Their Nemesis

So a quick recap before we talk about this week’s series in San Francisco:

– The Phillies had the best record in baseball last season, but the Giants beat them in six games in the NLCS. Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and the rest of the Giants pitchers held the Phillies to a .216 average and 20 runs.
– The Phillies have the best record in baseball this season and have won 11 of their last 12 series. The only series they lost since losing two of three to Seattle in mid-June? The Giants last week at Citizens Bank Park.

That makes this four-game series at AT&T Park especially intriguing.

“They’re not in our heads,” Charlie Manuel said last week. “I don’t think so. Really, I don’t think so at all.”

I can’t get inside the Phillies’ heads, but I’ve got to think losing to San Francisco this week would put the Giants in their heads before a potential October showdown. That’s why I think Manuel tried to downplay the greatness of Lincecum and Cain last week.

You remember those comments, right?

“You say they’re great pitchers,” Manuel said. “To me, I don’t know how great they are. I think as they move on into their careers, there’s the longevity part and things like that. I think that’s when the greatness might come by. This is a consistent game. When you say somebody is great … tonight I saw 90 fastball, 92 at the best. I saw a good changeup. I saw a breaking ball. I saw a cutter. Good pitching, but at the same time we can beat that. I’ve seen us do that.”

I think Manuel was trying to pump up his players more than say Lincecum and Cain aren’t good. What’s he supposed to say?

Boy, those two are unhittable. Hope we don’t face them in the postseason because we’ve got no shot.

“I think we can get ‘em, if you want to know the truth,” Manuel said. “I know we can get ‘em. It’s just a matter of us putting it together and for us to play the right way.”

They have a chance to do that tonight.


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I’m starting to get really tired of these Giants. Now i know how Dodger fans felt in 08′ and 09′.

A 10:15 start tonight, huh? Gee, I can’t wait to watch the first ten minutes before dozing off.

It is not even a given that the Giants are going to even make the post season this year.

The D’backs just showed that those 2 pitchers can be hit. Now it is our turn. Getting an even split in this series would make me really happy. This is a highly motivated Giants team right now- the D’backs are nipping at their heels. The NL East race is almost over. And the Phils have played 9 straight against the Giants, Pirates, and Rox. They’ve got to start getting “game hangover.” At least they have a better pitching draw during this series! Go Phils!

These games will have no bearing on the postseason. The pitching matchups don’t jive, and the Giants are in more of a desperation mode right now. Oswalt will be rusty and Halladay isn’t even pitching.
All I really want is at least one shot at that bearded idiot.

No bearing once the post season begins but maybe some bearing as to the Giants even getting in the post season. Phillies do not want both Giants and D’backs in post season if for nothing else than the travel involved.

It would be nice to split the series. Can’t stand the bearded one despite being an excellent closer. Speaking of closers, nice to see Lidge get his 100th save as a Phillies. He’s a class act.

Hamels vs Cain on Saturday. Oh Lord!

Hamels vs. Cain isn’t guaranteed. Dubee says he may want to pitch Oswalt on his regular rest (he last pitched on Monday) and give Hamels another day.
Hamels has pitched a lot of innings this season and could probably use the extra day. The Phillies gave Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee extra rest before each of their first two starts after the All-Star break, and Hamels could use the same.

As it stands now, Oswalt is schedule to pitch on Sunday. Doesn’t matter who goes against Cain. They haven’t hit him and if Cole does pitch, it would be nice to see him come out on top.

Ugh I cannot STAND that tool Wilson. Geeeez I guess the giants fans haven’t seen THAT stance in awhile.. ahem.. LOLOL

Power and pitching. Back-to-back HR’s and Cliff Lee’s FIFTH complete game shutout.

Nice to see Mayberry taking advantage of being in the line-up. Glad to see Lee get the “W”

Consistently, I think Hamels and Halladay are better than Lee. But when Lee is on, he is the best. He just toys with hitters, epecially with runner on base.

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