Pence, Pence, Pence

Here’s my story on the Hunter Pence trade.

And here’s a few quotes from a few of the people we heard from last night:


On why they wanted Pence:
“We tried to address a need we felt was a missing piece. We believe in our offense as it stands. It has been a little inconsistent … not as consistent as it has been in the past. I think this give us a little bit more balance with a hitter from the right side for Charlie’s lineup. But not only that I think we acquired in a lot of ways somebody that is extremely well rounded, the type of player that we’d like to have here in Philadelphia. There are a lot of elements that are involved here, but clearly the way this guy plays, the way he goes about his business, the effort, the kind of teammate he is and the fact we have him under control for not only the end of this year, but for two more years. Those are very big factors for us. His defense is important for us. The fact that he runs well. He’s got speed. He’s a very, very good athlete. There’s a lot of things that factored onto this one.”

On Domonic Brown’s future with the Phillies:
“We believe Domonic Brown is going to be an outstanding Major League Baseball player. He’s kind of learning on the job as we’ve talked about before. He’s done a nice job for us here. It’s not a knock on Domonic Brown by any stretch of the imagination. We believe and hope he’s going to be a Phillie for a long time. I think for us, again, it’s one of those moves we made for the present, but for the future. Certainly, Dom is part of that.”

On having Pence under their control through 2013 being a big factor in this trade:
“It’s a huge element in it. I think control is a good part. If you know the way we operate … I don’t like rentals. I don’t believe in those. I guess there is a time and place to go that route. In this case as in most case, if you look at the trades we’ve made, very few of them were your classic rental. Certainly that’s a huge element for us in that transaction.”

On chances they make another move before Sunday’s deadline:
“We’ll keep our minds open, but right now I’m very comfortable with our ballclub.”


On adding a bat like Pence when they already have the best record in baseball:
“I think our front office knows we’re in a special time here in Philadelphia. We have a good team and if they feel like there’s some room for improvement they’re going to make that move. … Prior to the trade we had a pretty good team. I think adding him, a power right-handed bat can definitely help us.”

On getting Pence when they have the best record in baseball:
“It’s a good feeling, even just knowing they’re out there and they’re trying. Especially being in the position we are. We’re five, six games up and they’re still trying to make us a better team. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I was adamant on trying to come here. You want to be on the team that’s always trying to get better. … I’m really excited. To be on a team that is trying to give you the best chance to win that they can it’s a lot of fun. Even if they didn’t you know Ruben is going to do everything he can to make us better. Just that in itself means a lot. I can’t wait. We’ve got a good team here and when you’re able to add good players to a good team it makes it a lot of fun.”

On any relief he wasn’t traded:
“Uh, I mean, yeah, but anything can still happen. We’ve still got until Sunday. I don’t know. I just hope I’m here. I just hope I’m here and not in Triple-A, but if that was to happen, just go out and play. It’s all I can do.”

On his concern going back to Triple-A:
“Not really concerned, but I would like to be here. That’s the goal.”


Dom seemed pretty deflated after last night’s game. I think that it’s going to be hard for him to understand that this is the best thing for him now. In the short term this is a blast to his ego, but in the long run this is going to help him become a better ball player.

all that happened it he is now the LF and not the RF next year. Next year’s OF is Pence, Shane an Brown

Will Mayberry and Brown platoon in left next year? Who will the send down to make room for Pence? Carpenter and Herndon are both question marks… Can’t take both of them to postseason.

They won’t have to take Carpenter and Herndon once Oswalt comes back. As for Brown, who knows? 2012 spring training is a long way off, and the job is Brown’s to lose.
It’s good to know that Halladay and Lee were right about wanting to come to Philadelphia. That they will do what is necessary to stay on top is important, and it sends a message to MLB that other free agents will also be willing to come because the front office is never satisfied. It puts to rest all that nonsense about CBP being a hitters’ park and how pitchers won’t want to come here. Nonsense. PLAYERS will want to come here because the Phillies win. That’s always the bottom line.
I’m stoked about Pence being here.

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We can only hope the Domonic Brown has the strength to accept this development as legitimate opportunity to bear down and focus on his skill development in AAA. He has had limited and interrupted stays so far in his career at AAA. Given his need for confidence and polish, both defensively and offensively, he will now find himself in the absolute best place to improve his game. Here’s hoping he develops into the future star so many foresee. And, while dreaming, may the Phillies brain-trust find somebody to teach Ryan Howard how to hit off-speed pitches, breaking balls, and/or offerings from top left-handers – – &/or the various combinations and permutations of the above. If that remains an unattainable goal, than may Charlie start platooning Mayberry at first base (never thought I’d type such heresy – but…). Otherwise, it’s a great day to be a Phillies fan.

Carpenter and Brown to AAA Lehigh Valley.

How great it was to see the lineup for the game. Poly came back in style!! Next year I thijnk the OF looks like this: Pence, Shane and Brown (r-l). Mayberry is the 4th OF and don’t be surprized to see Fransisco not tendered. When Oswalt comes back I expect Perez to go back under the rock he came from. Just in time the roster is shaping up.

Perez go back under the rock he came from? What is your problem?

has the kid,(who’s not so young) done anything other then that one perfect inning? He’s obviouly the next guy cut when Oswalt returns. nothing against him, but he didn’t belong in the big leagues to begin with

Nothing against him? Except he can go crawl back under a rock?. Do you ever listen to yourself?

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