Polanco Has Sports Hernia; Could Require Surgery

Ruben Amaro Jr. certainly could have been bluffing this evening at Dodger Stadium.

He said if Placido Polanco’s sports hernia injury requires surgery and he misses a significant period of time, the Phillies will not look outside the organization for help at third base. He said Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez will man the position through the remainder of the season, even if it includes a deep run into October.

“They will be the ones who will play,” he said.

Polanco left Saturday’s game in San Francisco because of soreness in his left hip. He flew to Philadelphia yesterday for a MRI exam today. The results revealed a chronic sports hernia injury. He will receive an injection tomorrow and be evaluated Friday.

If the shot does not relieve Polanco of his discomfort he probably will have surgery. Amaro said surgery would not necessarily end his season.

“Our doctors tell us it could be somewhere between three weeks and a month,” Amaro said. “I think we can manage him through it, but we’ll find out more Friday.”

Amaro said he is hopeful Polanco can play through the injury, much like Raul Ibanez played through it in 2009. Amaro added Polanco’s injury does not seem to be nearly as severe as Ibanez’s. Ibanez’s required offseason surgery.

“It’s not an uncommon set of circumstances,” Amaro said. “He actually felt much, much better even before he flew out.”


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I think the warranty has run out on Placido’s body. And the Phils are into him for another $6.25 million next year and an option year in 2013. It was good while it lasted.

Not even sure how a sport’s hernia differs from just a hernia but I wonder if this is the result of Palanco being moved to third and the extra strain involved in throwing the longer distance to first taking its toll after a season and a half of doing so.

A sports hernia is actually a tear in the abdominal wall. Gets better with rest. If you continue to aggravate it you need to get surgery. I had it one time. I couldn’t roll over in bed it was that painful. I literally had to move my legs with my arms to roll over.

Throwing from 3B has nothing to do with it. I’m pretty sure it happened on a play last week where he jumped high to catch a line drive. He didn’t have his legs under him and his left leg kind of flew out when he was coming down. I rmember thinking, that probably hurt.


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Just think if the rumors of the Blanton/Young trade from this past offseason had ended up being true and an actual trade. Blanton would be their problem and we’d have a average 3B with some power.

I will be at the game Friday. I expect the Phillies starter to be Hamels. Am I right or wrong?

Hamels vs. Livan Hernandez on Friday. As Whitey used to say, “You could look it up.”

Hard to believe, Harry!

It seems to me that as the season progresses, each Halladay start appears to be more labored than the one before.

Halladay is fine. He goes through a period like this every single year. It’s a long season.

Pedro Felise is playing third in Camden all summer. Maybe he would be a good option. Bring back the Champion karma

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