It Ain’t Exactly Jock Jams

So over the past few days in San Francisco and Los Angeles we’ve heard this tune playing in the Phillies’ clubhouse before games. They’re 7-1 on the trip, so, well … but apparently a Phillies player stumbled upon strength and conditioning coordinator Dong Lien‘s iPod, which had a Elmo channel programmed on Pandora. The player checked it out, played the song and it has been played a couple times since …

… I can’t get it out of my head.


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Oh. My. Lord. Who art thou. In Heaven.

I don’t know what worse, the fact that I know all the words to this still (at 28ish), or that this may be the reason for their offensive resurgence.

I love it.

Dong, hahahaha, sorry I had to let the inner 7 year old in me out

There’s a communal bath on Sesame Street? Who knew?

Hey, good clean fun (pun intended), and whatever they’re doing in the clubhouse to stay relaxed so they can play great is working so keep the Sesame Street tunes coming!

Great. Now it’s stuck in my head, too!

that is awesome… maybe I should have my girls listen to it before games in their fall league

Further evidence that Ernie is gay. Plenty of naked male puppets in that tub.

Pretty funny stuff. Come on Todd, tell us who the player is.

hahahahah ^ oh boy

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thanks tom yu r my inspiration for sports im gay guy love all sports and yu r my inspiration for being intreasted …….billd

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