Pence: ‘Thank You’

Quite a night for Hunter Pence.

Here is some of what he said after last night’s 7-4 victory over Pittsburgh and his debut in a Phillies uniform:

On his RBI single in the eighth inning after the Pirates intentionally walked Ryan Howard to face him: “That last at-bat was nice. They intentionally walked Howard, and that’s kind of what I need to do. If they’re going to do that we’ve got to make them pay. Make them pitch to the big man. That was unbelievable to watch him hit. Hitting behind him is pretty nice. It’s pretty cool when you look around here. You feel like you’re at an All-Star Game.”

On the reception from the fans exceeding his expectations: “Oh, absolutely. I can’t even begin to explain it. It’s surreal. I’m absolutely ecstatic to be here. To see that kind of support from my first game, it’s awesome. Thank you.”

On the standing ovation before his first at-bat: “It was a very special moment. It was my first at-bat as a Phillie. I can’t really explain other than it was a special moment.”

On the previous 24 hours: “It’s been a fast paced day, not a normal day for the routine. To get out there and just play some baseball with the new guys, they welcomed me, the fans welcomed me. I feel overly appreciated. It’s really nice.”

On whose spikes he wore (he didn’t have his own Reeboks in his own size):  “I don’t even know. They’re a half-size too small, but they’re the only ones I felt like a little bit of traction. I’m supposed to be wearing Reeboks so I was doubly uncomfortable.”

On why he chose to wear No. 3 (Domonic Brown has his No. 9): “There weren’t too many options, but I’ll take it.”


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He took Dom’s spot in the outfield, I figured he wouldn’t ask for the number, too.

If he wants the number, he can pay Dom for it I’m sure.

Dom was joking in an interview last night after his LV game that maybe he could get a Rolex out of it

who used to wear #3 for the Phillies? I can’t remember a regular with that number in ages

Abraham Nunez…

Todd Pratt wore it in his second stint with the team. (He was #23 earlier.) More recently, Abraham Nunez wore #3, I think. And then Lou Marson during his September call-up in 2008 as well as a brief stint in the majors in 2009 before being traded to Cleveland in the first Cliff Lee trade. Going back 20 years, I’m pretty sure that Dale Murphy, the only Dale associated with the #3 that should matter, especially among sports fans in the southeastern U.S., continued to wear his old Braves number when he came to the Phillies.

I think Danny Ozark wore number 3.

Now that Dominic Brown isn’t with the Phillies, Hunter Pence can have his number if he wants it. Dominic should have given it to him out of respect.

Who cares what f**king number he wears?

I doubt he cares what number is on his uniform – he’s just happy “to move up 62 games in one day” as he said.😀

Hey PenisPain, How’s that well rested Bullpen working out for you. Old lidge is a real stopper, eh?

Hey, Did you see what we gave up for Bourn? An injured guy, and 3 unknown pitching prospects. Wheeeee. I guess Houston got all the real talent they wanted from you guys and just wanted to Salary dump, Bourn. Have fun suckas, we didn’t even want Six Pence None the Richer. We were just driving up the cost for you guys.

As the Braves fall yet another game back in the division. Hey clown, I think you’d be better off looking over your shoulder for the wild card than making a fool of yourself trolling the board of the best team in baseball.

so the braves get a guy we ditched a few years ago, good for you. Last I looked you were still 5 games back and trying to let the Mutts take over 2nd place

BTW let’s look at the pen, idiot. 4 innings pitched. 3 hits, 1 r, 1 BB 5 K’s and a win not a bad day!! and how many blown saves do you guys have (can you count that high?)

23,000 at Turner Field today? Seriously? On a summer day at the end of July for at team that is supposedly battling for a division? Braves fans don’t deserve their team.
Meanwhile, I’ve lost count of the consecutive sellouts at CBP and they are getting what they pay for. Best home-cooking in MLB.

There were probably more people at the local shopping malls today than at Turner Field. What a disgrace that city is. Meanwhile, it’s a thousand degrees in Philadelphia and we’re packing the place for day games.

Will Queef thinks he’s funny. Nobody else does. Even the Braves fans on Bowman’s Blog find his incessant juvenile comments extremely tiresome and irritating. The jackass obviously has no life judging by his numerous posts. Oh yeah, and the Braves are now 6 back.

Dear Hunter Pence from Frillies. “You had me at 10 million”

Maybe if you and your faux fans went to the games the Braves could afford to pay all-star players like Pence and Teixeira. The only reason Wren didn’t pull the trigger for Pence was because he knew he couldn’t afford to pay him in arbitration. Now we got a five hole hitter behind Howard for the next 2.5 years (probably longer after they extend him) and didn’t have to give up anything above A ball.
Braves are pussies. Prospects are what the name implies. Phillies? Just win, baby!

Completely off topic: I just got a chance to read the SI article on Chooch. It is wonderful. His rise to the majors is really something. I highly recommend it. It also made me like him even more!🙂

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