Lee Puts Up Zeroes

Cliff Lee threw his fifth shutout of the season last night at AT&T Park. If that seems like a lot, it is. He is one of just four pitchers since 1998 to throw five or more shutouts in a season:

  • A.J. Burnett: five in 2002.
  • Dontrelle Willis: five in 2005.
  • CC Sabathia: five in 2008.

If Lee can throw one more shutout before the end of the season, he would be just the 12th pitcher in the last 30 seasons to throw six or more shutouts:

  • John Tudor: 10 in 1985.
  • Tim Belcher: eight in 1989.
  • Roger Clemens: eight in 1988.
  • Dwight Gooden: eight in 1985.
  • Orel Hershiser: eight in 1988.
  • Roger Clemens: seven in 1987.
  • Steve Carlton: six in 1982.
  • Danny Jackson: six in 1988.
  • Randy Johnson: six in 1998.
  • Tim Leary: six in 1988.
  • Jack Morris: six in 1986.


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Wow, Tudor with 10 in 1985…certainly made me go back and look up his season. Good stuff, who knew?

As good as Tudor was that year, 20 year old Dwight Gooden blew him away.

equally as interesting is that Halladay doesn’t have even one Shut Out this year..

but the team has 14 shut outs all together. Guess Charlie is using the bullpen more in blow outs

I don’t know what your definition of blowout is but the most the Phillies scored in the 15 shutouts the staff has pitched is 11 runs and the starting pitcher was Halladay back on April 7. Then the runs scored drops to 5 on two occasions, one complete game by Lee and one 8 inning effort by Kendrick. Lee also pitched complete games in two 4-0 games. The remainder of the shutouts were won by 3 runs or less with Worley being the starter in two 1-0 games. Yes, Charlie is using the bullpen but primarily due to game situations other than “blowouts” since in my opinion there has been only one.

A blowout doesn’t have to be a shutout. The Phils have won 8 games by 7 runs or more and 4 by 6 or more, with only one of them being a shutout. They have only lost 4 games by 7 runs or more, being shutout once.

Loved seeing Cody Ross frustrated all night. If his last K hadn’t ended the game he would have been tossed for getting in the ump’s face.

yeah, f*ck Cody Ross. What do they call 4Ks in 4PAs? Is that a Golden Sombrero or something?

Looking forward to seeing the games this weekend since they are earlier. Maybe Lee’s August will be like his month of June🙂 One can dream!

muleman, I wasn’t addressing blowouts. I was addressing fij’s implication that pitchers didn’t get credit for shutouts because Charlie pulled them if it was also a blowout. As indicated, I found only one instance of that situation.

The Phillies new balanced lineup is already paying dividends. Mayberry in particular.

FIJ was implying that Charlie is seemingly less concerned with his pitcher’s individual stats this year (Shut out, complete came, etc) then resting his overworked starters when he can. It is a pleasent change. BTW, if it’s 5-0 in the 9th and you ntake out the starter, youn could call it a blow out. How many times have we given up 5 runs in an inning this year?

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