatever means possible. Way to go, Ruben.

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