A Historic Road Trip

The Phillies left for the airport some time ago, and I’m just finishing up writing about today’s 9-8 comeback victory over the Dodgers.

Just a few things before I catch the red eye to Philly at LAX:

– The Phillies went 9-1 on their road trip through Colorado, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is their best 10-game road trip in franchise history. The Phillies went 7-0 against the Pirates and Mets on July 11-15, 1968, and 6-0 against the Boston Braves and New York Giants on April 14-21, 1915, for the best road trips in franchise history based on winning percentage.
– The Phillies enjoyed their biggest comeback victory of the season, and biggest since Aug. 12, 2010, when they overcame a 9-2 deficit to beat the Dodgers at Citizens Bank Park.
– The Phillies have scored 186 runs since the end of June, which leads the National League. They are averaging 5.31 runs per game in that stretch, which are 0.43 runs per game more than the St. Louis Cardinals, who rank second in the league.
– The Phillies are 22-11 in one-run games.
– It was the Phillies’ first sweep against the Dodgers since Aug. 22-25, 2008, at Citizens Bank Park.
– It was the Phillies’ first sweep in LA since June 9-11, 1995.
– Sadly, I missed out on In-N-Out this trip. Next time, I promise.


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This season is turning out to be something really special. I’m excited to be able to witness it. I’m also trying to impress upon my son that this doesn’t happen every day (or year); enjoy it now because I remember what it was like to suffer through the lean years.

in-n-out is a bunch a religious kooks peddling mediocre wares. phils are awesome though. was at the game today. dodger fans were actually cordial. it was as if they were in awe of the team AND the traveling fans.

I thought In ‘n Out was mediocre too until I tried a Double-Double with “grilled onions”. That is the best fastfood burger in the world, IMO. I DO think their french fries suck big time. One time the fries I ordered were actually HOLLOW! I complained, but the guy just said, “It happens”. As for “religious kooks”, they’ve never tried to convert me at the register ;o)

this reminds me of pick-up games where we “gave” the weaker team a 5 run start..we still came back to win. This team is simply fantastic. Whenever someone or something has an off day, everyone else steps up. can u spell p-a-r-a-d-e?

I express again how much I appreciate your great sports reporting, Todd!

I can’t wait for each Phillies game this year. 2008 was the best but this one could turn out to be even better!

lol i was just i LA and also missed out on In-N-Out after bring told how great it was.
The offense has really come alive and what they have been doing since that time has been straight up scary and fun to watch.

Todd, I’m sorry to hear you missed out on In ‘n Out Burger. Personally, I prefer Tommy’s Chili Tamale. You should try one of those. They’re sloppy and gross looking but tasty :o)

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