Phillies Send Santana to Houston as PTBN

The Phillies sent outfielder Domingo Santana to the Houston Astros as the player to be named in the Hunter Pence trade.

Santana, 19, had been playing with Class A Lakewood. He has been assigned to Class A Lexington.

He was hitting .269 with 29 doubles, four triples, seven home runs, 32 RBIs and four stolen bases for the BlueClaws. Baseball America had him the ninth-best prospect in the organization before the season.

The Phillies traded right-hander Jarred Cosart, first baseman Jonathan Singleton, right-hander Josh Zeid and a player to be named to the Astros on July 29 for Pence. The Astros had a group of players they could choose as the player to be named before settling on Santana.


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Maybe Hamels shoulder inflammation is from shooting that dye in there for the MRI. I’m not real concerned at this point.

Dye, MRI? Is this a new procedure?

Some MRI’s require a dye injection that provides better contrast.
CSN is reporting that Hamels had a dye injected into the shoulder during the MRI, which prohibits him from throwing a baseball for two days, “according to a person with knowledge of the situation.”

anyone notice that “the best bat on the trade market” beltran is now on the DL? Great move by the Giants without a doubt. Once again RAJ shows why he’s the best

Amaro had to give up more for Pence, but he’s not a rental. Amaro was never going to trade for Beltran.

MRI with dye is not a new procedure and is regularly used to get q better picture of soft tissue. Just hope he’s ready for the playoffs. Speaking of playoffs Checkout the raffle for playoff tickets by CADEKIDs at

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