Rollins: Stolen Base Shouldn’t Have Upset Giants

Jimmy Rollins stole second base with a six-run lead in the top of the sixth inning last night at AT&T Park.

Could that have fueled Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez to drill Shane Victorino in the back with a first-pitch fastball, instigating a bench clearing brawl?

“I wouldn’t have done it,” Carlos Beltran said.

Rollins offered his take this morning.

“Two things,” he said. “Either Charlie (Manuel) stops me or they don’t hold me on. When you’re holding the guy on you’re still playing the game. You’re not conceding. If you concede the running part of the game, then I’ll concede the running part of the game. If you’re holding me on you’re saying, ‘We’re still playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.’

“You’ve got 12 outs (remaining). In the seventh inning obviously I’m not going to run. But in the sixth inning? When we don’t want guys to run our bench coach (Pete Mackanin) tells Ryan (Howard) to back up, play behind him or whatever. OK, the running game is off. The running game usually stops after the sixth or if it’s just way out of hand early. Like if it’s 7-0 in the second or third inning you don’t run. I understand the gentleman’s code, but if you’ve got 12 outs to work with? I’ve got the green light. It’s on until they take it off or you take it off.”


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Could the Giants possibly be a whinier team?

Carlos Beltran Can’t do it…so why ask him? There’s no crying in baseball. Go Phils…pour it on every chance you get.

Seriously, baseball players are so f**king sensitive. The unwritten rules are so stupid. By that logic, teams that are up by ten runs should just go up and strike out because you don’t want to “pile on.” Play the damned game and quit whining. It’s one of the things I hate about the players. They’re such pussies sometimes. Even their fights are lame. Grow a pair and play the game.

Baseball brawls are the worst fights in sports. I don’t hold it against them… just sayin🙂. I wish Victorino had done what Chase did last year. Picked the ball up and underhand it back to the pitcher as if to say “is that all you’ve got? Thanks for the base.”. Doing that after Chase had done it, would have been awesome.

Carlos Beltran- “I wouldn’t have done it.” We believe you, Carlos. That’s why we have Hunter Pence.

Is it just me or has Carlos Beltran’s play this week been underwhelming? Aside from his performance at the plate, he seems to have no enthusiasm in the field. Several times it appeared as if he was causally rounding up balls hit to him with no intent of challenging the base runners.

and how has his performance at the plate been “overwhelming?”

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough runs. I remember watching a game 10 years and one day ago (Aug. 5, 2001) in which the Indians beat the Mariners 15-14 in 11 innings after being down by 12 runs as late as the sixth inning. You keep playing the game. It’s not like football or basketball where there’s a clock and time will run out.

Good for you Jimmy! Excellent reply.

poor Giants are getting their a$$es kicked all over the field. 3 runs in 3 games..this is why you sent your top pitching propect to NY? got to love Beltran…maybe if he do it the Mutts might have won some games while he was there…

Todd, reach into your bag of magic statistics and tell us, have the Giants overcome a 6 run deficit at any time this season? And, on a broader scale if that is too easy, how often does it occur over all for all teams. On its face, a 6 run deficit does not seem to be a lot but my gut tells me it probably is.

It was the 6th inning. The Giants had 12 outs left and that’s a lot for any team. Bunch of whiners, IMO.

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