Rollins Gets Animated, Meets Cleveland

Jimmy Rollins got his first true taste of Hollywood yesterday.

He stopped by FOX’s The Cleveland Show, where he did some voice work for an upcoming episode. Rollins kept the script to himself, but said Joey Votto and David Ortiz also did some work for it. They will be playing themselves.

Rollins said he got a look at his animated self, and thought it looked good.

“It was a lot of fun,” Rollins said. “I got to meet Mike Henry, who plays Cleveland. He was in there with me. It was cool. He was giving me a lot of tips. I’d do it again. One of the producers is from Philly, so she said she wants me to keep coming back. I have an offseason coming up. Holler at me, you know?”

Rollins said he does not know when the episode will air. But if you follow him on Twitter (@JimmyRollins11), I’m sure he’ll let you know.


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Unbelievable comeback! 9-1 road trip (best ever), at the tail end of a 20 games in 20 days stretch. This team is in cruise control. They win every way imaginable.

Great game marred only by Charlie pulling Worley after 81 pitches after 4 innings. No reason for doing so other than he can. Worley goes one more inning and gets the victory. Glad Pedro Martinez wasn’t in the building. Charlie – in the true tradition of Bobby Cox.

So, you have a minimum number of pitches for your starters? Perhaps, being in the dugout and all, Charlie or Rich Dubee might have seen something that you didn’t see on your television from 3,000 miles away.

Yeah, right. Charlie and Rich saw something I couldn’t see on my television? That would be a first. All that I saw was Worley have a 1.2.3 inning and get yanked and get screwed out of a win. Charlie and Rich getting back to form in time for the post season. Isn’t it time to bring in Pedro Martinez?

Really pherrisphain? All Charlie had to do was leave Vance in for ONE more inning and we WOULD have gotten the win?????? Amazing…. I didn’t know managing a big league team was that obvious and easy……

Sure, pherris. You just KNEW that the Phillies were going to score 2 runs in the fifth and 4 runs in the top of the sixth to take the lead, but deprive Worley of a victory.
Sounds like pherris is back off his meds, bitching about a classic win to finish a historic roadtrip. And it was sooo nice around here for a while…

As it turned out Worley would have gotten the win. But at the time it made more sense to leave him in because he had settled down and because he was due up the next inning. Instead the Dynamic Duo yank Worley and bring in the “long man” for one inning of work. Great strategy. But, your right, the Phillies win despite these clowns.

pherris, when you start up with Pedro Martinez again, I can only assume you are drunk or off your meds.
Pedro was a long time ago, and BTW, a pretty good acquisition at the time that helped the Phillies down the stretch in ’09. You should recall that every season to date in this run of success was not like this season. They were playing catchup every year and Amaro was able to pull the trigger to help get them over the top every time. How’s Hunter Pence treating you these days? You are really going to hate it when Amaro is Executive of the Year this year, aren’t you?

The Dodgers have become a very accommodating bunch. Watching this series as a Dodger fan was………..I’m not sure what it was??!?!? The passion has long since left the building. I don’t blame the players; they are what they are. But hats off to the Fills and all their phans. Enjoy the ride while it lasts. Hopefully it takes your minds off the stock market…..

You guys have the misfortune of having the team owned by the Devil himself. Good luck to the Dodgers in their quest to be great again.

Charlie did let Worley bat in the 4th which lead to a RBI single. Worley just didn’t have his usual stuff yesterday.

phan52, Pedro Martinez was a long time ago? Two seasons is a long time? And what is with these personal attacks – drinking, medications? You do not want to go there a$$hole.

Pherris: its like the CEO who forbade his execs from drinking vodka at lunch. WHen asked why he simply said, “if you’re going to do stupid things because of you’re 3 martini lunch, I want the clients to know it was the booze and that I didn’t hire some one that stupid. With Vodka you can’t smell it. same think for you, you serriouly can’t be making sush comments and be in complete control of your facilities, can you>

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